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MONDAY, December 2, 1816.

On motion by Mr. Morrow. the credentials of The second session of the Fourteenth Congress, the appointment of JAMES Noble and WALLER conformably to the Constitution of the United Taylor, as Senators to represent the said State States, commenced this day at the City of Wash of Indiana in the Senate of the United States, ington; and the Senate assembled.

were referred to the said committee, to consider

and report thereon. PRESENT:

On motion by Mr. Tait, the Secretary was JEREMIAH Mason and Thomas W. THOMPSON, directed to acquaint the House of Representafrom the State of New Hampshire.

tives that a quorum of the Senate is assembled, Joseph B. VARNUM and ELI P. Ashmun, from and ready to proceed to business. Massachusetts.

Mr. VÁRNUM submitted the following motion JEREMIAH B. HOWELL, from Rhode Island. for consideration : ISAAC TICHENOR, from Vermont.

Resolved, That it is expedient to repeal a law passed David DAGGETT, from Connecticut.

the last session of Congress, entitled "An act to change Nathan SANFORD, from New York.

the mode of compensation to the members of the SenJohn Condit and JAMES J. Wilson, from New ate and House of Representatives, and the Delegates Jersey.

from Territories," and that a committee be appointed ABNER LACOCK, from Pennsylvania.

to prepare and report a bill for that purpose. OUTERBRIDGE HORSEY, from Delaware.

On motion by Mr. LACOCK, JAMES BARBOUR and ARMISTEAD T. Mason, Resolved that each Senator be supplied, durfrom Virginia.

ing the present session, with three such newspaNATHANIEL Macon, from North Carolina. pers, printed in the United States, as he may JOHN GAILLARD, from South Carolina. choose, provided the same be furnished at the CHARLES Tait, from Georgia.

usual rate for the annual charge of such papers; JOHN WILLIAMS, from Tennessee.

and provided, also, that if any Senator shall JEREMIAH MORROW and BENJAMIN RUGGLES, choose to take any newspapers other than daily from Ohio.

papers, he shall be supplied with as many such Eligius FROMENTIN, from Louisiana. papers as shall not exceed the price of three daily

Join GAILLARD, President pro tempore, re- papers. sumed the Chair.

On motion by Mr. Howell, a committee was ELI P. ASHMUN, appointed a Senator by the appointed agreeably to the forty-second rule for Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachu conducting business in the Senate, and Messrs. setts, in the room of Christopher Gore, resigned, Howell, LACOCK, and THOMPSON, were appointed produced his credentials, was qualified, and he the committee. took his seat in the Senate.

Mr. Howell submitted the following motion The PRESIDENT communicated the credentials for consideration, which was read, and passed to of the appointment of James Noble and Wal- the second reading: LER Taylor, as Senators, by the Legislature of Resolved, That two Chaplains of different denomithe State of Indiana, which were read.

nations be appointed to Congress, during the present Whereupon, on motion by Mr. MORROW, session, one by each House, who shall interchange

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to weekly. inquire whether any, and if any, what, legislative A message from the House of Representatives measures may be necessary for admitiing the informed the Senate that a quorum of the House State of Indiana into the Union, or for extending of Representatives is assembled, and ready to to that State the laws of the United States. proceed to business. They have appointed a

Messrs. MORROW, Daggett, and BARBOUR, committee on their part, jointly with such comwere appointed the committee.

mittee as may be appoinied on the part of the DECEMBER, 1816.

President's Annual Message.


