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Master, reference to, 3755.

and servant, 2298–2300.
Mastiff, property in a, 2307.

semper certa est etiamsi vulgo conceperit, maxim of, 303.
Material issue, what, 3006.

pleas must be, 4283.
Materials to be employed by workman, 1006.

who is to bear loss of, 1007
Maternal line, what, 1962.
Mathematical evidence, what, 3054.
Matrimony, when infant can contract, 590.
Matter, impertinent, 4167.

scandalous, 4167.
Matter of aggravation, no plea required to, 3637.
Maxim in equity, 3726.

advantages of, 3726, n.
Mayhem, what, 2216.
Measure of damages, 647-657.

for breach of contract, 648.
on eviction, 651.
in sales, 653.
in case of loss by a carrier, 654.

when arbitrary, 656.
Measuring, sale on condition of, 971.
Mechanics' lien among civilians, 2517, n.
Medical men, when liable, 2236.
Medical persons, when not witnesses, 3179.
Melius inquirendum, when not allowed, 387.
Members of congress, compensation of, 43.

not to hold other office, 43.
entitled to freedom of speech, 224.

when privileged from arrest, 2801.
Memorandum, what is the common, 1210.

under the statute of frauds, what, 918.
Memory, what is the time of, 2198.
Menaces, what, 2234.

liability for making, 2234.
Merchant and merchant, effect of contracts between, 855.
Merger, what, 1993.

effect of, 1993.
difference between surrender and, 1994.
difference between suspension and, 1994.
difference between extinguishment and, 1994.
there must be two estates to create a, 1995.
requisites to a, 1995.

destroys an estate for years, 1793.
Mesne lords, who are, 1566
Mesne process, what, 2791.
Mesne profits, trespass for, 3678.

what recovered as, 3679.
declaration in an action for, 3680.
plea in an action for, 3681.

evidence in an action for, 3682.
Messuage, what, 1571, n.
Military service avoids insurance, when, 1234.
Militia, when to be called into service, 43.
Militia men, when privileged from arrest, 2801.
Mill, what is a nuisance to a, 2383.
Millstone cannot be distrained, 2468.
Mine, when widow entitled to dower in a, 1745.
Minerals under public highway belong to the owner of the soil, 443.
Ministerial officer, power of, 2229.

when liable for negligence, 2335.

when liable for mistake, 2773.
Ministerial trusts, what, 1900.
Minor, domicil of, 230.

may sue in the admiralty for wages, 2624.

Misapplication of process, effect of, 2229.
Miscarriage, what, 914.
Miscasting an account, what, 4132.
Misconduct for which partnership will be dissolved, 1504.
Misdirection of the judge, new trial granted for, 3278.
Mise, what, 2922, 3009.
Miserabile depositum, what, 1054,
Misfeasance, when an injury, 2772.

in trover,

how far agent is liable for acts of, 1362.
Misjoinder of parties, consequences of a, 2753.
Misnomer, how pleaded, 2960.
Misrepresentation, what, 782, 3841.

effect of, 782.
when fraudulent, 2326, 3844.
when essential, 3842.

when false, 3843.
Mistake, what, 3831.

in matter of law, effect of, 3832.
in matter of fact, effect of, 3834.
in agreement, how corrected in equity, 3836.
as to object of contract, consequence of, 581.
when money paid by, may be recovered back, 3438.
effect of payment of money by, 3969.

when relieved from, 3791.
Misuse of property, when a conversion, 3529.
Mitigation of damages, what, 3511, 3588.

Mitter l'estate, what, 2068.
Mitter le droit, what, 2068.
Mixed action, what, 2651, 3654.
Mixed estate, what, 449.
Mixture of goods, effect of, 3529.
Mobilia personam sequuntur, immobilia situm, maxim of, 2131.
Models, when required to obtain a patent, 538.
Modification of contract by condition, 733.
Mohatra, contract of, 1118.
Monarchy, what, 24.
Money, origin of, 922.

what, 922.

congress regulates the value of, 43.
Money had and received, action for, 1127.
Money in court, effect of payment of, 835.
Money count, observations on the, 2858.
Money lent, count on, 2858.

evidence to prove, 3438.
Money advanced, count for, 2859.
Money had and received, count for, 2860.

evidence to prove, 3432.
Money paid, evidence of, 3434.
Money tendered, who is the owner of, 2440,
Monsters cannot inherit, 1957.
Monstraverunt, what, 3805.
Months, how calculated, 729.
Moral law, what, 11.
Moral obligation, what, 623.
Moral evidence, what, 3054.
Moral turpitudé avoids a contract, when, 3855.
Moroseness no ground for dissolving a partnership, 1504.
Mortgage, what, 883.

legal, 884.
is a pledge, 884.
form of, 885, 1820.
equitable, 887.
of chattels, 888.
for what given, 889.
difference between a conditional sale and a, 89.
considered as an estate, 1819.
kinds of, 1821.

