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Form of executions on a joint judgment, 3371.
Form of joint and several contract, 684.
Form of a plea of justification, 2929.
Form of notice to quit, 1800.
Form of mortgage, 1820.
Form of an oath or affirmation, 3198.
Form of juror's oath, 3045.
Form of plea puis darrein continuance, 3022.
Form of demurrer, 3024.
Form and part of pleas in bar, 2955.
Form of protest of a bill, 1168.
Form of promissory note, 1132.
Form of release, 793.
Form of compromise, 799.
Form of remedies in equity, 4023.
Form of the replication, 2970.
Form of a bill to perpetuate testimony, 3750.
Form of a special verdict, 3264.
Form of a submission, 2488.
Form of a supplemental bill, 4107.
Form of a Turkish deed, 2033, n.
Form of a will, 2131.
Form of a writ of replevin, 3557.
Form of a writ of scire facias, 3698.
Formal defects cured by the statutes of amendments and jeofails, 3295.
Foresworn, effect of charging a man with being, 2254.
Forwarding merchant, who is, 1012.

liabilities of, 1012.
Foundation of wall, how deepened, 3499.
Fractions of a day, when computed, 728, n.
Frame of bill of revivor, 4116.
Frame of bill of revivor and supplement, 4119.
Frame of cross bill, 4126.
Frame of bill of review, 4137.
Frame of supplemental bill in the nature of a bill of review, 4139.
Frame of bill to impeach a decree for fraud, 4142.
Frame of bill to carry a decree into execution, 4144.
Frame of an original bill in the nature of a bill of revivor, 4148.
Frame of a supplemental bill in the nature of an original bill, 4150.
Frame of a bill, demurrer for a defect in the, 4261.

plea and answer to support it, 4291, 4314.
Franchise, what, 1690.
Frank tenement, what, 1694.
Fraud, what, 585, 3838.

test of, 585.
positive, 586, 671.
constructive, 586, 672.
renders marriage voidable, 244.
on third persons, effect of, 670.
prevents the bar of the statute of limitations, 867.
effect on consent, 585.
of principal and creditor will discharge the surety, 1415.
in misrepresentation, what, 2326.
will render a testament void, 2165.
may be shown, although it contradicts a writing, 3137.
in the purchase of goods, effect of, 2447.
equity will relieve from, 3839.
what is actual, 3840.
what is constructive, 3853.
between parent and child, 3863.
between guardian and ward, 3864.
between trustee and cestui que trust, 3865.
between client and attorney, 3866.
between principal and agent, 8868.
between creditor and surety, 3869.
against third persons, 3870.
deeds will be decreed to be delivered on account of, 3921.
injunction granted to restrain, 3791.


are, 164.

Fraud will prevent the act of limitation from running, 4326.

when the statute of, is a bar in equity, 4328.
Fraudulent contracts, what are, 781.
Freedom, what deprives a man of his, 583.
Freehold, what, 1694.

of inheritance, 1694, 1970.
qualities of, 1695.

Freight, what, 1030.

who is bound to pay, 1030, 1031.
effect of waiving right to, 1030.

when carrier is entitled to, 1030.
Freshly pursued, meaning of, 2474.
Fructus pendentis pars fundi videntur, maxim of, 1578.
Functus percæptos villæ non esse constat, maxim of, 1578.
Fruits, hanging, how considered, 1578.

growing on highway, belong to the owner of the soil, 443.
Fugitives from labor, 168.

slaves in Rome, 168.
Full defence, what, 2891.
Functus officio, when an agency is, 1382.
Fund, out of what, mortgage to be paid, 3967.

how far trust, may be traced, 3970.
Fungibles, what, 987, 1098.
Future advantage cannot be renounced, 83.

