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I cannot take a fitter opportunity to obferve once for all, that tant pis and tant mieux being two of the great hinges in French converfation, a ftranger would do well to fet himself right in the use of them, before he gets to Paris.

A prompt French Marquis at our ambaffador's table demanded of Mr. H if he was H- the poet? No, faid mildly-Tant pis, replied the


It is H the hiftorian, faid another Tant mieux, faid the Marquis. And Mr. H, who is a man of an excellent heart, return'd thanks for both..

When the landlord had fet me right in this matter, he called in La Fleur, which was the name of the



he had spoke of saying only firft, That

as for his talents, he would prefume to fay nothing-Monfieur was the beft judge what would fuit him; but for the fidelity of La Fleur, he would ftand refponfible in all he was worth.

The landlord deliver'd this in a manner which instantly fet my mind to the bufinefs I was upon-and La Fleur, who ftood waiting without, in that breathlefs expectation which every fon of nature of us have felt in our turns, came in.


I AM apt to be taken with all kinds

of people at first fight; but never more fo, than when a poor devil comes to offer his fervice to fo poor a devil as myfelf; and as I know this weakness, I always fuffer my judgment to draw back fomething on that very accountand this more or lefs, according to the mood I am in, and the cafe-and I add the gender too, of the person I am to govern,


When La Fleur enter'd the room, after every discount I could make for my foul, the genuine look and air of the fellow determined the matter at


once in his favour; fo I hired him first -and then began to inquire what he could do: But I fhall find out his talents, quoth I, as I want them-befides,

a Frenchman can do every thing.

-Now La Fleur could do nopoor thing in the world but beat a drum, and play a march or two upon the fife. I was determined to make his talents do; and can't fay my weakness was ever fo infulted by my wifdom, as in the attempt.

La Fleur had fet out early in life, as gallantly as moft Frenchmen do, with ferving for a few years; at the end of which, having fatisfied the fentiment, and found moreover, That the honour of beating a drum was likely to be its own reward, as it open'd no further track of glory to him-he retired à fes


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terres, and lived comme il plaifoit à Dicu-that is to fay, upon nothing.

And fo, quoth Wisdome, you have

hired a drummer to attend you in this tour of your's thro' France and Italy! Pfah! faid I, and do not one half of our gentry go with a hum-drum compagnon de Voyage the fame round, and have the piper and the devil and all to pay befides? When man can extricate himfelf with an equivoque in fuch an unequal matchhe is not ill off-But you can do fomer thing elfe, La Fleur? faid I-O qu'oui! -he could make fpatterdashes, and play a little upon the fiddle- Bravo! faid Wifdome-Why, I play a bafs myself, faid I-we fhall do very well. You can fhave, and drefs a wig a little, La Fleur? He had all the difpofitions in the world-It is enough for heaven! said I, interrupting him-and ought to be enough


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