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often breathed holy thoughts into me, have mercy upon me.

O holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, whom in Three Persons I adore as One God, have mercy upon me.

Lord, carest thou not that I perish! Thou that wouldst have all men to be saved! Thou that wouldst have none to perish! and wilt thou now shew thine anger against a worm, a leaf; against a vapour that vanisheth before thee! O remember how short my time is, and deliver not my soul into the power of hell! For, alas, what profit is there in my blood ? Or who shall give thee thanks in that pit? No; let me live in thy sight: let me live, O my God, and my soul shall praise thee. Forget me, as I have been disobedient, provoking thee to anger, and regard me as I am distrest, crying out to thee for help. Look not upon me as I am a sinner; but consider me as I am thy creature. A sinner I am, I confess, a sinner of no ordinary stain; but let not this hinder-thee, O my God; for upon such sinners thou gettest the greatest glory.

O remember for whose sake it was that thou camest from the bosom of thy Father, and wast content to be born of thinę own handmaid. Remember, for whom it was that thy tender body was torn, and scourged, and crucified ! was it not for the sins of the whole world? And shall I be so injurious to thy glory, as to think thou hast excepted me? Or, can I think thou diedst only for sinners of a lower kind, and left such as I without a remedy? What had become then of him, who filled Jerusalem with blood ? What of her, who lived in a trade of sin ? Nay, what had become of thine own disciple, who with oaths and curses thrice denied thee:

O how easy it is for thee to forgive! For it is thy nature. How proper is it for thee to save! For it is thy

How suitable is it to thy coming into the world! For it is thy business. And when I consider that I am the chief of sinners, may I not urge thee farther, and say, Shall the chief of thy business be left undone? Far be that from thee! Have mercy upon me!



I ask not of thee the things of this world, give them to whom thou pleasest, so thou givest me mercy. O say unto my soul, “Be of good cheer, thy sins are forgiven thee." O that I might never sin against thee more! And whereinsoever my conscience accuses me most, be thou most merciful unto me!

Save me, O God, as a brand snatched out of the fire.

Receive me, O my Saviour, as a sheep that is gone astray, but would now return to the great Shepherd and Bishop of my soul !

Father, accept my imperfect repentance, compassionate my infirmities, forgive my wickedness, purify my uncleanness, strengthen my weakness, fix my unstableness, and let thy good Spirit, watch over me for ever, and thy love ever rule in my heart, through the merits, and sufferings, and love of thy Son, in whom thou art always well-pleased.

Give thy grace, O holy Jesus, to all the world, and let all who are redeemed by thy bloody acknowledge thee to be the Lord: let all Christians, especially those of this nation, keep themselves unspotted from the world. Let all Governors, and especially our Sovereign, rule with wisdom and justice; and let the Clergy be exemplary in their lives, and discreet and diligent in their labours. Let our Universities enjoy freedom from violence and faction, and excel in true religion and sound learning. Be a help at hand to all that are afflicted, and assist them to trust in thee. Raise up friends for the widow and fatherless, the friendless and oppressed. Give patience to all that are sick, comfort to all troubled consciences, strength to all that are tempted. Be gracious to my relations (-). To all that are endeared to me by their kindnesses and acquaintance, to all who remember me in their prayers, or desire to be remembered in mine (-). Sanctify, O merciful Lord, the friendship which thou hast granted me, with these thy servants (---). O let our prayers be heard for each other, while our hearts are united in thy fear and love, and graciously unite them therein more and more. Strengthen the hearts of us thy servants against all our corruptions and temptations : enable us to consecrate ourselvès faithfully and entirely to thy service. Grant that we may provoke each other to love, and serve thee, and grow up together before thee in thy fear and love, to thy heavenly kingdom; and by thy infinite mercies, vouchsafe to bring us with those that are dead in thee, to rejoice together before thee, through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom with thee and the Holy Ghost, the blessed and only Potentate, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, be honour and power everlasting.

Qur Father, &c.