Gaming, what, 1260.

when lawful, 1261.

when unlawful, 777, 1262.
Garnishee, who is a, 2809.
Gems on the sea shore, rights to, 493.
Genealogical tables, use of, 1968.
Genealogy, what, 1968.

tree of, 1968.
General, meaning of the term, 3072.
General administrator, who is a, 1549.
General agent, who is a, 1301.
General assignment, what, 3947.

what property passes by, 3948.
enforced or impeached in equity, 3948.

for the benefit of creditors, by whom to be made, 1452.
General average, what, 3940.
General averment, what, 2840.
General damages, what, 2273, 3588.
General demurrer, 3025.
General concurrent remedies in equity, 3825.
General imparlance, what, 2893.
General issue, what, 2922, 3010.

in trespass, 3636.
General lien, what, 2519.

how created, 2524.
General partnership, what, 1470.

who are partners in, 1473.
General power of appointment, what, 1926.
General relief, prayer for, 4179.
General request, effect of statement of, 2847.
General rules of courts, 119.

and maxims in equity, 3725.
General traverse, what, 2985.

in an answer, use of, 4374.
General verdict, what, 3263.
Generation, what, 1962.
Gens, what, 39.
German, brother, 1963.
German, cousins, 1963.
Gestation, period of, 306.

Gift, what, 710.

inter vivos, 712.

donatio mortis causâ, 713.
Gist of the action, what, 2822.
Giving time to principal, effect of, on surety, 1899.
God, what is a belief in, 3184.
Good consideration, what, 613.
Good faith required in contracts of insurance, 1175.
Good-will, right to, 1532.
Goods and chattels, what, 470.
Goods, how tendered, 2440.
Gospel, origin of swearing upon the, 3199.
Government, what, 20.

forms of, 21.
mixed, what, 25.
of United States, 37.
not barred by the act of limitations, 859.
may sue in equity, 4026.
in whose name to sue, 4026.

when to defend in equity, 4055.
Governor not bound to disclose state secrets, 3219.
Grand: bill of sale of a ship, what, 943.
Grand juror may give information, 2268.

when not a witness, 3180.
Grant, what, 2050.

what things lie in, 2051.
Grant, bargain, and sell, effect of these words, 2046.
Grantee, who is a, 2010, 2050.
Grantor, who is a, 2010, 2050.

when a tenant at will, 1810.
Gratuitous contracts, what, 709.
Gravestones, when evidence, 3060.
Great cattle, what, 1645.
Gross, common in, 1653.
Ground rent, what, 1663.

emphyteosis resembles a, 1663, n.
Guaranty, what, 912, 1383.

offer to, what, 1388.
limited, 1389.
continuing, 1390.
difference between an offer and a, 913, n.
limited as to time, 1390.

limited as to persons, 1392.
Guardian, who is, 336.

of the person, 336.
of the estate, 336.
kinds of, 339–346.
appointment, 345.
ad litem, 346.
who may be, 347.
duties of, 348–357.
power of, 350.
when to be authorized by the court, 356.
account of, 357.
discharge of, 358-362.

by time, 359.
by removal, 360.
by death, 361.

by operation of law, 362.
cannot contract, when, 593.
may distrain, 2416.
ad litem, cannot give a release, 3204.
and ward, injuries to, 2294.
rights of, 2294.
duties of, 2294.
extent of his power to make a lease, 1807.
signing a note is personally liable, 1858.

Guardian, jurisdiction of chancery over, 3991.
Guardianship, what, 336.

kinds of, 339.
by nature, 341.
by nurture, 342.

of partner, effect of, 1492.
Guest, when innkeeper bound to receive a, 1016.


