Wissenschaftlicher Jahresbericht über die morgenländischen Studien

In Commission bei F.A. Brockhaus, 1883

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Seite 104 - RELIGION IN CHINA; containing a brief Account of the Three Religions of the Chinese; with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People. By Joseph Edkins, DD , Peking.
Seite 159 - Papers relating to the Collection and Preservation of the Records of Ancient Sanskrit Literature in India.
Seite 118 - England and Russia in Central Asia. With Appendices and Two Maps, one being the latest Russian Official Map of Central Asia.
Seite 173 - A SKETCH OF THE MODERN LANGUAGES OF THE EAST INDIES. Accompanied by Two Language Maps, Classified List of Languages and Dialects, and a List of Authorities for each Language. By Robert Cust, late of HMICS, and Hon.
Seite 40 - Cataloghi dei codici orientali di alcune biblioteche d'Italia stampati a spese del ministero della pubblica istruzione. Firenze 1878-86.
Seite 60 - The People of Turkey: Twenty Years' Residence among Bulgarians, Greeks, Albanians, Turks, and Armenians. By a Consul's Daughter and Wife. Edited by Stanley Lane Poole.
Seite 101 - A MANDARIN PRIMER. Being Easy Lessons for Beginners, Transliterated according to the European mode of using Roman Letters. By Rev. JOHN Ross, Newchang. 8vo. wrapper, pp. 122.
Seite 97 - The China Review: or, Notes and Queries on the Far East. Published every two Months. Hongkong (China Mail Office).
Seite 55 - Reconnaissance Expedition attached to the General Staff of the Egyptian Army. By LH Mitchell, Chief of the Expedition. Containing an Account of the subsequent Treatment of the Prisoners and Final Release of the Commander. Royal 8vo, pp. xii. and 126, stitched, with a Map. 1878.
Seite 160 - F. Max Müller. Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion as illustrated by the Religions of India.

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