A Short Practical Treatise of Arithmetic

C. Heltus, 1793 - 144 Seiten

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Seite 66 - RULE. If the numerator or denominator be whole or mixed numbers, reduce them to improper fractions. Then multiply the denominator of the lower fraction into the numerator of the upper for the new numerator, and th« denominator of the upper fraction into the numerator of the lower for a new denominator.
Seite 6 - TEACHETII to increase or repeat the greater of two numbers given, as often as there are units in the less, or multiplying number ; hence it performs the work of many additions in the most compendious manner.
Seite 64 - Divide the terms of the given fraction by any number, that will divide them without a remainder, and these quotients again in the same manner ; and so on till it appears, that there is no number greater than 1, which will divide them again, and the fraction will be in its lowest terms.
Seite 65 - To reduce a whole number to an equivalent fraction, having a given denominator. RULE. Multiply the whole number by the given denominator, and place the product over the said denominator, and it will form the fraction required.
Seite 102 - DISCOUNT is an allowance made for the payment of, any sum of money before it becomes due ; and is the difference between that sum due some time hence, and its present worth.
Seite 27 - ... of the next higher; write the remainder under the denomination multiplied, and carry the quotient to the product of the next higher denomination.
Seite 104 - RULE.* Multiply each payment by the time at which it is due ; then divide the sum of the products by the sum of the payments, and the quotient will be the time required.
Seite 81 - RULE. Divide the numerator by the denominator, and the quotient will be the whole or mixed number sought. EXAMPLES. 1. Reduce V to its equivalent number. 3)12(4 Answer. 12 2. Reduce y to its equivalent number. 7)15(2| Answer. 1 ^ to its equivalent number An?.
Seite 46 - Tare is an allowance made to the buyer for the weight of the box, barrel, or bag, &c. which contains the goods bought, and is either at so much per box, &c., at so much per cwt., or at so much in the gross weight.
Seite 6 - From the Creation to the Flood was 1656 Years ; thence to the building of Solomon's Temple 1336 Years ; thence to Mahomet, who lived 622 Years after Christ, «. 1630 Years.

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