Habeas corpus, remedy of, 2778.

origin of, 211.
use of, 211.
cannot be suspended by military commander, 127.
jurisdiction of supreme court to issue a writ of, -2568.
district court may grant writs of, 2635.

ad testificandum, when required, 3148.
Habendum, what, 2035.
Habere facias seisinam, what, 3378.
Habere facias possessionem, what, 3379.

when to be sued out, 2097.
Habit required in insanity, 379.
Habit of dealing, effect on contracts, 1314.
Habitation, what is a nuisance to the, 2383.
Habitual drunkenness, what, 376.

when a cause of divorce, 296.
Half blood, when entitled to inheritance by descent, 1985.
Half defence, what, 2891.
Hand-sale, 580.
Handwriting, how proved, 3133.
Harbor, what, 453.
Harboring apprentice, what, 2446.
Harboring servant, penalty for, 2299.
Harboring journeyman, penalty for, 2299.
Hazardous contract, what, 707.
Health, how secured, 206.

injuries to, 2236.
Hearing, when not to be relied 3158.
Hearing of a case in chancery, what, 4438.
Hearing upon further directions, what, 4443.
Hearsay, what, 3069.

difference between original evidence and, 3069.

may establish pedigree, 315.
Hæres fiduciarius, who is a, 1899, n.
Heir, who is an, 1957.

when a descriptio personæ, 1844.
when a word of purchase, 1844,
effect of the word, in the singular number, 1957.
child in ventre sa mere, when, 1957.
a bastard cannot be an, 1957.
meaning of, in civil law, 1958.
testamentary, what, 1958.
by intestacy, what, 1958.
when entitled to fixtures, 1588.
when entitled to rent, 1674.
may distrain, 2463.

of the body, what, 1706.
Heir at law, title of, 3669.

when a trustee, 3954.

force of the word, 1698.
Heirloom, what, 464.
Herbagii pasturæ, what, 3599.
Hereditament, what, 1595.

how divided, 1596.
corporeal, what, 1596.

incorporeal, what, 1597.
Hierarchy, what, 35.
High and low water, who owns the soil between, 431.


Highway, what, 442.

water courses which fall into the Mississippi and Saint Lawrence are

public, 430.
public have an easement in, 443.

owner of the soil has a right to a, 443, 369.
Hire, what, 980, 1081.

of a thing, 984–993.
what thing is the subject of, 985.
how thing hired to be used, 988.
price of, 999.
of labor, what, 994.

nature of, 995.
of custody, what, 1008.
Hirer, who is a, 980.

rights of, 992.
acquires a special property, 992.

obligations of, 993.
Hiring, contract of, 980–1039.

what contracts resemble, 981.
for what time there is a, 989.

of labor, 996.
Hobouss, what, 1712.
Holder, who is a, 1130.
Holding over, what is, 1593.
Homage, what, 1566.
Home factor, who is a, 1288.
Homicide, how punished, 203.
Honorarium, what, 1070.
House, what, 1571, n.

when protected from breach, 2369.
nuisance to the, 2383.

waste to, 2400.
House of representatives, number of members, 64.

by whom elected, 55.
qualification of members, 56.
time of election of members, 57.
duration of office of members, 58.

power of members, 59.
Husband, rights of, 152, 276, 278, 592, 2282.

obligations of, 277.
separation between wife and, 308.
presumed to be the father of wife's children, 283, 304, 307.
may be trustee for his wife, 1909.
is not next of kin of wife, 1541.
right to wife's chattels, 1536.
may recapture his wife, 2446.
effect of connivance of wife's adultery by, 2283.
when to sue for injury to wife, 2284.
effect of survivorship of, 2675.
effect of civil death of, 2673.
and wife, how to distrain, 2459.
and wife, when to sue out a writ of error, 3332.
and wife, when to be made defendants in error, 3340.
when to sue with his wife, 2669.
when to sue alone, 2672.
when not a witness for wife, 3171.
is injured by wife's adultery, 3623.
force of contracts between wife and, 3997.
rights of, over wife's separate property, 4004.

when seeking equity against wife, must do her equity, 4007.
Hypothec, what, 1821.

resembles a mortgage, 1821.
Hypotheca, difference between a distress and, 2451.
Hypothecation, what, 1041.

of a ship, by whom made, 1246.

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