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plied with, the book was indifcriminately opened feveral times before all prefent, when the annexed names, to the astonishment of the fashionable infidels, were found lying upon the following paffages;-a fair tranfcript of which, as they occurred, was made, without diftinction of rank or sex, and voted by a confiderable majority, to be fent to the Morning Poft.-Our Correfpondent will not vouch for the likenees, but fuch as they are, prefents them to the beau monde, under the title of


Mrs. CWE.

WHY, if two gods should play fome heav'nly match,
And on the wager lay two earthly women,
And Portia one,-there must be something else
Pawn'd with the other; for the poor, rude world,
Hath not her fellow-

Merch. V. A& III.

Duke of MGH.

-Take phyfic pomp!

Expofe thyfelf to feel what wretches feel,
That thou may'ft fhake the fuperflux to them,
And fhew the Heav'ns more juft!-

Lear, A&t III.

Lady W


You feem to be as Dian in her orb,
As chafte as is the bud, ere it be blown;


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But you are more intemp❜rate in your
Than Venus !.


Much Ado, A& IV.

Duke of B- -N.

Bull Jove, Sir, had an amiable low,

And fome fuch ftrange bull leap'd your father's cow,
And got a Calf, on that fame noble feat,
Much like to you-for you have juft his bleat!

Ditto, A& V.

Lord T-NS-D.

And I have not forgotten what the infide of a church is made of—I am a pepper-corn, - a brewer's Company,

horfe!The infide of a church!.

villainous company, hath been the spoil of me.
Hen. IV. Part I. A&t III.

Lady D-LA-R.

Another taken from me too? Why juft Heav'n,
Am I ftill left the laft in life, and woe?

Rich. III. A& II.

Lord M LNE.

Will you have me, Lady?

-No, my Lord, unless I might have another for working days.-Your Grace is too coftly to wear every day.

Much Ado, A& II.


pafs. for man!

Lord M- -FT.

-Heaven made him, and therefore let him

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Mrs. B-v-IE.

All of her that is out of door, most rich!
If the be furnish'd with a mind as rare,
She is alone th' Arabian bird, and I
Have loft the wager!

Merch. V. A& VI.

Gen, B. G


He was wont to speak plain, and to the purpose, like an honest man, and a foldier; and now he's turn'd Orthographer; his words are a fantastical banquet.

Much Ado, A& II.

Cymb. AQ II.

Lord B

By your leave, fweet Ladies!
If I chance to talk wild, forgive me :-

I had it from my father. He was very mad,
And kiss'd you twenty with a breath,
As I do now!


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Hen. VIII. A& I:

Dutch. of P. TL- D.

Difdain, and fcorn, ride fparkling in her eye,
Mifprizing what they look on :-and her wit


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Values itself fo highly, that to her's
All matter else seems weak.

D. of DevothRE.

See where he steals!-Told I you not Benvolio,
That we should find this melancholy Walker
Lock'd in fome gloomy covert, under key
Of cautionary filence?

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Much Ado, A& III.

Lord Harrin ton

Rom. and Jul. A& I.

When he was naked, he was for all the world like a forked radish, with a head fantastically carved upon it with a knife;-he was fo forlorn, that his dimensions to any thick fight were invifible: the genius of famine! and letcherous a monkey ! Hen. IV. Part II. A& III.



Lord C-MD-N.

When he speaks,

The air, a charter'd libertine, is ftill,

And the mute wonder lurketh in men's ears,
And fteals his sweat, and honied fentences!

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Hen. V. A& I.

Lord LE D-5- -Ŕ.

Come fing me a bawdy song, to make me merry. I was once as virtuously given as a Gentleman need be-went to a bawdy-house not above once a quarter of an hour!-but now I live out of all order, and compass!

Hen. IV. Part I. A& III.


Duch. of Devon HERE.

Oh! fhe doth teach the porches how to shine!
Her beauty hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear.

Rom. and Jul. A& I.

Sir W. W.W!

Bardolph! am not I fallen away vilely fince this laft action ?Do not I bate ?-Do I not dwindle?

Why my skin hangs about me like an old lady's loofe gown!I am withered like an old applejohn!

Hen. IV. Part I. A& I.

Lady H. Stanhop E.

Could be get me? Sir Robert could not do it! we know his handywork; therefore, good mother, to whom am I indebted for thefe limbs ?-Sir Robert never helpt to make this leg!

K. John, A&t I.,

Lord H-RC-T.

His breath no fooner left his father's body,
But that his wildnefs, mortify'd in him,
Seem'd to die too; that very moment
Confideration, like an Angel, came
And whipt th' offending Adam out of him.

Hen. VI. A& I.

Lady S-FT-N.

I'll hold thee any wager

When we are both apparell'd like young men,


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