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peaceably as much as lieth in us, with all men: to put on the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit: and to take those who have spoken in the name of our Lord, for an example of suffering affliction, and of patience; and when we suffer as Christians, not to be ashamed, but to glorify thee our God on this behalf.”

And accept, good Lord, of all the praises of all thy people met together this day. O that “thy ways were known upon all the earth, and thy saving health among all nations !" And that all Christian kings, especially, may be filled with thy Holy Spirit, and be faithful subjects of the Lord Jesus, “ the King of kings, and Lord of lords.” O that thy “ priests may be clothed with righteousness, and thy saints rejoice and sing :” That all who are in distress may trust in thee, the “health of their countenance and their God.” O Lord, hear us, and make thy face to shine upon thy servants, that we may “enter into thy gates with thanksgiving, and into thy courts with praise;" that we may be thankful unto thee, and bless thy name, Amen, for Jesus Christ's sake, in whose words we conclude our imperfect prayers, saying, “Our Father,” &c.


O THOU “ High and Holy ONE, that inhabitest Eternity,” thou art to be feared and loved by all thy servants. “All thy works praise thee, O God;" and we especially give thanks unto thee, for thy marvellous love in Christ Jesus, by whom thou hast “ reconciled the world to thyself." Thou hast“ given us exceeding great and precious promises.” Thou hast sealed them with his blood. Thou hast confirmed them by his resurrection and ascension, and the coming of the Holy Ghost. We thank thee, that thou hast given us so many happy opportunities of knowing « the truth as it is in Jesus,” even the mystery which was hid from ages and generations, but is now revealed to them that believe.

Blessed be thy goodness for that great consolation, and

for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Blessed be thy goodness, that we have felt it so often in our heart, inspiring us with holy thoughts, filling us with love, and joy, and comfortable expectations of “ the glory that shall be revealed.” We thank thee, that thou hast suffered us this day to attend on thee in thy public service, and that we have begun in any measure that eternal “rest which remaineth for the people of God."

We offer up again our souls and bodies to thee, to be governed, not by our own will, but thine. O let it be ever the ease and joy of our heart, to be under the conduct of thy unerring wisdom, to follow thy counsels, and to be ruled in all things by thy holy will. And let us never distrust thy abundant kindness and tender care over us, whatsoever it is thou wouldst have us to do or to suffer in this world.

O God, purify our hearts, that we may entirely love thee, and rejoice in being loved of thee; that we may confide in thee, and absolutely resign ourselves to thee, and be filled with constant devotion toward thee.

O that we may never sink into a base love of any thing here below, nor be oppressed with the cares of this life: but assist us to “ abhor that which is evil, and cleave to that which is good.” Let us “ use this world as not abusing it.” Give us true humility of spirit, that we may not think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think.” Keep us from “ being wise in our own conceits. Let our moderation be known to all men.” Make us“ kindly-affectioned one to another;" to delight in doing good; to “shew all meekness to all men; to render unto all their dues, tribute to whom tribute is due, custom to whom custom, fear to whom fear, honour to whom honour;" and to “ owę no man any thing, but to love one another.” Make us so happy, that we may be able to “ love our enemies, to bless those that curse us, to do good to them that hate us; to rejoice with them that do rejoice, and to weep with them that weep." Compose our spirits to a quiet and steady dependence on thy good providence, that we may “take no thought for our life, nor be careful for any thing, but by prayer and VOL. XI.


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supplication, with thanksgiving, still make known our requests to thee our God.”—And help us to “pray always and not faint; in every thing to give thanks, and offer up the sacrifice of praise continually; to rejoice in hope of thy glory: to possess our souls in patience: and to learn in whatsoever state we are, therewith to be content." Make us“ know both how to be abased, and how to abound; everywhere, and in all things," instruct us both “ to abound and suffer want,” being enabled “to do all things through Christ who strengtheneth us."

