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endeavour to grow wiser.-It is my sincere prayer, that God would in his mercy grant to all who have unwittingly converted manna into poison, repentance and forgiveness, lead them to the knowledge of the truth, and give them the spirit of wisdom and of a sound mind.--Father forgive them for they know not what they do.*

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I hope it will not give any great offence even to the revilers of Mr. Robinson's writings, when I inform them of one dose of his “ poison” which I begun the year with administer. ing to myself and family, and of my intention to continue the practice to the last day of my life. In plainer language, I have pursued the following plan recommended in his inestimable and inimitable Village Sermons. (P. 407.) “We

suppose a good man's memory to he well furnished “ with scripture, and for this purpose we have often advised

young people to get by heart every night, the last thing they do before they go to rest, one verse, to think of it till

they drop asleep, and in the morning when they wake, that verse will probably be the first thought. This will always " afford a subject for a morning meditation, and the practice “ continued for seven years will fill and enrich the mind with “ the word of God. A great advantage through life, and “ doubled when along with old age, dimness of sight, or “ blindness comes, so that however desirous we cannot then “ read the holy book.”

I have already experienced the happy effects of this plan, first, on my two daughters, the one seven, the other nine years old, who after following the practice a few weeks, naturally ask me for a text every evening on retiring to rest, and as naturally repeat it to me on their first salutation every morning : and secondly, on myself, who find this method an additional support in what I have selt to be, in the most for

the loss of the ornament of her sex, the most amiable, excellent, and best of wives - The house of my pilgrimage.

cible sense, sir

To those who are acquainted, and have entered into the spirit of our author's writings, little need be said in commendation of the contents of the present volume. The same beauty and simplicity of style; the same ingenious, yet plain and forcible mode of reasoning; the same ardour in the cause of liberty civil and religious, and of uncorrupted christianity; the same impartiality and sincerity in the pursuit of truth, and the same devotional spirit which are the characteristics of his foriner writings, will be found to characterize this volume. Very few authors have so blended instruction with entertainment, more especially on controversial subjects. The encomium passed on the writings of Dr. Jortin by the late Archdeacon Blackburne, may with equal justice be adopted in the present instance.--" Let the historian praise his “ candour in expressing his diffidence in a manner “ which shews, that he did not desire his interpre" tations of the texts he builds upon should pass “ for infallibilities. Would to God I had the ta“lents to perpetuate the rest of his excellencies "to the latest posterity. But he rests from his “ labours, and heareth not the voice of the op

pressor nor the petulant scorner. His works “ will sufficiently speak for him, while there any “ remains of piety, learning and good sense among “ the sons of Britain, and will follow him to those “ mansions, where neither envy, malevolence, nor " the dogmatical arrogance of ignorant, superci“lious criticism, will deprive him of his reward.” In short, the same learned writer formed a just

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opinion of our author, when recommending some of his “ excellent” tracts, he styles him, “one of “ the ablest and honestest writers in the kingdom.

It is my sincere wish that every reader may experience similar pleasure and profit to what I have experienced in the frequent perusal of Mr. Robinson's works. That I so often conversed with him in the parlour, heard him in the pulpit, and that since his death I have so familiarised myself with his writings, I reckon amongst the peculiar advantages and felicities of my life; and it will I am persuaded, for the remainder of my days and on my dying pillow, be a source of satisfaction to reflect, that I have in some degree been instrumental in preserving, and extending the circulation of his writings, and in perpetuating his memory. The task ought to have been performed by some one more competent; but I trust these labours of love, for the welfare of my fellow creatures, and fellow christians will meet with the candour, and approbation of good men of all descriptions; and above all, that they will be accepted by the great head of the church, who has declared his approbation of the humble offering of one who did what she could, and graciously promised that even the cup of cold water shall in no wise lose its reward. Harlow, March 30, 1812.

B. F.

* Works Theological and Miscellaneous, by Francis Blackburne, L.L.B. Vol. I. Memoirs, p. cxxxvi. and Vol. III.

p. 532.

Lately published.

1. Miscellaneous Works of Robert Robinson, late Pastor of the Baptist Church and Congregation of Protestant Dissenters, at Cambridge: to which are prefixed Memoirs of his Life and Writings: by Benjamin Flower. Demy 8vo. 4 vols. price 11. 12s. boards, or superfine royal, price 21. in boards; with a fine Portrait of the Author to each edition.

*** Proof Impressions of the Portrait of Mr. Robinson worked off in 4to. for framing, price 58. each. N. B. The following Tracts, written by Mr. Robinson and

inserted in the above edition, are printed separately. 2. A Plan of-Lectures on the Principles of Nonconformity, 8th. edition. price 1s. 6d.

3. A Brief Dissertation on the Ministration of the Divine Word by Public Preaching, prefixed to a Translation of Claude's Essay on the Composition of a Sermon. With a short Preface on the subject of Dissenting Ordinations: by the Editor. Price 2s.

4. Reflections on Christian Liberty, Mental Error, &c.The celebrated Preface to the 3d. volume of Saurin's Sermons. Price 1s. 60.

5. The General Doctrine of Toleration applied to the particular case of Free Communion. 2d. edit. price 1s. 6d.

6. A Lecture on Becoming Bebaviour in Religious Assemblies. 2d. edit. price 1s.

7. The History and Mystery of Good Friday. 12mo. 10th. ed. price 8d. or 7s. a dozen.

8. Six Morning Exercises, extracted from the Village Sermons. Printed in a neat pocket volume. Price 1s. boards, or on fine paper, coloured boards, Is. 6d.

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