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UNITED STATES, Act of Congress. Trade in Plaster of Paris.

3rd March, 1817. 760
Deposit of the Papers of Fo-

reign Vessels with Foreign

Consuls. 3rd March, 1817. 760
Neutral Relations. Enlistments

in the Service of Belligerent

Powers..3rd March, 1817. 839
Acts of the British Parliament, Trade with

Bermuda .........1812, 1813, 1817. 456
Act of do. Convention of Commerce of 1815, with
The United States.

11th April, 1816. 549
Duties upon British Goods, exported
direct to The United States.

30th June, 1817. 551
Circular of the Secretary of the Treasury. Opera-

tion of the “ Act of Congress, concern.
ing the Navigation of The United

29th September, 1817. 950
Correspondence with Great Britain. Restitution

of certain Slaves, captured dur-

ing the War......1815, 1816. 268
with Spain. Floridas. Louisiana.

Boundaries. Spanish American
Insurgents, &c.....1816, 1817. 321
with Spain. Spanish Blockade of

Santa .........1815, 1817. 478
with Spain:

Imprisonment of
an American Citizen at Cadiz,

for an alleged Debt.1816, 1817. 599
Annex. Royal Order. Liberation

of do........20th April, 1918. 621
with Great Britain, &c. Dis.

tressed American Merchant
Seamen in Foreign Ports.

1815, 1817. 734
with Great Britain. Boundaries.
Islands in the Bay of Fundy.

1816. 1817. 805
Neutral Obligations of The United

States towards Belligerent

Powers.......... 1816, 1817. 833
Message of The President to Congress. Opening

of the Session ....3rd December, 1816. 10
... of do. to do. Neutral Obligations of The

United States..26th December, 1816. 833
of do. to do. Return of Discriminating
Duties levied upon British Vessels.

3rd February, 1817. 756
of do. to do. Restitution of certain Slaves,

captured by Great Britain during the

War... .... 7th February, 1817. 267
of do, to do. Subjects of Controversy.

22nd February, 1817. 321
of do. to do. Military Establishment.

22nd Dee. 1817, 972
Orders in Council. (British) Importation of Pro-

visions into Newfoundland
from The United States, in
Brilish Vessels. . 1817. 729, 951

UNITED STATES. Report of the Secretary of the Treasury. General

Sketch of the Finances..20th Sept.1816. 489
of do. Trade with the British West Indies
and American Colonies, 1801 to 1816.

10th December, 1816. 393
of do. State of the Finances.

16th December, 1816. 375
.. of do. Estimate of the Appropriations for

1817...4th January, 1817. 853
Military Establishment

Naval do

..... of the Secretary of the Navy. Selection of

a Site fora Naval Depot.. 18th Jan. 1817. 429
of the Secretary of the Treasury. State-
ment of the Exports, in 1816.

1st February, 1817. 873
.... of do. Statements of the Imports, in 1815.

26th February, 1817. 869
of the Secretary of War. Military Estab-

December, 1817. 973
Annexes. Distribution of the Army.. 974

General Return of the Army 976
of the Secretary of the Treasury. Annual
Statement of the District Tonnage, on 31st

December, 1816.... 15th January, 1818. 809
Speech of James Monroe to Congress. Oath of

Office as President..4th March, 1817. 3

OF INDIANS; viz.- with the
Menomenee Tribe. (Peace & Friend-

ship)... St. Louis, 30th March, 1817. 781
Ottoes Tribe. (do. do.)

24th June, 1817. 783
Poncarar Tribe. (do. do.)

25th June, 1817. 784
......... Cherokee Nation. Cession and Limits.

Cherokee Agency, 8th July, 1817. 786

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WEST INDIES. Exportation of Gunporoder, Arms, &c., to the, pro-

hibited. British Orders in Council..1817. 140, 731, 732
Statements of the Trade between The United States

and the British .....1801 to 1816. 393

between Great Britain, and
the British ..... .1760 to 1816. 769

WIRTEMBERG. Treaty of Marriage between the Hereditary Prince
of Wirtemberg and The Princess Royal of England.

London, 3rd May, 1797. 369
Additional Articles to do.. London, 22nd May, 1817. 365
Speech of the King. Presentation of the Project of
Constitution to the States.

Stutgardt, 3rd March, 1817. 928
Message of The King to the States... Royal Project

of Constitution.... Stutgardt, 26th May, 1817. 976
Proclamation of The King. Rejection of do. by the
States, and dissolution of that Assembly.

Stutgardt, 5th June, 1817. 978
Convention with The Netherlands. Abolition of the
Droit de Détraction," and Tax upon Emigration,

The Hague, 4th October, 1817. 747


Printed by J. Harrison & Son,
Orchard-street, Westminster.

JUST PUBLISHED, February, 1838,




Compiled by “the Librarian and Keeper of the Papers,” at

the Foreign Office.
1 Vol. Large Octavo. Price 30s. Bound in Cloth.



at present subsisting between Great Britain and Foreign Powers; together with the Laws, Decrees, and Orders in Council, relating to Trade, and to the Interests of British Subjects in Foreign Countries, as well as to those of Foreigners in Great

Britain, &c.

4 Vols. Octavo, £3. Boards.

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