The New Joy of Gay Sex

HarperCollins Publishers, 1992 - 220 Seiten
When it was published in 1977 The Joy of Gay Sex became not only an immediate bestseller but also a classic, one of the touchstones of the emerging gay consciousness. Since then, as homosexuality has gradually been assimilated into American society, it has become more viable to come out and live openly as a gay man. Gay couples are now more visible in public and in the media. Some cities now include gays and their spouses in health insurance, domicile agreements, and other benefits. And more gays are adopting and raising children. At the same time, the gay community has undergone a great transformation as a result of the AIDS epidemic, which has killed tens of thousands and made sex literally a matter of life and death. An authoritative new guide, reflecting all these changes, was clearly long overdue. Dr. Charles Silverstein, a noted psychologist who has worked with gay people for more than two decades and who co-authored the original The Joy of Gay Sex, has now collaborated with critically acclaimed novelist Felice Picano on the long-awaited The New Joy of Gay Sex - and they've made it the essential reference book for every gay man. The New Joy of Gay Sex maintains the original book's positive, affirming attitude toward gay men's sexuality and daily lives. Invaluable as a resource, in building self-esteem, and as a coming-out guide for young gays, The New Joy of Gay Sex updates all the essays of its predecessor and includes many new ones. The book has three goals: to educate gay men about safe sex and to save lives by showing the varieties of sexual behavior still available; to address the many emotional and relationship-oriented issues that arise in gay life, such as long-termcouples, one-night stands, loneliness, depression, and growing older; and to serve as a general home reference on a number of diverse topics - from living wills to a short history of condoms. With eight color paintings and fifty line drawings by noted illustrators Deni Ponty and Ron Fowler, The New Joy of Gay Sex carries on the pioneering effort of the original edition to become a necessary addition to every gay man's bookshelf.

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