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Her ways are ways of pleasant-|As if the Lord o'erlook'd thy ness,

cares, And all her paths are peace. Or pitied not thy grief? HYMN 205. (L. M.)

2 Hast thou not known, hast thou

not heard, Isa. xl. 6-8.

That firm remains on high, THE WE morning flowers display The everlasting throne of Him their sweets,

Who inade the earth and sky? And gay their silken leaves un- 3 Art thou afraid his power will

fail As careless of the noonday heats, In sorrow's evil day? And fearless of the evening Can the Creator's inighty arm cold.

Grow weary or decay? 2 Nipp'd by the wind's unkindly 4 Supreme in wisdom as in power blast,

The Rock of ages stands; Parch'd by the sun's more fer- Thou canst not search his mind, vent ray,

nor trace The momentary glories waste, The working of his hands. The short-lived beauties die

5 He gives the conquest to the away

weak, 3 So blooins the human face

Supports the fainting heart; divine,

And courage in the evil hour When youth its pride of beauty His heavenly aids impart. shows

6 Mere human energy shall faint, Fairer than spring the colours

And youthful vigour cease; shine,

But those who wait upon the And sweeter than the opening

Lord rose.

In strength shall still increase. 4 But, worn by slowly rolling

17 They with unwearied step shall years, Or broke by sickness in a day,

tread The fading glory disappears,

The path of life divine; The short-lived beauties die With growing ardour onward away.

move, 5 Yet these, new rising from the

With growing brightness shine. tomb,

8 On eagle's wings they mount, With lustre brighter far shall they soar, shine;

On wings of faith and love; Revive with everduring bloom, Till

, past the sphere of earth and Safe from diseases and decline.


They rise to heaven above. 6 Let sickness blast, and death

HYMN 207. devour,

(C. M) If heaven shall recompense our

Isa. lvji. 15. pains:

TIIUS speaks the High and Perish the grass, and fade the

Lofty One, flower,

(mains. My throne is fix'd on high ; If firm the word of God re. There, through eternity, I hear

The praises of the sky:
HYMN 206. (C. M.)

12 Yet, looking down, I visit oft Isa. xl. 27-31.

The humble, hallow'd cell; HY mournest thou, my anx. And, with the penitent who jous soul,

mourn, Despairing of relief,

"Tis my delight to dwell.



3 My presence heals the wound. And he who would the Father ed heart,

seek, The sad in spirit cheers; Must seek him, Lord, by thee. My presence, from the bed of 2 Thou art the truth-thy word dust,

alone The contrite sinner rears.

True wisdom can impart; 4 I dwell with all my humble Thou only canst inform the inind, saints

And purity the heart. While they on earth remain; 3 Thou art the life-the rending And they, exalted, dwell with me,

tomb With me for ever reign.

Proclaims thy conquering arm, HYMN 208.

(II. 1.) And those who put their trust in

thee Hab. iii. 17-19.

Nor death nor hell shall harm. LTHOUGH the vine its fruit Α' deny,

4 Thou art the way-the truth, The budding fig tree droop and

the life; die,

Grant us that way to know, No oil the olive yield;

That truth to keep, that life to Yet will I trust me in my God,

win, Yea, bend rejoicing to his rod,

Whose joys eternal flow. And by his grace be heal’d.

IIYMN 210. (S. M.) 2 Though fields, in verdure once array’d,

Phil. ii. 12, 13. By laid

; Still in the Lord shall be my trust, o let us our salvation work My joy; for, though his frown is

With trembling and with fear. just, His mercy is supreme.

2 God will support our hearts

With might before unknown; 3 Though from the fold the dock The work to be perform’d is

decay, Though herds lie famish'd o'er


The strength is all his own. the lea, And round the einpty stall ;

3 "Tis he that works to will, My soul above the wreck shall 'Tis he that works to do; rise,

His is the power by which we Its better joys are in the skies;

act, There, God is all in all.

His be the glory too. 4 In God, my strength, howe’er HYMN 211. (III. 1.)

distress'd, I yet will hope and calmly rest,

Eph. v. 14–17. Nay, triumph in his love ; Free as the hind he makes and Wake, and o'er thy folly weep; fleet,

Raise thy spirit dark and dead, To speed my course above.

Jesus waits his light to shed.
HYMN 209. (C. M.)

2 Wake from sleep, arise from

death, St. John xiv. 6.

See the bright and living patlı : Vou art the way-to thee Watchful tread that path: he

wise, From sin and death we flee; Leave thy folly, seek the skies.

My lingering soul, my tardy feet. SINNER! rouse thee from thy

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3 Leave thy folly, cease from And, freed from every weight of crime;

sin, From this hour redeem thy time; Their holy footsteps trace. Life secure without delay, Evil is the mortal day.

3 Behold a witness nobler still, 4 Be not blind and foolish still,

Who trod affliction's path, Calld of Jesus, learn his will:

Jesus, the author, finisher, Jesus calls from death and night,

Rewarder of our faith: Jesus waits to shed his light.