SATURDAY MORNING. O GOD, thou great Creator and Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth, thou Father of angels and men, thou Giver of life and Protector of all thy creatures, mercifully accept this my morning sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving which I desire to offer with all humility to thy divine majesty.. “ Thou art praised, O Lord, by all thy works,” and magnified by every thing which thou hast created. The sun rejoiceth to run his course, that he may set forth thy praise who madest him. Nor do the moon and stars refrain to manifest thy glory even amidst the silent night. The earth breathes forth each day perfumes, as incense to thee her sacred King, who hast crowned her with herbs and trees, and beautified her with hills and dales. The deep uttereth her voice, and lifteth up her hands on high to thee, the great Creator, the universal King, the everlasting God. The floods clap their hands, and the hills are joyful together before thee: the fruitful vales rejoice and sing thy praise. Thou feedest the innumerable multitude of animals which thou hast created : “ these all wait upon thee, and thou givest them their meat in due season.”. Thou madest light for our comfort, and broughtest forth darkness out of thy treasures, to overshadow the earth, that the living creatures of it might take their rest, « The fire and hail, snow and

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vapour, wind and storm, fulfil thy word,” and manifest thy glory. Inanimate things declare thee, O Lord of life; and irrational animals demonstrate their wise Creator. Amidst this universal jubilee of nature, suffer not, I beseech thee, the sons of men to be silent; but let the noblest work of thy creation pay thee the noblest sacrifice of praise. O pour thy grace into my heart, that I may worthily magnify thy great and glorious name. Thou hast made me and sent me into the world to do thy work. O assist me to fulfil the end of my creation, and to shew forth thy praise with all diligence, by giving myself up to thy service.

Prosper the work of my hands upon me,” O Lord; O prosper thou whatever I shall undertake this day, that it may tend to thy glory, the good of my neighbour, and the salvation of my own soul.

Preserve me from all those snares and temptations which continually solicit me to offend thee. Guide me by thy Holy Spirit in all those places whither thy providence shall lead me this day : and suffer not my communications with the world to dissipate my thoughts, to make me inadvertent to thy presence, or lukewarm in thy service: but let me always walk as in thy sight, and as one who knows this life to be the seed-time to an eternal harvest. Keep me, I beseech thee, undefiled, unblamable, and unreprovable unto the end; and grant, that I may so diligently perform thy will, in that station wherein thou hast been pleased to place me, that I may make my calling and election sure, through Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and Saviour.

Hear, also, O Lord, my prayers for the whole race of mankind, and guide their feet into the way of peace : reform the corruptions of thy Catholic Church, heal her divisions, and restore to her her ancient discipline: give to the Clergy thereof, whether they be Bishops, Priests, or Deacons, grace, as good shepherds to feed the flocks committed to their care. Bless King George and all the Royal Family, and all that are put in authority under him. Let them exceed others as much in goodness as greatness, and be signal instruments of thy glory. Grant that the Universities, and all other places set apart for thy service, whatsoever is praise-worthy may for ever flourish. Keep, O Lord, all the Nobility, Gentry, and Commons of this land, in constant communion with thy holy Catholic Church, in humble obedience to the King, and in Christian charity one towards another.

In a particular manner, I beseech thee to be gracious to my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, and all my friends and relations. Pardon all their sins, and heal all their infirmities. Give them that share of the blessings of this life, which thou knowest to be the most expedient for them; and thy grace so to use them bere, that they may enjoy thee eternally.

With a propitious eye, O gracious Comforter, behold all that are in affliction : let the sighings of the prisoners, the groans of the sick, the prayers of the oppressed, the desire of the poor and needy, come before thee (-). Give unto my enemies (-) grace and pardon, charity to me and love to thee: remove the cloud from their eyes, the stony from their hearts, that they may know and feel what it is to love their neighbour as themselves. And may it please thee to enable me to “ love all my enemies, to bless them that now curse me, to do good to them that now hate me, and to pray for those who now despitefully use me and persecute me.” Be pleased, O Lord, of thy goodness, shortly to accomplish the number of thine elect, and to hasten thy kingdom; that we, with all thy whole Church, may have our perfect consummation of bliss, through Jesus Christ our Lord, by whom, and with whom, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, all honour and glory be unto thee, O Father Almighty, now and for ever.

Our Father, &c.

SATURDAY EVENING: Particular Questions relating to Thanksgiving. 1. Have I allotted some time for thanking God for the blessings of the past week ?

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