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De Renunciatione Hæreditatum Filiorum illuf

trium. De Litis contestatione commoda plerumque, incommoda nunquam.

HAMBURG. . • Mr. Hubner, Rector of our School, and Author of several Genealogical, Historical,andGeographical Books, died on the 21st of May. M. Staphorst, Minister of St. John's Church died on the 7th of July. He has left Materials to complete his History of the City of Hamburg.

UTRECHT. Broedelet is printing by Subscription Thesaurus Juris Romani. Continens rariora meliorum Interpretum Opuscula, in quibus Jus Romanum emendatur, explicatur, illuftratur. Itemque Clafficis aliisque Auctoribus baud raro lumen accenditur. Cum Præfatione Everardi Ottonis 7.C.& Antecefforis. Tom. IV. Editio nova. In folio. The Price to the Subscribers is 25 Florins for the small, and 52 for the large Paper..

Anecdotes ou Memoires Secrets fur la Constitution Unigenitus. Seconde Edit. The Editor pretends that these Memoirs which go no farther than 1715, were written by order of the late Archbishop of Paris; and promises a second Part to the Year 1718, when that Prelate publish'd his Appeal against the Constitution.

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s. ?;. LONDON . · PROPOSALS for Printing by Subscrip


in English ; with Additions, by GEORGE · DOUGL AS, M. D.:

W HEN I first undertook the Translation of

W Monsieur Winnow's Anatomical Exposition of the Structure of the Humane Body, I little thought of desiring, and much less of publickly proposing a Subscription. The vast Reputas tion in Anatomy, which that Author has justly acquired, the Compleatness and Accuracy of his Observations, the natural and intelligible Order in which they are delivered, the many valuable Discoveries contained in them; and, in a word, the Excellency of this work in every respect, above all the Systems of Anatomy that have hitherto appeared in any Language, left me no room to doubt' but that a beautiful and correct Edition of it in English, would be well received by all Philosophical and Physical Readers of thefe Nations, who either are not throughly acquainted with the French Tongue, or cannot be readily supply'd with the Original, after the fmall Number of Copies imported by our Booksellers, has been sold off. - After I had made a considerable Progress in the Translation, several of my Friends were so good as to pur me in mind, that tho' I had taken all the usual Steps to secure to myself the Property of it, by repeated publick Advertisements, &c. and choo there was no Probability that any other good Tranflation, whether made in Paris or here in London, could appear before mine ; yet the great Character which the Original deservedly Ee2


beurs, may have tempted some other Person to fer about one, in hopes either of getting the start of me in the Publication, or at least that there would be a sufficient Demand for both, A such Tricks, however mean and unworthy of a Man of common Honesty, and much more of a Man of Learning, have been often play'd in this City, there being no Law of he Land that I can hear of, to prevent or punish them, I wis of opinion, that in order to secure to myself the whole Fruit of an Undertaking which has already coft me a considerable Sum of Money'.. and a great deal of Time and Labour, and must still cost me much more ; the only, farther Expedient I could have recourse to, was to take in a Subscription. This is what I now take the Liberty to propose on the following Conditions. j ..

. .: I. The Book will be in two Volumes Quarto, containing about one hundred and thirty Sheets of a superfine Genoa Paper, printed in a large beautiful Character. . .

II. The Additions will consist in a preliminary Discourse, and an useful Alphabetical Index. : III. The Figures will be engrayed on Cop, per-Plates, by one of the best Artists in London,

IV. The whole will be compleated and ready to be delivered by the Beginning of next Micbaeimas Term i ne

V. The Price to the Subscribers is a Guinea for each Copy.. .. .

Subscriptions are taken in, and Receipts de livered by Mr. Symon, in Cornbill si Mr. Riving ton, in St. Paul's Church-Yard · Medicurs Ofa born and Longman, in Pater-Noftor-Row ; Mr. Woodward, in Fleet-street ; Mr. Brindley, in News Bond-Atreet; Mr. Stagg, in Westminster


Hill; 'Mr. Prevoft, in the Strand; and at the Editor's House in Bore-Lane.


ini. POST SCRIPT. :v REFORE chefe Proposals were publishd, I

(had received severalimperfect Informations, fome of them from Paris, that other Personis defignedor had actually begun to translate thisBook, and on the 17th of May a Letter was brought to me by the Penny-poft,on the fame Subject, dated four Diys before, and signed R. Builer. As the Gentleman who wrote it, whoever he bey did not think_fit to let ine know to what Place I could send him an Answer, I took the Liberty to defire that Favouroflim in the Daily Post-Boy of May 19. but have never heard from him fince: In the present State of the Republick of Leto ters for April last, printed for Mr. Innys, I find the Conditions of my Subscription inserted in the second Literary Article from London with a N. B. annex’d, which appears evidently to come from the Writer of the Letter already mention'd, and therefore the same short Answer will serve for both.. :Iain so far from pretending to a sole Liberty or Privilege of translating this Work, that it was Solely because I could not have any such Privilege in this Country, that I found myself under a Necessity of taking in a Subscription ; And this Expedient has already succeeded so well that I am now under no manner of Apprehension that I shall lose any Part of the Fruit of my Undertaking, thó' a considerable Progress were made in twenty different Translations by Persons who believe they understand both French and English as well as I do, and even the Subject too, which this Advertiser has left out, in the modest Picture he


has drawn of his own Abilities. My only Care hence forward shall be, fully to answer the Expectations of those who have encouraged me, by an accurate Translation, valuable Additions, and a beautiful and correct Impression.

Had this Gentleman been so good as to let me know where to direct an Answer to the Letter he sent me, I designed to have set him right about one thing, in which I am afraid some very honest Bookseller has milled him, I mean how far the Property of any Undertaking of this kind, is understood among Men of Honour, to be secured to the Person who first advertises it in the News- Papers; but it is unnecessary to trouble the Publick with any thing more upon this head than what I have said in my Proposals.

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