Annual Report of the Managers


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Seite 84 - The Reports of the Society for Bettering the Condition and Increasing the Comforts of the Poor, 5 vols.
Seite 91 - Statistical Annals : embracing Views of the Population, Commerce, Navigation, Fisheries, Public Lands, Post-office establishment, Revenues, Mint, Military and Naval Establishments, Expenditures, Public Debt and Sinking Fund of the United States of America : founded on Official Documents, commencing on the 4th March, 1789, and ending on the 20th April, 1818.
Seite 20 - ... criminal tribunals, in our Bridewell, our penitentiary, and our state prison, and we lament to say that they are too often led by want, by vice, and by habit to form a phalanx of plunder and depredations, rendering our city more liable to increase of crime and our houses of correction more crowded with convicts and felons.
Seite 83 - A treatise on the commerce and police of the River Thames: Containing an historical view of the trade of the Port of London...
Seite 20 - What has been the destination of this immense accession of population, and where is it now ? Many of these foreigners may have found employment; some may. have passed into the interior; but thousands still remain among us. They are frequently found destitute in our ^streets; they seek employment at our doors; they are found in our alms-house, and in our hospitals; they are found at the bar of our criminal tribunals, in our bridewell, our penitentiary, and our state prison. And we lament to say, that...
Seite 81 - ... of giving them increased effect ; to hold out inducements to economy and saving, from the fruits of their own industry, in the seasons of greater abundance; to discountenance, and, as far as possible, prevent, mendicity and street...
Seite 26 - ... labor be provided for them, it appears to the managers that beneficial consequences might flow from the expedient. Many, very many, foreigners who are honest and industrious and who, for want of employment, are liable to become paupers, would gladly depart into the country and labor upon the soil or in workshops, could they thus obtain a bare living. In this case our city would be somewhat relieved, the number on our criminal calendar diminished, and the emigrant now on the brink of pauperism,...
Seite 18 - As to the emigrants from foreign countries, the managers are compelled to speak of them in the language of astonishment and apprehension. Through this inlet pauperism threatens us with the most overwhelming consequences. * * * An almost innumerable population beyond the ocean is out of employment and this has the effect of increasing the usual want of employ. This country is the resort of vast numbers of those needy and wretched beings.
Seite 26 - The same report urged the importance of transporting the foreigner into the interior so that "instead of bringing up his children in idleness, temptation and crime, he would see them amalgamated with the general mass of our population, deriving benefits from our school systems, our moral institutions, and our habits of industry.

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