4 He, for the joy before him set, HYMN 212 (C. M.) And moved by pitying love, Heb. xii. 1, 2.

Endured the cross, despised the

shame, Lot what a cloud of witnesses

And now he reigns above. Men once like us with suffering 5 Thither, forgetting things betried,

bind, But now with glory crown'd:

Press we, to God's right hand; 2 Let us with zeal like theirs in- There, with the Saviour and his spired,

saints, Strive in the Christian race; Triumphantly to stand.

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N. B. The inetre marks, affixed to the preceding psalms ana hymns, have reference to a division of the metres, founded on the nature of the verse, into four classes, marked-I. II. III. IV. Class I. includes common, long, and short metres, marked-C. M.,

L. M., S. M. Class II. includes the other lambic metres, eight in number,

marked-II. 1, II. 2, II. 3, II. 4, &c. which may be named; Two,

one ; Tvo, two; Two, three, &c. Class III. includes the Trochaic metres, being five in number,

marked-I]I. 1, III. 2, III. 3, &c. which may be named; Three,

one; Three, two, fc. Class IV. includes the metres consisting chiefly of triplets, being five in number, marked-IV. I, IV. 2, IV. 3, &c. and may be named; Four, one; Four, two, fic.


L. M.
C. M.

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The God whom earth and hea. The God whom we adore,

ven adore, Be glory, as it was, is now, Be glory, as it was of old, And shall be evermore.

Is now, and shaj be evermore


S. M.

II. 6. To God the Father, Son,

Eternal praise be given, And Spirit, glory be,

And songs of highest worth, As 'twas, and is, and shall be so, By all the hosts of heaven, To all eternity.

And all the saints on earth,

To God, supreme confess',

To Christ his only Son,
II. 1.

And to the Spirit bless'd,

Eternal Three in One.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The God whom heaven's triun

II. 7.
phant host
And saints on earth adore;

To Father, Son, and Spirit bless'd,

Supreme o'er earth and heaven, Be glory, as in ages past,

Eternal Three in One confess'd, As now it is, and so shall last When time shall be no more.

Be highest glory given,

As was through ages heretofore, JI. 2.

Is now, and shall be evermore,

By all in earth and heaven. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 'The God whom heaven'striumph.

II. 8. ant host And suffering saints on earth By all on earth, and all in heaven,

Be everlasting glory given, adore ;

To God the Father, God the Be glory, as in ages past,

And now it is, and so shall last
When time itself shall be no In undivided Unity,

And God the Spirit, equal Three inore.

Ere time had yet its course II. 3.

begun: To God the Father, God the Son, As was, and is, be highest praise, And God the Spirit, Three in One, As still shall be through endless Be glory in the highest given,

days. By all on earth, and all in heaven,

As was through ages heretofore,
Is now, and shall be evermore.

III. 1.
II. 4.

Holy Father, Holy Son,

Holy Spirit, Three in One! To God the Father, Son,

Glory, as of old, to thee,
And Spirit, ever bless'd, Now and evermore shall be.
Eternal Three in One,

III. 2.
All worship be address'd,
As heretofore,

Praise the name of God most
It was, is now,

And shall be so

Praise him, all below the sky,
For evermore.

Praise bim, all ye heavenly host,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost :
II. 5.

As through countless ages past, To God the Father, and to God Evermore his praise shall last. the Son,

III. 3. To God the Holy Spirit, Three in One,

Pra se the Father, earth and Be praise from all on earth and heaven, all in heaven,

Praise the Son, the Spirit praise, As was, and is, and ever shall be As it was, and is, be given given.

Glory through eternal days.

III. 4.

IV.4. To the Father, throned in heaven, O Father Almighty, to thee be ad

To the Saviour, Christ, his Son, dressid, To the Spirit, praise be given, With Christ and the Spirit, one Everlasting Three in One:

God ever bless'd, As of old, the Trinity

All glory and worship from earth Still is worshipp'd, still shall be. and from heaven,

As was, and is now, and shall III. 5.

ever be given. Great Jehovah! we adore thee,

IV. 5. God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, join'd in glory All glory and praise to the Father

On the same eternal throne : be given, Endless praises

The Son and the Spirit from earth To Jehovah, Three in One.

and from heaven;

As was, and is now, be supreme CLASS IV.

adoration, IV. 1.

And ever shall be, to the God of

salvation. By angels in heaven

Of every degree,
And saints upon earth,
All praise be address'd;

For Hymns 145 and 185.
To God in three persons,
One God ever bless'd,

To the Father, to the Son,
As it has been, now is,

And Spirit, ever bless'd,

Everlasting Three in One,
And ever shall be.

All worship be address'd:
IV. 2.

Praise from all above, below,

As throughout the ages past, All praise to the Father, the Son, Now is given, and shall be so And Spirit, thrice holy and While endless ages last.

bless'd, The eternal, supreme Three in When used to Hymn 185, in line One,

6, read, Was, is, and shall still be ad

As was throughout the ages past. dress'd.

IV. 3. All praise to the Father, all praise Come, let us adore him, come, to the Son,

bow at his feet, All praise to the Spirit, thrice o give him the glory, the praise bless'd,

that is meet : The holy, eternal, supreme Let joyful hosannas unceasing Three in One,

arise, Was, is, and shall still be ad. And join the full chorus that dress'd.

gladdens the skies.

Whenever the Hymns are used at the celebration of divine service,

a certain portion or portions of the Psalms of David in metre shall also be sung.

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