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9 & 10 V., c. 99. Consolidating and Amending the Laws relating to Wreck

and Salvage. Sect. 36.-Any penalty imposed by this Act may be recovered by information or action

of debt in any of H.M.'s courts, or by information or complaint before any justice of the peace; and one half of the said penalty shall go to the informer, and the other to the receiver-general of droits of admiralty, to be applied by him in like manner as the proceeds arising from such droits, anything in the 5 & 6 W. 4, c. 76, (see Dig., Part II., tit. CORPORATIONS), or any other Act of Parliament notwithstanding; and in case such penalties be not paid immediately on conviction, they may be recovered by distress and sale ; and in default of distress the offender may for the first offence be committed for any period not exceeding six months, and for any subsequent offence for the period of twelve months ; and the conviction shall be according to the following

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Be it remembered, That on day of - in the year of — A. B. is convicted before me (or us], one (or two) of H.M.'s justices for — [here specify the offence and time and place when and where committed], contrary to an Act passed in the - [here insert the title of this Act].

Given under my hand and seal (or our hands, &c.], the year and day first above

written. And no certiorari or other writ or process for the removal of any such conviction into

H.M.'s courts shall be allowed or granted. Sect. 37.- Persons so convicted may appeal to the Quarter Sessions upon giving ten

days' notice, and entering into a recognizance with two sufficient sureties, conditioned to try such appeal and abide the decision of the sessions thereon ; and (Sect. 38) all offences against this Act, except in the case of summary convictions, may be tried in

any city, county, or place where the same has been committed. Sect. 39.-All goods, wares and merchandize, saved from any vessel stranded or wrecked

on its homeward voyage, shall be forwarded to the port of its original destination; and such goods, &c., saved from any vessel stranded on its outward voyage shall be returned to the port at which the same were shipped ; but the commissioners are to take security

for the due protection of the revenue. Sect. 40.-The High Court of Admiralty may decide in all salvage cases, whether in the

case of ships or goods found at sea, or cast upon the shore, or whether such service has been performed upon the high sea, or in the body of any county; and (Sect. 41) in case of damage done by a foreign vessel the judge may order its arrest, unless owner give

sufficient security, by bail, to appear in any action. Sect. 42.-Serjeants and deputy-serjeants of the Cinque Ports shall have the same powers

and be liable to the same duties and services as receivers ; and (Sect. 43) nothing in this Act shall interfere with the rights of the lord warden of the Cinque Ports; and (Sect. 44) in case of vessels wrecked or stranded being plundered by a tumultuous

assembly, the hundred shall be liable for damages under the 7 & 8 G. 4, c. 31. Sect. 45.—Every person wrongfully carrying off, or boarding wrecked ships without leave,

or hindering the saving of ships or goods, shall forfeit any sum not exceeding 501., and in default of payment shall be committed to prison for any period not exceeding six months, with or without hard labour ; and it shall be lawful for the master or commander of any ship in distress to repel by force any person attempting to board the same without his consent : Provided always, that nothing in this Act shall be construed to repeal or affect the 7 W. 4 & 1 V., c. 87, (see Dig., Part I., tit. OFFENCES) ; nor (Sect. 46) the 6 G. 4, c. 125, the Pilot's Act ; nor the 7 & 8 G. 4, c. 29, the Larceny Act, (see Dig., Part I., tit. LARCENY); nor the 6 & 7 V., c. 79, the Fisheries Act, see

ante, tit. FISHERIES. Sect. 47.-Reservation of the rights of the Crown, the High Court of Admiralty, and the

Admiralty Court of the Cinque Ports ; so (Sect. 48) of the rights of the Trinity Houses of Deptford, Stroud, Hull, Newcastle, and Humber Commissioners; so (Sect. 49) of the

rights of the city of London. Sect. 50.-Act not to extend to Scotland. Sect. 51.—The Commissioners of the Treasury shall in this Act mean The Lord High

Treasurer, or the Lords Commissioners of H.M.'s Treasury for the time being, or three
or more of them; “ Commissioners of the Admiralty,” the Lord High Admiral of the
U.K. of Great Britain and Ireland, or the commissioners for executing the office of
Lord High Admiral, or any two or more of them; “ High Court of Admiralty,” the

High Court of Admiralty of England, or of Ireland, as the case may be.

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9 & 10 V., c. 99. Consolidating and Amending the Laws relating to Wreck and Salvage. SCHEDULES REFERRED TO IN THE FOREGOING ACT.

SCHEDULE (A.) On the -- day of —, in the year of our Lord , before, &c. , at , in the county of — [Ship's Names.]