[blocks in formation]

Mortgage, kinds of, vivum vadium, 1821.

hypothec, 1821.
compared to the Roman hypotheca, 1821.
must be registered, 1822.
power to sell includes power to, 1944.
effect of payment by one of several mortgagors, 1825, D.
remedy on, in some states, 1826, n.
jurisdiction of equity in cases of, 3952.
tenant for life to pay interest on, 3941, n.
who may bring bill to redeem, 4053.
against whom, 4065, 4074, 4077.

who may bring a bill to foreclose, 4054.
Mortgagee, who is a, 884.

rights of, 1823.

when entitled to fixtures, 1591.
Mortgagor, who is a, 884.

rights of, 1823.
at law, 1823.
in equity, 1824
obligations of, 1823.

when entitled to fixtures, 1591.
Mortuus exitus, non est exitus, maxim of, 1726, 1957.
Mother always certain, 303.
Motive to commit a battery, what is an unlawful, 2214.
Movable property, what, 462.
Multifarious plea, what, 4282, 4322.
Multifariousness, what, 4169.

demurrer for, 4244.
Multiplicity of suits, equity will prevent a, 3942, 4062, 4078.

plea of, 4321.
Municipal law, 11.

corporations, property of, 446.
Myral monuments, when evidence, 3060.
Murder of infant, what, 1726, n.
Musicians cannot sue in admiralty for wages, 2625.
Mutilation of instrument, effect of, 3129.
Mutiny of the crew will justify a deviation, 1189.
Mutual accounts, effect of, 866.
Mutual promises, effect of, 618.
Mutuality, what required in an award, 2499.
Mutuum, what, 1089.

contracts resembling, 442.
Mystery, what, 401.
Mystic testament, what, 2142.

Naked authority, what, 1302.

does not survive, 1931, 1943.

difference between a power coupled with an interest and, 1931.
Naked power, what, 1921.

revoked by death, 1379.
Name, in what, agent to execute a power, 1306.
Name, danger of having two firms of the same, 1476.
Name, what, to be used in a deed, 2010.
Name of the ship necessary in bottomry, 1248.
Name of lender, when necessary, 1248.
Name of borrower, when necessary, 1248.
Narratio, what, 2819.
Nation, what, 39.
National laws, what, 130.
Natives, who are, 40.
Natural persons, who are,

Natural children, who are, 319.

incestuous, 320.
adulterous, 320.

legitimation of, 323.
Natural presumptions, what, 3068.

[ocr errors]

Natural easements, what, 1607.
Natural interruption to prevent prescription, what, 2197.
Natural equity, what, 3724.
Naturalization laws, what, 161.
Naturalized citizen, who is a, 41, 161.
Nature, guarded by, 341.
Nature of lucid interval, 2112.
Nature of evidence, 3055.
Nature of pleas in bar, 2920.
Nature of replications, 2969.
Nature of the injuries for which trespass lies, 3357, 3614.
Nature of property affected for which trespass lies, 3599.
Navigable river, what, 428.
Navy, congress may provide and maintain a, 43.

entering the, avoids a policy for a life insurance, 1234.
Ne privatus sibi ipsi jus dicat, maxim of, 2443.
Ne unques receivor, plea of, 3417.
Ne unjuste vexes, what, 3805.
Ne exeat regno, what, 4016.

against whom to issue, 4017.
for what claims, 4018.
wbat bail required under a writ of, 4020.

by.whom granted, 4021.
Neatness in pleading, what, 2964.
Necessaries, what, 277.
Necessary deposit, what, 1054.
Necessity, ways of, 1637.
Necessity, when goods are placed on the land from, they are not dis-

trainable, 2468.
Negative, when to be proven, 3067, 3093.
Negative pregnant, what, 2985.

