Report, Band 21

W.B. Burford, state printer, 1897 - 8 Seiten
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Includes an unnumbered report for 1879-80 with the Indiana geological report "from the second Annual report of the Bureau of Statistics and Geology."

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Seite 427 - He shall see that all the provisions of law pertaining to the drilling of wells and the piping and consumption of natural gas are faithfully carried out and that the penalties of law are strictly enforced...
Seite 637 - Who knows but this chance wild fruit, planted by a cow or a bird on some remote and rocky hillside, where it is as yet unobserved by man, may be the choicest of all its kind, and foreign potentates shall hear of it, and royal societies seek to propagate it, though the virtues of the perhaps truly crabbed owner of the soil may never be heard of, — at least, beyond the limits of his village ? It was thus the Porter and the Baldwin grew. Every wild-apple shrub excites our expectation thus, somewhat...
Seite 636 - November child, and yet reminds me of the very earliest spring. Its blossoms smell like the spring, like the willow catkins. By their color as well as fragrance they belong to the saffron dawn of the year, suggesting amid all these signs of autumn, falling leaves, and frost, that the life of nature by which she eternally flourishes is untouched. It stands here in the shadow on the side of the hill, while the sunlight from over the top of the hill lights up its topmost sprays and yellow blossoms.
Seite 84 - ... is delayed. The second party shall have the right to use sufficient gas, oil or water to run all necessary machinery for operating said wells, and also the right to remove all its property at any time.
Seite 17 - Counties have long been used for the manufacture of abrasive materials. In the last volume issued by this Department was a full report on the whetstone and grindstone industry of the State, prepared by Mr. EM Kindle. This was accompanied by an accurate geological map of the area mentioned. Indiana ranks second among the States of the Union in the production of whetstones and grindstones, being excelled only by Arkansas. The output in this State is not large, being in 1895 but 300,000 pounds, valued...
Seite 30 - Georgiania there is a fountain from which oil springs in great abundance, insomuch that a hundred shiploads might be taken from it at one time. This oil is not good to use with food, but 'tis good to burn, and is also used to anoint camels that have the mange.
Seite 637 - What a lesson to man! So are human beings, referred to the highest standard, the celestial fruit which they suggest and aspire to bear, browsed on by fate ; and only the most persistent and strongest genius defends itself and prevails, sends a tender scion upward at last, and drops its perfect fruit on the ungrateful earth, 1 Cows.
Seite 83 - Andrews, second party, its successors and assigns, all the oil and gas in and under the following described premises, together with the right to enter thereon at all times for the purpose of drilling and operating for oil...
Seite 31 - ... oil ran in innumerable channels towards the lakes of petroleum that had been formed on the surrounding estates. Now and again the sand flowing up with the oil would obstruct the pipe, or a stone would clog the course; then the column would sink for a few seconds lower than 200 feet, to rise directly afterwards with a burst and a roar to 300.

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