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Collection of all the Treaties of Peace,

Commerce, and Alliance, between Great Britain and Other Powers, from the Revolution to the present Time, requires no Recommendation. The Utility of such a Work is sufficiently obvious to the Gentleman, and the Politician. To the Statesman it is a Code, or Body of Law ; fince a Collection of Treaties is to him of the same use, that a Collection of the Statutes is to a Lawyer. Two things only are necessary in both, viz. that they should be complete and correct. With regard to this Work it can be truly said, that no Pains have been spared to make it complete; and it is presumed, from the care that has been taken, no material Omiffion will be discovered. One or two short Observations, it is hoped, will not seem improper. A Collection of Treaties was published in the Year 1732; and is now very scarce, The Treaties contained in that Work are not only very irregularly arranged, but upon comparing them with the detached Copies published by Authority, were found

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to be very inaccurately printed; and some Treaties were wholly omitted. The Method pursued in this work is chronological. And, in order to make it as correct as possible, whenever the Treaties have been published by Authority, those Publications only have been copied ; and whenever ro Translation by Authority has appeared, the Original is inserted, together with a Translation.


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A. D.
1689 REATY of Alliance, commonly called the Grand

Alliance, between the Emperor, the States Gene

ral, and King of Great Britain.
Convention between England and Holland, concerning the
Prohibition of Commerce with France.

Treaty of Alliance between the King of Great Britain and
the States General.

9 1697 Treaty of Peace at Riswicke between Great Britain and France.

13 1998 Treaty between England, France, and Holland, commonly called the First Partition Treaty.

19 1700 Treaty of Alliance between the King of Great Britain,

Charles XII. King of Sweden, and the States General. Treaty between England, France, and Holland, commonly called the Second Partition Treaty.

33 1701 Treaty of Alliance between the Emperor, the King of Great

Britain, and the States Geueral, commonly called the

Second Grand Alliance.
Treaty of Alliance between the Kings of Great Britain and
Denmark, and the States General.

45 1703 Treaties of Alliance between the Emperor, England, the United Provinces, and Portugal.

51 1709 Treaty of Commerce between Great Britain and Portugal. 61 1709 Treaty between England and the States General, for securing the Succession to the Crown of Great Britain.

62 1713 Treaty of Guarantee for the Protestant Suceefsion to the

Crown of England, between Great Britain and the Uni-
ted Provinces.

72 1712 Engagement concerning the Rights of British Merchants in Sicily



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