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by that name shall have succession, and they and their successors shall be capable in law, to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in all courts of law or equity whatsoever; and that they and their successors shall have a common seal and may alter and change the same at their discretion: and also, that the said trustees and their successors by the name and style described in said certificate, shall be capable in law of purchasing, hold- Estates held by ing, and conveying any estate, real or personal, ceed $600

them not to exfor the use of said corporation; provided such real and personal estate so held shall not at any one time exceed the annual value of six hundred dollars exclusive of the books, and the annual payments which shall be made by the members of the said Corporation.

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That hereafter there shall not be less than three, nor more than seven trustees for every library, so incorporated as aforesaid, who shall hold their offices one year, and until others be elected in their places, and shall Number of image manage the business of the said corporation; and tees to each librathat there shall be one chairman of said trustees,

one chairman, one one treasurer, and one librarian; and that it shall librarian and one be lawful for the said trustees, whenever they con- treasurer. ceive it necessary, to appoint one and the same person treasurer and librarian.

Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That the offices of the said first trustees shall determine on the following year on the second Tuesday in the same month in which they were chosen, and that on the officers to be en first Tuesday in the same month in which the manner of co the election was held in

every year for- lecting them. ever thereafter, there shall be a general meeting of the members of the corporation at some convenient place to be, from time to time,ascertained and fixed by the bye-laws of the said corporation; and that then and there, by a plurality of votes, each right.

A vote allowed for of such members as shall so meet, not less than three nor more than seven trustees shall be elected to serve the ensuing year;

that ing more than one right in said library, shall be entitled to one vote for each right he or she shall hold in the same; that the trustees of said library sball annually at their first meeting on or after the day that their offices commence, appoint one of

any person hold.

person or

Officers dying, re- the said trustees their chairman; that in case of the moving & refusing death, removal, refusal or neglect to serve, of the vacancy is to be fil. chairman for the time being, it shall be lawful for led.

the trustees of the said library, at any of their meetings to appoint another chairman instead of the one dying, removing, refusing or neglecting to serve as aforesaid, to remain in office till the expiration of the time during which his predecessor was entitled to serve; and when any vacancy shall happen by the death, removal, resignation, or neglect to serve of any of the said trustees, it shall be lawful for the chairman of the said trustees, or on his neglect or refusal, for any other two of the said trustees, to summon a meeting of the members of said corporation at a place fixed by the bye-laws of said corporation, for the purpose of electing other person or persons instead of such as shall have so died, removed, refused or neglected to serve as aforesaid; and that such

per sons so to be chosen trustee or trustees, at such meeting as last aforesaid, shall respectively remain in office during such time as the person in

whose stead such trustee shall be chosen, would Condition of the li- have done in case such death, removal or refusal brary with treasurer & librarian,

had not happened, and no longer; and that the trus

bé tees of the said library, shall at every such annual made at all annual meeting of the members of the said corporation, meetings.

exhibit to the members a state of the said library, the minutes of the proceedings of the trustees during the year immediately preceding, with the treasurers and librarians accounts, stating the amount of the receipts and expenditures during

Sec. 6. Be it further enacted, That said trustees Time of meeting. shall have stated meetings in every quarter in every 2 Trustees may

year, at such time and place as shall, from time to call a meeting bi time be appointed for that purpose; that the chairgiving 2 days no- man, or any two trustees of said library for the

time being, may, from time to time, as occasion reHow a board of quires, call together, at such place as shall from erustees may be time to time be appointed by the bye-laws, of said formed.

corporation, the trustees of said library, giving them at least two days previous notice of such meeting; that the chairman and a majority of the



such year.


said trustees shall form a board of trustees, and May arljourn from that in the absence of the chairman, the trustees

so met shall choose another to serve on that occa

time to time.

sion; that the chairman shall have a casting vote. and no other; that the chairman and a majority of the trustees so met shall have authority to adjourn from time to time, as the business of said corporation may require; and from time to time to ap- Librarlans & tred: point at their pleasure, to displace a treasurer and surers may be rem

moved. librarian of the said library, and to appoint other or others in their stead; to ascertain the compensation to be allowed to the treasurer or librarian, or either of them, for their service in their stations respectively, and to appoint to them their respective powers, trusts, and duties; to direct the appli- Trustees to comcation of monies, belonging to the said corpo- pensate librarian & ration, to the purchase of such books and appara- direct the applicatus as they shall think proper; to the providing a tion of their fuuds. room or house for the safe keeping of the books of the said library; and to do in the name of the said corporation, all and every act and acts, thing and things whatsoever, which shall be necessary to be done, and which the trustees of the said library, are by this law, authorised to do; and to make at Tomake bye-lawes? all times hereafter, such laws and regulations for the government of the officers and members of said corporation for regulating the terms upon wbich the books of the said library shall be lent out, both to the members of the said corporation, and to others; for fixing and ascertaining the times and places of the quarterly meetings of the said trustees; for allowing and fixing the places of meeting of the members

of said corporation, for the election of trustees, for regulating the managewent and disposition of the books of the said library, and the monies, funds, and effects belonging to the said corporation, the mode of transferring rights in the said library from one person to another, and all other the business of the said corpo ing righw in liberation

