Patriotic sketches of Ireland, written in Connaught, Band 2


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Seite 160 - They have a right to the fruits of their industry and to the means of making their industry fruitful. They have a right to the acquisitions of their parents ; to the nourishment and improvement of their offspring ; to instruction in life, and to consolation in death. Whatever each man can separately do without trespassing upon others, he has a right to do for himself ; and he has a right to a fair portion of all which society, with all its combinations of skill and force, can do in his favour.
Seite 160 - Men have a right to live by that rule; they have a right to justice, as between their fellows, whether their fellows are in politic function or in ordinary occupation. They have a right to the fruits of their industry, and to the means of making their industry fruitful.
Seite 189 - An Explanation of the elementary Characters of the Chinese ; with an Analysis of their ancient Symbols and Hieroglyphics.
Seite 118 - The former is excited by labour, the latter is soothed by indolence. Nature is just to all mankind, and repays them for their industry: she renders them industrious by annexing rewards in proportion to their labour. But if an arbitrary prince should attempt to deprive the people of nature's bounty, they would fall into a disrelish of industry; and then indolence and inaction must be their only happiness.
Seite 189 - Confessions of WILLIAM HENRY IRELAND. Containing the Particulars of his Fabrication of the Shakespeare Manuscripts : together with Anecdotes and Opinions (hitherto unpublished) of many Distinguished Persons in the Literary, Political, and Theatrical World.
Seite 119 - This extortion of coigny and livery did produce two notorious effects. First, it made the land waste ; next it made the people idle. For when the husbandman had laboured all the year, the soldier in one night did consume the fruits of all his labour, longique perit labor irritus anni.
Seite 43 - ... so as he could not well sleep, they would bring him one of these tale-tellers, that, when he lay down, would begin a story of a king, or a...
Seite 32 - Consenting, sounded through the warbling air Unbidden strains, even so did Nature's hand To certain species of external things, Attune the finer organs of the mind; So the glad impulse of congenial powers, Or of sweet sound, or...
Seite 181 - THE FARMER'S KALENDAR; containing practical explanations ol the business necessary to be performed on various kinds of farms during every month of the year, with the principles of various new improvements, and instructions for executing them.
Seite 172 - Modern London ; being the History and Present State of the British •Metropolis...

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