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Then Mrs. Greenwood brought forward as been gathering a whole basketful for him. an argument the statement about her own ex- The end of this will be, Tom, that you

will perience which she had made, a short time go over to Rome.” before, to another audience; whereat the “No, I won't go over to Rome; I won't Admiral scratched his head, and grumbled even go to St. Michael's. I shall sit in our under his breath. He was well aware that own parish church every Sunday morning as if he were to be opposed to his wife and long as I live, and I'd put in an appearance daughter upon any given point, victory would in the afternoon, too, only I can't keep awake; assuredly declare itself for the allies; not and now that they've done away with the because their wills were stronger than his, square pews, I'm afraid of setting a bad exbut because he could not bear to disappoint ample to the congregation. Here comes young either of them, so he only said :

Segrave with Kitty. Confound the fellow! “You are in a great hurry to get rid of I wonder what he's saying to her. How are Kitty. It strikes me that she is well enough you, Gilbert ? Had any sport to-day ?” as she is.”

“How do you do, Admiral ?" said Gilbert, Mrs. Greenwood set down the teapot in stepping in through the open window. “No, order to throw up her hands. "Iin a hurry! I couldn't manage to hit them, somehow. Haven't I been telling you all this time that I was telling Miss Greenwood that dancing I should be very much disappointed in Gil- and late hours have put my eye all

wrong ; bert Segrave if he ventured to propose to and now she wants me to repeat the Kitty before he had some professional income dose.” to offer her ?"

“Papa, dear," said Kitty, putting her hands “ I didn't hear you," observed the Admiral, on the Admiral's shoulders and raising her " but I applaud your sentiments.”

pretty face to his, "don't you think we ought “And I'm sure you can't really think,” to give a dance ?" Mrs. Greenwood went on, " that I want to "Oh, dear! oh, dear!" groaned the Adget rid of dear Kitty. Of course I should | miral. “And have the house turned topsylike to see her happily married. The more turvy for a week! I thought that kind of so because I don't know that I agree with thing never began until after Christmas.” you in thinking her well enough as she is. “But Christmas is such a long, long way I can't help feeling uneasy about all this off; and Mr. Segrave says he will have to Sunday-school teaching, and district visiting, go to London as soon as the Michaelmas term and attending of services at St. Michael's.” begins."

"She'll get no harm there," said the Ad- “Can't we give a dance without Mr. Semiral confidently. “Young people must have grave ?" enthusiasms of one kind or another, and I “Not very well, because I do so want to don't call that a bad kind of enthusiasm. have a cotillon, and nobody can lead it as he Monckton is a first-rate fellow, too.'

does. We have been talking it all over, and “Maybe he is; but I believe you only ad- he knows ever so many new figures.”. mire him so much because he knows how to “Well, well,” said the Admiral, who, sail a boat.”

perhaps, was relieved to hear that the young “Not a bit of it! Any fool can learn to people had been talking over nothing more sail a boat, but there are precious few men serious than a cotillon, you can have your who can preach like Monckton, let me tell dance if your mother doesn't object; only, you; and fewer still who practise what they mind, my den isn't to be interfered with.” preach, as he does. Look at the work he So the old gentleman, having received a has done! Why, there are some slums on kiss and a promise that he should be put to Segrave's property at the east end of the no more discomfort than was inevitable, protown, where they tell me that the doctor ceeded in the plenitude of his good-nature didn't dare to go, a few years ago, without to saya couple of policemen, and now Kitty can “You might as well stop and dine with us, walk through them from end to end, and Gilbert, my boy. Never mind about dressnever hear an uncivil word. If a parson can ing; and we'll send you home in the dogbring about changes of that sort, hang me if cart. I care what uniform he wears !—and he shall From all of which it will be perceived that have as many flowers out of my garden as he Admiral Greenwood, though a man of conlikes."

siderable resolution and common sense, was “Oh, I suppose so ! In fact, I have just | by no means master in his own house.






