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thel of the Discourse we shall shew the Beaucy & ties, Ufes, Advantages and Excellencies of

Ślub it, which we shall do by way of Represenparte tation, in eleven different Draughts or Por. lesa, traieures, viz. In the multitude of Testimoniga nies given in favour of it ; in its Opposition 300k to all false Religions ; in the Purity and

the Self-denial of its End; in its wonderful Oral Effects manifested in the Heart of Man; Em in the Church, and even in the general $oSerw siety of Mankind; in the Morality of it, Lifter which is so holy; in its Mysteries, which For are so sublime, and yet fall in so well with - the Principles of Conscience; in the Coneba formity of its Mysteries to the Lights of ivell Reason; in the essential Relation it has to

the Glory of God; in its Divine AgreeableTell nels to our Heart, which it frees from its - Misery, Vileness and Corruption; in the e exact Proporcion it bears to the Fewish Rae A ligion, which is the Cause that it contains á neither any Reason nor Wisdom, when seneparated from the Christian Religion, which

is the Key of it, and is represented in the Hi Jewish, as in a great and magnificent Look

ing-glass: And lastly, in the Proportion it

bears to Natural Religion, of which Chris i ftianity is a perfect Restauration, as Pagah nism was the Corruption of it. Eti

Such is the Plan and Design of this work, in which we principally proposed to do four things, viz. to lay down the Principles of


· Religion in such Order and Connection, as might serve to manifest the Truth of it, to discover the secret Principles of Infidelity, and confute it, by shewing whence it springs; to satisfy, as far as 'cis possible, all the Difficulties objected to us either in Books or Conversation; those, I mean, which have any Shew of Probability. And lastly, to use no Arguments but such as have convinced us, and to urge them no further than we our selves are convinced by them, not making it our Business to copy those who have wrote upon the fame Subject, nor affecting to avoid what they have said; but endeavouring to raise our selves above all Ostentation of Wit and Learning, which is so fatal to 'such sort of Works, our Design in this present Treatise being only to find out what establimes the Truth of the Christian Religion, and not that which only proves the Subtilty or Learning of the Author.

Though we dare not flatter our selves with the Hopes of having succeeded in all these our Undertakings, yet we may truly give this Testimony in our own Behalf, that we have endeavoured it with Sincerity and Application. God who has put this Design into our Heart, and supported our Weakness by his Grace, grant it may succeed to the Glory of his Truth, and the Sabvation of all those that oppose it..


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