Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Bände 20-21

American Society of Civil Engineers., 1894
Vols. for Jan. 1896-Sept. 1930 contain a separately page section of Papers and discussions which are published later in revised form in the society's Transactions. Beginning Oct. 1930, the Proceedings are limited to technical papers and discussions, while Civil engineering contains items relating to society activities, etc.

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Seite 57 - All rivet iron must be tough and soft, and pieces of the full diameter of the rivet must be capable of bending cold until the sides are in close contact, without sign of fracture on the convex side of the curve.
Seite 224 - Britain from the Lake of the Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains.
Seite 58 - Before or after heating to a light yellow heat and quenching in cold water, this steel must stand bending 180 degrees, to a curve whose inner radius is equal to the thickness of the sample, without sign of fracture.
Seite 8 - Ballots not complying with these provisions shall be rejected. ' ' Directions in accordance with these provisions shall be issued with the ballots.
Seite 116 - ... training and experience; and shall be in a form and in such detail as may be prescribed by the Board of Direction. It shall be signed by the applicant, and shall contain a promise to conform to the requirements of membership, if elected. The applicant shall furnish the names of at least five Corporate Members to whom he is personally known. Each of these shall be requested by the Secretary to address a letter to the Board of Direction, on a form prescribed by said Board, stating the extent of...
Seite 8 - Members may remove names from the printed ballot list and may substitute the name or names of any other person or persons eligible for any office, but the number of names...
Seite 174 - Summary statement of the imports and exports of the United States for the month ended Aug., 1880-June, 1881.
Seite 61 - The green precipitate of ferrous hydroxide which forms at first is dissolved by stirring, leaving the solution perfectly clear, but subsequently, although the green precipitate dissolves, a whitish one remains, and the next drop of ammonia increases the whitish precipitate or gives it a reddish tint, and finally the greenish precipitate remains undissolved even after vigorous stirring, and another drop of ammonia makes the whole precipitate appear green.
Seite 61 - If the solution of acid ammonium sulphite is weaker than it should be, of course the ferric chloride will not be reduced, and the solution, at the end of the operation described above, will not be decolorized and will not smell of sulphurous anhydride.
Seite 113 - AMENDMENTS. 1. — Proposed amendments to this Constitution must be reduced to writing and signed by not less than five Corporate Members, and be submitted and acted upon as follows : 2.

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