Medical notes and reflections


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Seite 232 - When Nature rests, Oft in her absence mimic fancy wakes To imitate her; but, misjoining shapes, Wild work produces oft, and most in dreams ; 111 matching words and deeds long past or late.
Seite 462 - Half our days we pass in the shadow of the earth, and the brother of death extracteth a third part of our lives," says Sir Thomas Browne ; a writer whose genius and eloquence give him a high place in English literature, as well as in that of the profession to which he belonged.
Seite 259 - in maintaining their healthy structure, by keeping all the air passages duly open and pervious; secondly, in preventing congestion in the pulmonary circulation; thirdly, in providing more completely for the necessary chemical action on the blood, by changing at each act of respiration a sufficient proportion of the whole air contained in the lungs,
Seite 263 - as to posture, articulation, and the avoidance of all excess, such exercises may be rendered as salutary to the organs of respiration, as they are agreeable in their influence on the ordinary voice. Even singing may for the same reasons be allowed in many of these cases; but within narrower limits, and under more cautious notice
Seite 468 - variation consisting, not only in the different degrees in which the same sense or faculty is submitted to it, but also in the different proportions in which these several powers are under its influence at the same time. We thus associate together under a common principle all the phenomena, however remote and anomalous they may seem ; — from the
Seite 465 - be, it is important in all our reasonings, practical and theoretical, upon sleep, to keep in mind that it is not a unity of state with which we are dealing, but a series of fluctuating conditions, of which no two moments perhaps are strictly alike. It may be affirmed that these variations extend
Seite 9 - be that so ably developed by Dr. Prichard; viz. that all original or connate bodily peculiarities tend to become hereditary ; while changes in the organic structure of the individual from external causes during life, end with him, and have no obvious influence on his progeny.* I
Seite 259 - emptied of air ? Though suggestions to this effect occur in some of our best works on consumption, as well as in the writings of certain continental physicians, they have hitherto had less than their due influence; and the principle, as such, is little
Seite 169 - come under the description of what has been termed double consciousness; where the mind passes by alternation from one state to another, each having the perception of external impressions and appropriate trains of thought, but not linked together by the ordinary gradations, or by mutual memory. I have seen one or two singular
Seite 260 - the blood, by changing at each act of respiration a sufficient proportion of the whole air contained in the lungs, and giving it more complete access to the vascular tissues;—all objects of great importance, and all capable of being promoted more or less by the means in question.*

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