Papers Relating to the China War, 1856-58

Harrison, 1857

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Seite 213 - ... have resolved to conclude a Treaty for that purpose, and have therefore named as their Plenipotentiaries, that is to say : Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Sir Henry Pottinger, Bart., a Major-General in the service of the East India Company, &c. ; And His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of China...
Seite 30 - SIR : I am commanded by my lords commissioners of the admiralty to send you herewith, for the information of Earl Russell, a copy of a letter from...
Seite 10 - It appears, on examination, that the " Arrow" had no right to hoist the British flag ; the licence to do so expired on the '27th of September, from which period she has not been entitled to protection.
Seite 94 - I have now the honour to report, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that on the 8th of October the lorcha
Seite 192 - His Majesty the Emperor of China agrees, that British subjects, with their families and establishments, shall be allowed to reside, for the purpose of carrying on their mercantile pursuits, without molestation or restraint...
Seite 9 - SIR, I have the honour to acquaint you, for the information of his Excellency the...
Seite 15 - Hereafter, Chinese officers will on no account without reason, seize and take into custody, the people belonging to foreign lorchas, but when Chinese subjects build for themselves vessels, foreigners should not sell registers to them, for if this be done, it will occasion confusion between native and foreign ships, and render it difficult to distinguish between them, Thus may all parties conform their proceedings to the conditions of the 9th Article of the Treaty.
Seite 214 - VI. The Government of Her Britannic Majesty having been obliged to send out an expedition to demand and obtain redress for the violent and unjust proceedings of the Chinese high authorities...
Seite 214 - All subjects of her Britannic Majesty (whether natives of Europe or India) who may be confined in any part of the Chinese empire, to be unconditionally released.
Seite 214 - ... of Her Majesty, to deduct from the said amount of twelve millions of dollars, any sums which may have been received by Her Majesty's combined forces, as ransom for cities and towns in China, subsequent to the 1st day of August, 1841.

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