not allowed, 2985.
Negative statute, 115.
Negative conditions, what, 751,
Negatives, when two do not create an issue, 2947.
Negligence, liability of bailee for, 1005.

mandatary liable for gross, 1073.
when principal is liable for agent's, 1337.
when master is liable for servant's, 2299.
injuries arising from, 2218, 2334.
of officers, 2335.

of carriers, 2343.
Negligent escape, what, 2339.
Negligent malpractice of physicians, effect of, 2236.
Negotium gerendum, what, 1069.
Negotium gestum, what, 1069.
Negotiorum gestio, what, 907, n.
Nemo, allegans suam turpitudinem, est audiendus, maxim of, 3182.
Nemo auditur turpitudinem suam allegans, maxim of, 988.
Nemo est hæres viventis, maxim of, 1698, 1836.
Nemo judex in causâ propriâ, maxim of, 3593.
New assignment, what, 2988.

when to be pleaded, 2988.
New matter, when to be pleaded, 2987.

in equity pleading, what, 4389, 4391.
plea must consist of, 4281.

in pleading, must conclude with a verification, 2967.
New partners, consequence of admission of, 1482.

how introduced into the firm, 1449.
New promise, what, 866.

effect of, 866.
New trial, what, 3273.
granted for want of notice, 3275.

because illegal evidence has been received, 3277.
because legal evidence has been rejected, 3277.
because of the misdirection of the judge, 3278.
because of the wrongful acts of the successful party, 3281.

on account of conduct of the jurors, 3282.
VOL. II. 4 U

New trial granted because verdict is against the law or the evidence, 3284.

when there has been newly discovered evidence, 3285.
because the party has been taken by surprise, 3289.
for excessive damages, 3291.
for inadequacy of damages, 3291.

because the witness has been convicted of perjury, 3292.
in ejectment, when granted, 3676.

bill for a, 4156.
Next friend of infant, power of, 4033.

of married woman, power of, 4037.
Next of kin, who is, 1545, 1959.

husband is not, of wife, 1541.
Nihil debet, when a proper plea, 3467.

evidence under the plea of, 3468.
Nihil dicit, judgment of, 3303.
Nil debet, when proper plea, 2922.
Nil capiat per breve, judgment of, 3306.
Nil dicit, when a judgment, may be taken, 2989.
Nisi, decree, 4441.
Nobles, who are,

Nolle prosequi, what, 3303.

when to be entered, 2732.

effect of, 3175.
Nominal damages, what, 3588.
Nominal parties, who are, 4090.

pænæ, when distress cannot be for a, 2455.
Non cepit, when proper, 3573.

effect of, 3562, 3573, 3580.
Non compos mentis, meaning of, 369, 3161.

how person, to sue in equity, 4038.
Non culpabilis, when a proper plea, 2922.
Non demisit, plea of, 3580.
Non detinet, plea of, 3481.

when proper, 3573.
Non est factum, when a proper plea, 3467.

evidence under the plea of, 3449, 3470.

effect of plea of, 3448.
Non est inventus, return of, 2797, 3384.
Non feasance, how far agent is liable for acts, 1361.

a trespass cannot be committed by, 2366.
is not an abuse of an authority, 2381.

when an action does not lie for, 3496.
Non infregit conventionem, plea of, 3448.
Non joinder, consequences of a, 2753.
Non nasci et natum mori, rights of persons, 1957.
Non obstante veredicto judgment, 3017, 3298.
Non pros, what, 2889.
Non sum informatus, judgment by, 3303.
Non tenuit, plea of, 3580.
Non user, effect of, 94.
Nonsuit, what, 2889, 3309.

voluntary, 3310.
involuntary, 3310.

judgment as in case of, 3310.
Notary public, who is a, 2425.

origin of, 2425, n.
Note, what is a promissory, 896.

bought, what, 920, 1285.
sold, what, 920, 1285.
or memorandum under the statute of frauds, 918.

of the fine, what, 2094.
Notice of assignment of a chose in action, when to be given, 2430.

of a request, when to be given, 2433.
of a demand, when required, 2434.
that husband will not be responsible for wife's debt, 2436.
that parent will not be responsible for child's debt, 2437.
of carriers, effect of, 1027.
of dishonor of a bill, when required, 1159.



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