EMERS "MERSON says somewhere, in his mag- Southampton. They are reached from Lisbon.

nificent way, “We live by our imagi. The air is balmy, the accommodation homely, nations, by our admiration, our sentiments." but clean. Charges are moderate. A traProsaic folk are disposed to add, “ by our veller, however, should bring his own rehealth.” The first thing is to have health, and sources with him, and it would be a pity if the second is to keep it, and the third is to he could not eat oranges. Those for whom protect it. For which protection a winter a long ocean voyage has no special terrors or spring sojourn in a warm climate may be may go to Rio, the loveliest harbour in the the surest as well as pleasantest method. world, and half a day is sufficient for reachThen the question arises, “Where shall we ing Petropolis

, a lovely and healthy resort in go ?” About European resorts it is un- the Organ Mountains, where the Emperor and necessary to write a word. Madeira, Algiers, the diplomatic corps have summer residences, the Nile, Beyrout, are all very familiar places. and where there is a capital, though small, Bombay is within a three months' furlough, hotel. Mendoza, at the foot of the Andes, but the Red Sea must be twice traversed, and is said to have a perfect winter climate, but after Aden there is nothing but the Indian it is a long way off. It is very liable to Ocean until you reach India. Australia re- earthquakes, and to cross the Andes into quires at least four months, and the Equator Chili is about as risky a bit of travelling as must be crossed twice, with the sultry dol- can be conceived, though it may seem a drums. The Azores are only five days from shorter way home than re-crossing the Pampas


to Buenos Ayres. Monterey, on the Pacific, If there is leisure, and sufficient venturean afternoon's railway drive from San Fran- someness, a mail steamer will take you on to cisco, is the place I long to visit. The climate Havana (once a month) and Vera Cruz, from is delicious, the hotel is described as simply which a railroad takes you up in fourteen perfect, and South California is perhaps the hours to the city of Mexico, through some of most fertile and healthy district under the the finest scenery in the world. Puebla

But it means such a long voyage if should also visited-in some respects as you go there by sea and the Isthmus of interesting, and both cleaner and healthier, Panama, involving twenty-three days' sail on than Mexico; and from Vera Cruz there is the Atlantic side, and twenty-one more on frequent communication with New Orleans, the Pacific. To attempt to reach it by land between which and Liverpool there are would be to fall out of the moroseness of an steamers every week. One caution, however, English winter into the rigour of a North let me presume to offer. Let no one, without Atlantic voyage; and a blizzard, as well as urgent cause, go to Colon. There is no the great fatigue of eight days incessant scenery worth looking at. Independently of travelling over the continent, would not be a the yellow fever, which rages there in the prudent thing to face. There is Florida, no summer, the digging of the canal has deve

loubt, but unless you are altogether possessed loped a deadly malarious fever, which, if it with the Englishman's traditional desire to does not at once kill you, clings to you for "go and kill something," it soon palls on one. your life. The canal works, which will reAll things considered, for variety, interest, quire at least twenty-five millions sterling economy, and material comfort, only premis- more to complete them, have as yet made no ing that there is no constitutional objection sufficient progress to interest ordinary trato heat, and that the stay in the tropics is vellers. There are indeed huge masses of not too much prolonged, I can recommend machinery lying about and spoiling, brought nothing better than a voyage to the West out in reckless haste years before they could Indies. The Royal Mail steamers (and I have be put to use, but even these are covered up travelled more than 13,000 miles in them) by the tropical vegetation. There are admiryield to none that cross the ocean for punc- able hospitals, which, alas ! were not of much tuality, safety or comfort. After the Azores use to the five thousand victims of fever who the ship is in summer, and remains there. are said to have died there last year, for the Barbados is the first place reached, and is sickness kills so quickly that it is often not the convenient centre of the intercolonial thought worth while to take them there only traffic. The steamers into which you are to die. Until the Chagres River is embanked transhipped from the ocean boats are, though and diverted, the real difficulty of the scheme smaller, in some respects even more comfort is not even touched But this is not yet able, and the Esk and Eden are as cosy as a begun. Then it is said to be as wicked a ship can be. If possible, Demerara with place as it is unhealthy. The captain of a beautiful George Town (the queen of West ship remarked to me the other day, “ If you Indian towns) should be visited, and a trip want to see hell upon earth go to Colon.” A taken up the Essequibo River. This means visitor should settle with himself what the the inside of a fortnight from Barbados and use is of seeing hell upon earth if he has no back there. Another fortnight will be well particular opportunity of making it heaven. spent in the boat going to St. Vincent, Perhaps a place where men die like flies, and Grenada, Trinidad, and La Guayra for live like devils, is hardly the spot for sensible Caraccas. This expedition also consumes the folk to visit without good cause. inside of a fortnight, coming back to Barba- May I add one or two sentences of caution dos, and these southern localities are best to those who may take this trip for the sake visited first, for they are the hottest. Another of health? Where there is sensitiveness to expedition should be made to the Windward change of temperature (and a hot climate Islands, including St. Lucia, Martinique, does not of necessity diminish this) it may Guadaloupe, Dominique, Antigua and St. be well to avoid night air, and not to remain Thomas. The steamer (you may be able to on deck after sunset. (The only fault we make all these expeditions in the same ship) found with our friends, the Royal Mail will bring you back to Barbados (also within Steam Co., was their barbarous dinner hour the fortnight); there you will meet the out of five !) Warm clothing must not be ocean mail for Jamaica, which you will reach dropped too hastily going south, nor deferred in about four days, where a stay of a month too long returning north. It is better to or six weeks should if possible be arranged. I anticinate the cold than to be compelled to