[or, as the case may be,] for the said — owners A.B. [here insert the names of the salvors), of the said goods and merchandizes, and submitagainst the said ship whereof — was master, ting themselves to the jurisdiction of the High her tackle, apparel, and furniture, and the goods, Court of Admiralty of England, [or the High wares, and merchandize on board the same, and

Court of Admiralty of Ireland, or the Court of also against the said — master, and the owners

Admiralty for the Cinque Ports, as the case may of the said ship and cargo, (or, as the case may

be,] bound themselves, their heirs, executors, be, against certain goods and merchandize lately and administrators, for the said master and laden on board the said ship, whereof — was owners of the said ship and cargo, Lor, as the master, and also against the said - master and case may be,] for the said — master and owners, the owners, (or, if the owners alone appear, by or for the owners of the said goods and merchanthemselves or their agents. then leave out the dizes, in the sum of — pounds of lawful money master's names) of the said goods and merchan- of Great Britain, unto the said A. B., &c., to dizes, or (as the case may be) against certain answer the salvage and expenses of the said ship goods and merchandizes and the owners of the and cargo, [or, as the case may be,] on the said said goods and inerchandizes, ) in a case of salvage. goods and merchandizes, as shall hereafter be

deemed by the said court, according to the tenor [Master's Names.]

of the Act in that behalf made and provided; and On which day appear personally W.X. of —, unless they shall so do they hereby consent that and Y. Z. of -, who produced themselves as execution shall issue forth against them, their sureties for the said — the master, and for the heirs, executors, and administrators, goods and owners of the said ship and cargo, [or, as the chattels, wheresover the same shall be found, to case may be,] for the said — master and owners, the value of the sum above mentioned.

This bail was duly taken, acknowledged, and received at the time and place
above written, before me, the undersigned Receiver of Droits of Admi-1 W.X.
ralty; and I do hereby further certify, that I do believe and consider the ' Y, Z.
persons above mentioned sufficient security for the sum of — pounds.

To A. B. of -

In the matter of the vessel -, of —, whereof C. D. was master, [or goods salved at -).
Tako notice, that the whole sum paid over to me, to be distributed for salvage services ren-
dered to the above-mentioned vessel (or goods] on the day of , 184 , is -
That the sum allotted to you is

E. P., Distributor.
Dated this - day of —, 184—


*** The numerals refer to the part, the figures to the page, the letter n. to the notes, Ind.

to Index to the Notes at the end of the third part, and Chron. Tab. to the Chro-
nological Table annexed to the fourth part.

writ of error, IV. 295.
seaman by master of vessel, IV. 352.

of any person to answer demands, repre-

sentation of, to be in writing, III.
288, n. k.

different kinds of, 1. 1.

how distinguished, II. 1, n. a, and Ind. 631.
Abatement of Actions,
no abatement by death, &c., of parties,

&c., II. 3, n. k, and Ind. 631
not by removal, &c., of assignees, II. 2.
writ of mandamus not to abate, II. 3, n.!

k, and Ind, 631.
writ of dower not to abate, I. 1.
pleas in abatement, II. 5, and Ind. 63).

indictments not to abate, when, I. 2.
Abatement of Demands

of wages, in case of apprentices, I. 3.
of the rate of land tax, &c., I. 3.

of interest or pawnbrokers' profits, I. 930.
Abatement of Nuisances

in forests, by steam engines, &c., I. 3.
on highways, III. 76, n. q.
of buildings unlawfully constructed, IV. 61.
of railways unlawfully constructed, IV.


oath of, I. 878.
not to be taken by Roman Catholics, I.

of attorney, auctioneer, &c., I. 4.
of petitioner, in case of insolvency, IV.

of pawnbroker, I. 929.
of applicant for a license to keep a mad-

house, IV, 280.
delivery of summons at the, IV. 309.

of actions real, appeals of murder, &c.,
I. 4.

of women, offence of causing, I. 4, 887.

Abatement of Freehold,

accruer of right in case of, I. 794.

of appeals, &c., I. 5.
royal prerogative, no abridgment of, IV.


of bills of cost, I. 3.
in law proceedings, ib.
of law terms, III. 597.

offences committed, &c., I. 5.
seaman dying, IV. 351.

of person in contempt, II. 455.
of workman, IV. 306.
of any railway officer, IV. 335.

of a woman, remedy for, I. 4.
of a girl under 16, ib.

punishment of, I. 4.

of executor, husband, wife, &c., I. 5.
of incumbent, I. 193.

[blocks in formation]
[merged small][ocr errors]

in the Bank of England, I. 167.
in bankruptcy, I. 169 ; II, 217.
publ' ; accountants, who declared to be, I. 8.
rec ivers, &c., compellable to account,

II. 9.
heirs, &c., liable, ib.
remedy against them, ib. and n. i.
lands of receivers made liable, II. 10,

and n. k.
what relief for, II. 11.
balances of, to be debts of record, 1. 8.
interest in balances of, II. 11, 12.
delivery of accounts by, I. 17.
certificate of commissioners, a discharge

of, 1. 9.

of bankruptcy, I. 169; II. 169, n. v. and

Ind. 636.
in other cases, II. 207.
committed before issuing fiat, III, 214.
by joint-stock companies, IV. 42.
of Parliament, copy of, to be hung up,

IV, 284.
to be kept in office, IV. 112.

