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Proclamations and declarations of powers other than Great Britain, issued subsequently to the

Queen's proclamation of neutrality.

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Mr. Sanford to July 2 | Inclosing copy of notice in “Moniteur,”
Mr. Seward.

(official,) of 25th June, in regard to priva-
teers, &c. Belgian adheres to principles
of Paris declaration of 1856 ; will not allow
privateers to enter her ports, except in
distress; and refuses to recognize commis-
sions or letters of marque. Belgium sub-
jects engaging in privateering are liable
to be treated as pirates abroad, and to be
prosecuted at home with utmost rigor of
the law.




Mr. Dayton to

Mr. Seward,

June 12 Inclosing copy of “Le Moniteur Universel,"

containing Emperor's formal declaration in
respect to privateers, &c. Prohibits vessels
of war and privateers of either belligerent
from remaining in French ports more than
twenty-four hours, except in distress; also
prohibits sale of captured goods in said
ports; forbids French subjects to aid or
engage in privateering or equipment of
vessels of war for either party, or to enlist
in their military or naval service, and
commands them to abstain from all viola-
tions of neutrality at home or abroad. In-
fringement of these prohibitions subjects
the offender to prosecution and the loss of
protection of his government.




Mr. Dryer to Mr. Sept. Inclosing copy of King's proclamation, which

declares neutrality between United States
and “certain States thereof, styling them-
selves Confederate States of America." All
captures made within King's jurisdiction
are unlawful. All subjects, or persons re-
siding within the realm, are prohibited
from aiding or engaging in privateering,
on pain of losing protection of the govern-

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13 | Mr. Harvey to Aug. 25 Inclosing copy of a note from the Foreign
Mr. Seward.

Office, covering King's proclamation in re-
gard to privateers. The government ad-
heres to the Paris declaration of 1856;
forbids all persons engaging in privateer-
ing in Portuguese jurisdiction, and pro-
hibits entrance of privateers or prizes into
Portuguese ports, except in cases of neces-


178 Mr. Wright to

Mr. Seward.

June 25 Inclosing copy of “National Zeitung;” con

taining Baron Schlienitz's dispatch to
Baron Gerolt; also of an order from minis-
ter of commerce, directing the mercantile
classes to abstain from enterprises forbid-
den by international law, and by ordinance
of 12th June, 1856, and denying protection
of the government to Prussian shipping or
subjects engaged in privateering, carrying
contraband of war, or forwarding dis-
patches. Mr. Wright declares sympathy
of German States to be with United States.


18 | Mr. Appleton to June 3 Inclosing copies of two orders of Russian Mr. Seward.

goverument, directing that the flags of confederate men-of-war must not be saluted, but that confederate merchant vessels shall be treated according to rules contained in treaty with America of December, 1832, even if their papers are not regular; and that, should crews of such vessels not acknowledge authority of United States consuls, they must abide by decision of local Russian authorities,

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The new position of the British ministry-

that the American proclamation of block-
ade of the confederate ports necessitated
the Queen's proclamation of neutrality-

an afterthought.
The American proclamation of blockade not

the occasion of the recognition of confed-
erate belligerency, because, supposing the
former to have been officially commu-
nicated, it was not known to have been
enforced at the date of the latter; and,
furthermore, if enforced, was not such an
act as ought to have been internationally

treated as an act of war.
Correction of various misstatements of His-

toricus in his article of March 22, and
incidental notice of Earl Russell's dis-

patch to Lord Lyons of March 6, 1861.
The recognition of confederate belligerency

not a bygone, but a continuing reality.
Appendix-the neutrality of England-com-
munication of Historicus to the London

Times of March 22, 1865.
British neutrality-hasty recognition of rebel.

belligerency and our right to complain ofit.




Mr. Vernon Har


Mr. George Bemis


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Mr. Crampton to Oct. 11 Inclosing depositions of Mr. Barclay, British
Mr. Marcy.

consul at New York, and others, in refer-
ence to the bark Maury, alleged to be
fitting out for the Russian government,
and asking the United States government
to investigate the facts, and should the
charges be confirmed, to take measures to
defeat hostile intentions of the persons
engaged in fitting out said vessel. *Atten-
tion is also asked to Mr. Barclay's state-
ment that a plan exists for equipping
similar vessels in other United States

Mr. Hunter to Oct. 12 Inclosing copy of Mr. Crampton's note of
Mr. Cushing.

October 11, with accompanying affidavits,

in reference to bark Maury.
Mr. Cushing to Oct. 12 | Telegraphic order to take information from
Mr. McKeon.

Mr. Barclay, and prosecute bark Maury if

cause appears.
Mr. Cushing to Oct. 12 | Notifying Secretary of State of instructions
Mr. Marcy.

sent to United States attorney at New

York in respect to bark Maury.
Mr. McKeon to Oct. 13 Requesting information in reference to bark
Mr. Barclay.

Mr. McKeon to. Oct. 13 | Asking an inspector to be sent on board bark
Mr. Redfield.

Maury to examine her cargo, and that her
clearance be delayed until inspector's

report is received.
Mr. Cushing to Oct. 13 Inclosing copy of Mr. Crampton's uote of the
Mr. McKeon.

11th in regard to the bark Maury, referred

to in telegram of 12th.
Mr. Benedict to Oct. 15 Inclosing report of inspectors wlio examined
IIr. Redfield.

the bark Maury.
Mr. McKeon to Oct. 16 Notifying him that a libel has been prepared
Mr. Edwards.

against the bark Maury in consequence of
charges of British minister, and that
verification of the pleading by some one
representing British government is neces-

Mr. McKeon to Oct. 17 | Reporting that a libel was that day filed in
Mr: Cushing.

Ünited States district court against the
bark Maury under third section of neul-

trality act of April 20, 1818.
Mr. McKeon to Oct. 17 Requesting a careful examination and report
Mr. Hillyer.

as to cargo of the bark Maury, intimating
that munitions of war are supposed to be
stowed under the coal in lier hold.

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