Mode of transfers ration, as they, or the major part of them, so legal- ries. ly met, shall judge best for the general good of said corporation; and for the more effectual promoting, increasing, and preserving the said library, and the same or any of them to alter or repeal from time to time, as they or a major part of them, so met, sball think proper: Provided, such laws and regulations shall not be repugnant to the laws of this state.

Sec. 7. Be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for each and every of the members for the


old ones

time being of the said corporation, his or her exo ecutors, administrators and assigns, to give, sell, de

vise, and dispose of their respective rights in the said Purchasers of the library, and that their respective assignees, shall righte in libraries be memhers of said corporation, and shall be entientitled to all the tied to all the same rights and privileges in said cor

poration, as the original members are entitled to by this act: Provided, that a part of a right in said library shall not entitle the proprietor or owner thereof, to any privilege whatever in said library or corporation.

Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful at such meeting of a majority of said trustees of the library for the time being, to make any bye-laws, constitutions, or ordinances of the said corporation, to admit under the common seal of the

said corporation, such, and so many persone, memNew members to be entitled to the bers of said corporation, as they shall think benefsame benefits and cial to said library; which members so admitted, privilegis of the shall be entitled to have, hold and enjoy, all and

every the same rights and privileges as the original members are entitled to by this act.

Sec. 9. Be it further enacted, That each member

of the said corporation for the time being, shall, Annual contribu

on or before the first Tuesday in the month fixed tion.

for the election of trustees, annually pay to the treasurer of said library for the use of said corporation, the sum or sums which shall be fixed by the bye-laws of said corporation; and that whenev• er any of the members of the said corporation shall neglect to pay the said annual sum, or any other sum which shall of right become due to the corporation, for the space of fifty days, next after the day on which the same ought to have been paid, that, then the person or persons from whom

the same shall be due, shall be precluded from Members failing to exercising any of the privileges to which he bepay tbeir annual came entitled by virtue of his being or becoming dues, forfeit all their privileges, &

a member of the said corporation, until such sums it' not paid in two shall be fully satisfied; and if such sums shall not years

, forfeit their be paid within two years after any such sums shall rights in said libra. become due as aforesaid, that then, and after the ry.

expiration of two years from the time such payment shall become due, the person or persons from the same shall become due, shall thereupon forfeit and be utterly excluded from all, his, herg

or their rights and privileges in the said library and in corporation.

Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, That in case it should happen, that an election of trustees should not be made on any day, when pursuant to this act, it ought to have been made, the said corpora- Members failing to tion shall not for that cause be deemed to be dis- elect their officers

regularly annually. solved, but that it shall be lawful on any other may elect at any day, to hold and make an election of trustees, in other time. such manner as shall have been regulated by the laws and ordinances of the said corporation: Provided always, that nothing in this act shall be so construed as to authorise any person or persons whatsoever, under colour of any incorporation authorised by this act, to do or transact any business,

May not transact

any business exe matter, or thing, save what appertains to a library, cept what pertains according to the true intent and meaning of this to the library. act.

AN ACT to establish the seat of Justice in Clark


APPROVED, January 31, 1823. WHEREAS it has been represented to this general assembly,that Aurora, the present seat of justice of the county of Clark, has been improvidently located; and that Chester Fitch and Septer Patrick, the principal proprietors thereof, together with a majority of the electors of the said county of Clark, have agreed that the seat of justice of the said county, may be removed to McClure's Bluff; and the said McClure having made a donation to the county, of twenty acres of land, fronting on the Wabash, forty rods and running back west for quantity, and has given his bond for a deed to the county for the same, in case the seat of justice shall be fixed thereon; Therefore,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the people of the state of Mlinois represented in the general assembly, That the seat of justice in and for the county of Clark, be, and the same is hereby removed from Seat of justice rea Aurora, and permanently located and established moved from Auroat McClure's Bluff, on the north quarter of sec- bluff.

ra to M.Sure's tion number twenty-seven, in township aumber

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