American Happiness Propaganda: Why authors like Tal Ben-Shahar, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, Ed Diener, Daniel Gilbert, Jonathan Haidt, Sonja Lyubomirsky and Martin Seligman live and publish in the USA

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The most famous books in the field of positive psychology have been published in the United States, repectively by authors living and working in the USA, like Tal Ben-Shahar (`Happier ́), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ( ́Flow ́), Ed Diener ( ́Happiness ́), Daniel Gilbert ( ́Stumbling on Happiness ́), Jonathan Haidt ( ́The Happiness Hypothesis ́), Sonja Lyubomirsky ( ́The how of happiness ́) and Martin Seligman ( ́Authentic Happiness ́). Colin Bear argues that the reason for that is that there are more ́unhappiness factors ́ in the USA than in the rest of the modern world. And he raises the question if the science of happiness helps to hide political challenges in the United States that should be tackled urgently, but are not, if you tell the American readers that happiness is a matter of individual effort.

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Beating children at home and in schools (paddling) is still allowed in the USA? What a shame. That is what the "Happiness Propaganda" tries to cover. Fortunately other critical books on the science of happiness are being published - like "Manufacturing happy citizens" by Eva Illouz and Edgar Cabanas. I hope many Americans read those books from Europe (I think Colin Bear is German?). 

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Sehr interessant, schockierend, was in den USA alles möglich ist, was ich gar nicht gewusst habe!

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Colin Bear studies psychology and sociology at the FU Berlin.

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