The Mechanics' Magazine, Band 59

Robertson, Brooman, and Company, 1853

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Seite 405 - ... between the present time and the beginning of next spring in planning and executing measures by which those portions of their towns and cities which are inhabited by the poorest classes, and which, from the nature of things, must most need purification and improvement, may be freed from those causes and sources of contagion which, if allowed to remain, will infallibly breed pestilence, and be fruitful in death, in spite of all the prayers and fastings of a united but inactive nation.
Seite 489 - V. All specifications, copies of specifications, provisional specifications, petitions, notices, and other documents left at the office of the Commissioners, and the signatures of the petitioners or agents thereto, must be written in a large and legible hand.
Seite 167 - If the bird wished to descend, the wings were for a moment collapsed : and when again expanded with an altered inclination, the momentum gained by the rapid descent seemed to urge the bird upwards with the even and steady movement of a paper kite.
Seite 9 - The next point was to determine the place and source of motion, ie, whether the table moved the hand, or the hand moved the table ; and for this purpose indicators were constructed. One of these consisted of a light lever, having its fulcrum on the table, its short arm attached to a pin fixed on a cardboard, which could slip on the surface of the table, and its long arm projecting as an index of motion. It is evident that if the experimenter willed the table to move towards the left, and it did so...
Seite 405 - ... same laws render sickness the almost inevitable consequence of exposure to those noxious influences. But it has at the same time pleased Providence to place it within the power of man to make such arrangements as will prevent or disperse such exhalations, so as to render them harmless; and it is the duty of man to attend to those laws of nature, and to exert the faculties which Providence has thus given to man for his own welfare.
Seite 9 - But the most valuable effect of this test-apparatus (which was afterwards made more perfect and independent of the table) is the corrective power it possesses over the mind of the table-turner. As soon as the index is placed before the most earnest, and they perceive — as in my presence they have always done — that it tells truly whether they are pressing downwards only or obliquely, then all effects of table-turning cease, even though the parties persevere, earnestly desiring motion, till they...
Seite 47 - Strong evidence was given on the part of the defendant to show that the plaintiffs had not usefully applied their own invention, but that they had used the mules of other persons.
Seite 273 - ... compressed. The ball on the top serves as a mere reservoir of air to equalize the action of the apparatus as much as possible. The whole of this apparatus is enclosed in a wire cage for the sake of protection from blows. To graduate this apparatus, I let it down in a known depth of water, say ten fathoms, and having observed the point to which the ring in the glass tube is pushed, and having marked this point off, the ball is to be unscrewed, and with a small ramrod the ring is to be pushed down...
Seite 392 - Mixture No. 1. — The composition of this solution is as follows : — 56 parts, by weight, of sulphur, dissolved by the aid of steam heat or dry heat, in 44 parts of dilute vinegar or acetic acid, containing 17 parts of acid to 8 of water. In preparing indurating mixtures, to be applied to the exteriors and interiors of buildings, whether possessing a surface of brick, stone, cement, or plaster, the following ingredients are employed : — Mixture No.
Seite 404 - The Maker of the Universe has established certain laws of nature for the planet in which we live, and the weal or woe of mankind depends upon the observance or neglect of those laws.

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