remedy it. Flannel should always be worn from time to time isolated and imported next the skin, even in the tropics

, day and cases in this or that island which end fatally. night. Chills are very possible

, and in the It is important now and then to have a few West Indies always hazardous. Prudence, days' real rest. No mistake can be greater with moderation in diet, both on sea and than to suppose that there are no fatigues land, will bring its own reward. Especially connected with ship life. The noises which beware of too much iced water, and of aban- interrupt sleep, and the rolling which makes doning yourself before being acclimatised both bones and muscles ache again, though to the delicious peril of abundant draughts. compensated by the ozone and sunshine, have Until the hot rains begin, there is really no to be allowed for. Most people, unless indeed risk of yellow fever, though there will be there be real organic disease, will find three

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months of the tropics as much as they care sorts of people threw in the writer's way. for. The change of temperature going north His chief aim has been to try to persuade may be made quite gradual, and for this his readers (a few of whom might possibly reason it is safer to return from Jamaica in be embarrassed at being invited to pass an the early spring by way of Barbados than by examination off-hand in the geography of the New York.

West Indies) to inform themselves, of course The sketches which follow-only sketches, in a much more solid and complete fashion, though pains have been taken to make them of the importance and value-yes, and subfaithful and exact—make no sort of claim to stantial progress—of these imperfectly prized pronounce dogmatically on any of the diffi- jewels of the British Crown. "Quite the best cult problems which it was unavoidable result would be, if some of those who have occasionally to notice, though they do pre- leisure on their hands and the world to tend to be a kind of filter for much valuable choose from to travel over, would be at the information, and perhaps some useful reflec- pains to go there themselves, to appreciate tions, which manifold conversation with all with their own eyes the loveliness of these

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homes of the sun, and to enjoy the frank and being so fond and proud of Barbados. Even delightful kindness of their fellow-subjects who as an abstract question of expediency, it is inhabit them. They would most certainly surely far better for all concerned that those find themselves recompensed for the direction who live in a place and make its prosperity which an insignificant pen has given to their should really believe in it. Moreover, Barimpulses of travel, and they would be wel- bados is not the only place which much come, ten times over, to forget, disregard, or respects itself. Some years ago I visited St. reject any conclusions they may find here in John's, Newfoundland, where for nine exchange for the sounder opinions they will months of the year the climate may without have taken the trouble to make for them offence be thought a little morose, and the selves.

opportunities of communication with the

outer world somewhat infrequent. Prepared, I. — BARBADOS.

if necessary, to give an ample expression of Barbados is a cheerful, healthy, and highly sympathy to the spirited and cheerful folk cultivated island, entirely the creation of who live there for having to live there, I coral insects, somewhat of the size of the discovered, happily in time, that the persons Isle of Wight, populated to an extent rela- felt by the inhabitants to be really in need tively approximating that of China, and of sympathy were those who did not live within twelve days of Plymouth. It claims there, and I reserved my sympathy until it to be, with St. Christopher, the first colony was wanted. Distinctly I maintain, as one founded by Great Britain in the South of who is glad to express how grateful he is to America, having been settled in 1625, and Barbados for its salubrious breezes, and to has ever since been attached to the British the Barbadians for their delightful kindness, Crown. Here the sugar cane was first planted that if the Barbados folk have a good deal of on British soil, and here many of the loyalists self-respect, they have a perfect right to what during the time of the Great Rebellion found they really deserve. an asylum. It is the fashion, I hardly know Barbados, though not to be called beautiwhy, to make fun of the Barbadians for ful in the sense that Jamaica, or Dominique,


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