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[Engraved by Whymper. "WINTER.”

(By permission, from a picture in the possession of A. J. Kirkpatrick, Exq.)

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MAJOR and Minor. A Story in

Forty-eight Chapters. By W.
E. Norris 1, 102, 170, 217, 344,

373, 433, 505, 627, 649, 721, 793

Marriage in Cana of Galilee, The.

By Alexander Whyte, D.D. 65

"Mary, The Mother of Jesus." By

the Rev. W. Page Roberts, M.A. 571
May, A Song for. By John Dennis 305
Meteorologist in South Australia,

Experiences of a. By Clement
L. Wragge, F.R.G.S., etc. :-
I. The Voyage-Notes by

II. The Adelaide Plains

III. The Mount Lofty Hills . 754
Minnehaha and the Land of the
Dakotas. By Miller Christy

• 743

Money, How it is Made. By Pro-

fessor Thorpe, F.R.S.


Month that Looks Two Ways, The.
By Phil Robinson

Moral Sympathies, The Power of.
By Henry Allon, D.D.


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By D.

ISLAND Sports, Our. By the Author

of "John Halifax, Gentleman" 672

Israels, Josef. By Robert Walker 600

Old Blazer's Hero. A Story in

Nineteen Chapters.
Christie Murray 73, 145, 249,

289, 422, 467, 524, 605

է S7260

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