O that the light of all Christians did so “ shine before men,” that others; might “ glorify thee our Father which art in heaven ; and send forth thy light and thy truth, (into all the dark corners of the earth,) that all kings may fall down before thee, and all nations do thee service!” Bless these kingdoms, and give us grace at length to “bring forth fruits meet for repentance.O Lord, save the King, and “establish his throne in righteousness.” Prosper the endeavours of all those who faithfully feed thy people, and increase the number of them. O that the seed which hath been sown this day, may take deep root in all our hearts: that being - not forgetful hearers, but doers of the word, we may be blessed in our deeds.” Help us in all this week following, to " set a watch before our mouth, and keep the door of our lips.” And “ let not our hearts incline to any evil thing, or to practise wicked works with men that work iniquity.” But “as we have received how we ought to walk and to please thee, so we may abound more and more.”

Protect us, we beseech thee, and all our friends every where, this night, and awaken in the morning those good thoughts in our hearts, that the “ words of our Saviour

may abide in us, and we in him ;" who hath taught us when we pray, to say, “ Our Father,” &c.

MONDAY MORNING. WE humble ourselves, O LORD of heaven and earth, before thy glorious Majesty. We acknowledge thy eternal

power, wisdom, goodness, and truth: and desire to render thee most unfeigned thanks, for all the benefits which thou pourest upon us. But above all, for thine inestimable love in the redemption of the world, by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We implore thy tender mercies, in the forgiveness of all our sins, whereby we have offended either in thought, word, or deed. We desire to be truly sorry for all our misdoings, and utterly to renounce whatsoever is contrary to thy will. We desire to devote our whole man, body, soul, and spirit, to thee. And as thou dost inspire us with these desires, so accompany them always with thy grace, that we may, every day, with our whole hearts, give ourselves up to thy service.

We desire to be so holy and undefiled as our blessed , Master was. And we trust thou wilt fulfil all the gracious promises which he hath made to us. Let them be dearer to us than thousands of gold and silver; let them be the comfort and joy of our hearts. We ask nothing, but that it may be unto thy servants according to his word.

Thou hast mercifully kept us the last night : blessed be thy continued goodness. Receive us likewise into thy protection this day. Guide and assist us in all our thoughts, words, and actions. Make us willing to do and suffer what thou pleasest: waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto eternal life.

Blessed be thy goodness, which hast not suffered us to wander, without instruction, after the foolish desires of our own hearts: but hast clearly shewn us where our happiness lies. O may we receive with all thankfulness, those holy words which teach us the blessedness of poverty of spirit, of mourning after thee, of meekness and gentleness, of hungering and thirsting after righteousness, of mercifulness, and purity of heart, of doing good unto all, and patiently suffering for doing the will of our Lord Jesus Christ.

O may we always be in the number of those blessed souls! May we ever feel ourselves happy in having the kingdom of God within us, in the comforts of the Holy One, in being filled with all the fruits of righteousness, in being

made the children of the Highest, and above all, in seeing thee our God. Let us abound in thy love more and more; and in continual prayers and praises to thee, the Father of mercies, and God of all consolation, in Jesus Christ our Lord.

And we desire, thou knowest, the good of all mankind, especially of all Christian people; that they may all walk worthy of the gospel, and live together in unity and Christian love. For which end we pray that all Christian kings, princes, and governors, may be wise, pious, just, and merciful, and endeavouring that all their subjects may lead peaceful lives in all godliness and honesty: And more particularly, that our Sovereign King George may be blessed with a religious, quiet, long, and prosperous reign, and that all in authority under him may seek in their several stations to right the oppressed, to comfort the afflicted, to provide for the poor and needy, and to relieve all those that are in any misery. Bless all those that watch over our souls; succeed their labours, and give us grace to follow their godly admonitions, and “to esteem them very highly in love for their works' sake.”—The same blessings we crave for our friends, relations, and acquaintance, that we may all live in perfect love and peace together, and rejoice together at the great day of the Lord Jesus ; in whose holy words we sum up all our wants : “ Our Father,” &c.

MONDAY EVENING. ALMIGHTY and most merciful FATHER, in whom we live, move, and have our being : to whose tender compassions we owe our safety the day that is past, together with all the comforts of this life, and the hopes of that which is to come. We praise thee, O Lord, we bow ourselves before thee, acknowledging we have nothing but what we receive from thee, “ unto thee do we give thanks,”, O God, who daily pourest thy benefits upon us.

Blessed be thy goodness for our health, for our food and raiment, for our peace and safety, for the love of our friends, for all our blessings in this life ; and our desire to attain

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