Remarks on Engineers' Surveying Instruments

The Company, 1888

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Seite 11 - The undersigned, having examined the product herein described, respectfully recommend the same to the United States Centennial Commission for award, for the following reasons, namely: 1.
Seite 42 - The numbers of the ten feet spaces were to be marked by drilling small holes in the tags. I intended to use this for the principal lines of my surveys and to use the chain only for lines which were not of great importance. " When I called upon Mr. Heller (of Heller & Brightly, the instrument makers, of Philadelphia) to order this measure, he suggested that it would be better to use instead of a wire rope, which would stretch, the bands which are manufactured for hoop skirts ; they are made of tempered...
Seite 37 - It has long compound centres ; the horizontal limb is read by two double opposite verniers, placed outside the compass box; the vernier openings in the plate being made very wide, so as to allow the easy reading of the graduations. There is a three inch magnetic needle, and its ring is divided to half degrees.
Seite 15 - To the eye of an observer, this star is continually in motion, and is due north but twice in 23 h. 56 min. ; and is then said to be on the meridian. Now, when it departs from the meridian, it apparently moves east or west, for 5 h.

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