in chancery, I. 11.
property vested in successor of, I. 10.
of the navy, ib.
of the pay office, ib.
of stamps and taxes, ib.

army and navy accounts, I. 13.
of colonial revenue, I. 14.
of fees, fines, &c., I. 15.
of land revenue, 1. 17, 731 ; IV. 278.
of intestate's effects, I. 11; II. 42.
of East India Company's revenue, I, 12. I

in general, I. 23.
abatement of, I. 1 ; II. I.
abolition of, 1. 799.
amendments in, I. 75; II. 60.
appearance in, 1. 96; II. 82.
bail in, I. 157 ; II. 150.
bringing money into court in, III. 324.
by or against corporations, I. 331.
costs in, II. 438.
declarations in, I. 394.
discontinuance of, II. 485.
execution in, II. 532.

ACTIONS (continued).

ACTIONS (continued).
by or against executors, II. 561. n. f. for things done in pursuance of any Act,
by or against friendly societies, II. 654.

III. 293.
against the hundred, 1. 600.

costs for defendant in, I. 33 ; II. 439.
by or against shareholders of companies, staying execution in, II. 508.
IV. 35.

to be brought within what times, I. 33,
by assignees of the estate and effects of any

794 ; III. 281, 291, et seq.
company, IV. 43.
issue in, I. 549.

Action of Detinue,
interpleader in, III. 237, n. a, and Ind.

trial of adverse claims in, I. 34; III. 327.

costs for defendant in, I. 34 ; II. 439.
judgments in, I. 600 ; III. 242, n. a, and to be brought within six years, I, 34;
Ind. 655.

III. 281.
limitation of, III. 278.

staying execution in, I. 34 ; II. 508.
of writs of error, III. 284.
nonjoinder in, II. 5.

Action of Ejectment,
nonsuit in, III. 340.

by landlord against tenant, II. 500.
outlawry in, I. 898.

declaration in, I. 34 ; II. 501.
process in, III. 487.

double costs for defendant, 1. 34; 11. 505.
removal of, II. 291, n. a; IV. 221.

writ of error in, II. 508.
staying proceedings in, I. 657 ; II. 546. execution in, stayed by injunction, II.
trials in, 1. 975.


to be brought within twenty years, I, 35;
Action of Account

III. 289.
against guardians, &c., I. 30 ; II. 17, n.o,
and Ind, 631,

"V? | Action of False Imprisonment,

effect of acquittal in, I. 35 ; 11. 441.
Action of Assault and Battery,

against bringing money into court, I. 35;
costs, &c. in an, I, 31.

III. 324.
money not to be brought into court in, to be brought within four years, I. 35.
III. 324.

costs for public officer, I. 31.
against justices, &c., I. 31.

Action in Formá Pauperis
Action of Assumpsit,

allowed to plaintiff, 1. 35 ; II. 622, n. d.
trial of adverse claims, &o. in, I. 31.

as to costs, II. 623, n. e.

defending in, I. 35 ; II. 457, 458, n. S.
Action on the Case,

proceedings in, free from stamp duty, I. 35.
in respect of adverse claims, &c., I. 31 ; |

III. 237.
in respect of any irregularity in making limitations of, III, 293.
a distress, II. 495; IV. 83.

venue in, II. 18.
to be brought within what time, III. 282,

40%, Actions, Penal or Popular,
n. pp.
costs in, II. 439.

defendant may appear by attorney in,
pleadings in, III. 460, n. 00.

1. 35 ; II. 20.

to be laid in the proper county, I. 36 ; II.
Adion of Covenant

against heir or devisee, I. 32, 389 ; III. to be brought, when, III. 279.
180, n. h, i

covin in, II. 18.
by executors of grantees, I. 32; III. 264. restraining disorders in, II. 19.
to be brought within twenty years, I. 32;

costs for defendant in, 1, 36 ; II. 19.
II. 292, n. g.

pleading by defendant in, I. 37 ; II. 21.
execution in, not to be stayed, when, II. compounding by informer, I. 36 ; II. 19.

process in, I. 37 ; II. 21.

traverse by defendant, I. 37 ; II. 20.
Action of Debt,

trial of, I. 37 ; II. 21.
on account stated, I. 33.
in respect of adverse claims, I. 33 ; III. Personal Actions,

process in, I. 38 ; III. 484.
on arrears of dower and rent, &c., III. compelling appearance, by what writs, III.
291, n. e, f.

484, n. g.
arrears of interest, III. 292; n. ff.

additions to name of defendant, I. 38.
on an award, III. 292.

costs as to demurrer in, I. 38.
on a bond, III. 292.

error in, I. 38 ; II. 507.
for an escape, ib.; copyhold fines, ib.

limitation of, 1. 794 ; III. 279.
for money levied upon a fieri facias, ib. effect of acknowledgments, &c., in respect
for penalties, ib. .

of the statutes of limitations, III. 284.
upon simple contract against executors, effect of writs in respect of their duration,
I. 33; II. 69.

III. 288.

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