Wonders of Bodily Strength and Skill, in All Ages and All Countries

Scribner, 1871 - 338 Seiten

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Seite 276 - So saying, he again bent his bow, but on the present occasion looked with attention to his weapon, and changed the string, which he thought was no longer truly round, having been a little frayed by the two former shots. He then took his aim with some deliberation, and the multitude awaited the event in breathless silence. The archer vindicated their opinion of his skill : his arrow split the willow rod against which it was aimed. A jubilee of acclamations followed ; and even Prince John, in admiration...
Seite 306 - I have a sonne is seven yere olde, He is to me full deare; I wyll hym tye to a stake, All shall se that be here ; "And lay an apple upon hys head, And go syxe score paces hym fro, And I myselfe, with a brode arow, Shall cleve the apple in two.
Seite 227 - stryding as wide as they may, doe slide swiftly," this then is sliding ; but he proceeds to tell us, that " some tye bones to their feete, and under their heeles, and shoving themselves by a little picked staffe doe slide as swiftly as a birde flyeth in the air, or an arrow out of a crossebow...
Seite 272 - The former target was now removed, and a fresh one of the same size placed in its room. Hubert, who, as victor in the first trial of skill, had the right to shoot first, took his aim with great deliberation, long measuring the distance with his eye, while he held in his hand his bended bow, >with the arrow placed on the string.
Seite 275 - A child of seven years old," he said, " might hit yonder target with a headless shaft ; but," added he, walking deliberately to the other end of the lists, and sticking the willow wand upright in the ground, "he that hits that rod at five-score yards, I call him an archer fit to bear hoth bow and quiver before a king, an it were the stout King Richard himself.
Seite 306 - That I have promised," said William, " That I will never forsake." And there even before the king In the earth he drove a stake : And bound thereto his eldest son, And bad him stand still thereat ; And turned the child's face him fro, Because he should not start.
Seite 306 - Now haste the, then sayd the kyng, By hym that dyed on a tre, But yf thou do not, as thou hest sayde, Hanged shalt thou be. And thou touche his head or gowne, In syght that men may se, By all the sayntes that be in heaven, I shall hange you all thre.
Seite 275 - Locksley returned almost instantly with a willow wand about six feet in length, perfectly straight, and rather thicker than a man's thumb. He began to peel this with great composure, observing at the same time, that to ask a good woodsman to shoot at a target so broad as had hitherto been used, was to put shame upon his skill. "For his own part...
Seite 310 - The uniform of the company is tartan, lined with white and trimmed with green and white fringes ; a white sash with green tassels, and a blue bonnet with St.
Seite 227 - When the great fen, or moor, which watereth the walls of the city on the north side, is frozen, many young men play upon the ice; some, striding as wide as they may, do slide swiftly...

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