Senate, to wait on the President of the United by peculiar seasons, which have very generally im. States, and notify him that a quorum of the two paired the annual gifts of the earth, and threatened Houses is assembled, and ready to receive any

scarcity in particular districts. Such, however, is the communications that he may be pleased to make variety of soils, of climates, and of products, within our to them ; in which resolution they request the extensive limits, that the aggregate resources for subconcurrence of the Senate.

sistence are more than sufficient for the aggregate The Senate concurred in the appointment of a

wants. And as far as an economy of consumption, joint committee on their part, agreeably to the more than usual, may be necessary, our thankfulness resolution last mentioned; and Messrs. BARBOUR is due to Providence for what is far more than a comand Macon were appointed the committee.

pensation, in the remarkable health which has distinOn motion by Mr. Wilson, a committee was

guished the present year. appointed, agreeably to the twenty-second rule,

Amidst the advantages which have succeeded the for conducting business in the Senate. Messrs. peace of Europe, and that of the United States with WILSON, FROMENTIN, and Ashmon, were ap

Great Britain, in a general invigoration of industry pointed the committee.

among us, and in the extension of our commerce, the Mr. FROMENTIN submitted the following mo- commercial nations, it is to be regretted that a depres

value of which is more and more disclosing itself to tion for consideration, which was read, and passed sion is experienced by particular branches of our man. to the second reading:

ufactures, and by a portion of our navigation. As the Resolved, That a committee of three members be first proceeds, in an essential degree, from an excess appointed, who, with three members of the House of of imported merchandise, which carries a check in its Representatives, to be appointed by that House, shall own tendency, the cause, in its present extent, cannot have the direction of the money appropriated to the be of very long duration. The evil will not, however, purchase of books, and maps, for the use of the two be viewed by Congress, without a recollection, that Houses of Congress.

manufacturing establishments, if suffered to sink too On motion by Mr. Fromentin, it was read a low, or languish too long, may not revive, after the second time, and considered as in Committee of causes shall have ceased; and that, in the vicissitudes the Whole: and no amendment having been pro- of human affairs, situations may recur, in which a deposed, it was reported to the House, read the pendence on foreign sources, for indispensable supthird time by unanimous consent, and passed. plies, may be among the most serious embarrassments.

Messrs. FROMENTIN, GOLDSBOROUGH, and HuN- The depressed state of our navigation is to be asTER, were appointed the committee.

cribed, in a material degree, to its exclusion from the

colonial ports of the nation most extensively connected Tuesday, December 3.

with us in commerce, and from the indirect operation

of that exclusion. Mr. BARBOUR reported froin the joint commit- Previous to the late convention at London, between tee, that they had waited on the President of the the United States and Great Britain, the relative state United States, and that the President had in- of the navigation laws of the two countries, growing formed the committee that he would make a out of the Treaty of 1794, had given to the British communication to the two Houses this day at 12 navigation a material advantage over the American, o'clock.

in the intercourse between the American ports and Mr. Lacock submitted the following motion British ports in Europe. The convention of London for consideration; which was read, and passed to equalized the laws of the two countries, relating to the second reading :

those ports ; leaving the intercourse between our ports Resolved, That Mountjoy Bayly, Doorkeeper and and the ports of the British colonies subject, as beSergcant-at-Arms to the Senate, be, and he hereby is, fore, to the respective regulations of the parties. The authorized to employ one assistant and two horses, for British Government enforcing, now, regulations which the purpose of performing such services as are usually prohibit a trade between its colonies and the United required by the Doorkeeper of the Senate, which ex- States, in American vessels, whilst they permit a

trade in British vessels, the American navigation penso should be paid out of the contingent fund.

The Senate resumed the consideration of the loses accordingly; and the loss is augmented by the motion made yesterday, relative to the repeal of advantage which is given to the British competition

over the American, in the navigation between our the compensation law; and the further consider ports and British ports in Europe, by the circuitous alion thereof was postponed until Monday next. voyages, enjoyed by the one and not enjoyed by the

The resolution for ihe appointment of Chap; other. lains was read the second time, and considered

The reasonableness of the rule of reciprocity, applied as in Committee of the Whole; and no amend to one branch of the commercial intercourse, has been ment having been proposed, the PRESIDENT re-pressed on our part as equally applicable to both ported it to the House; and it was ordered to be branches ; but it is ascertained that the British Cabiengrossed and read a third time.

net declines all negotiation on the subject, with a disPRESIDENT'S ANNUAL MESSAGE.

avowal, however, of any disposition to view, in an un

friendly light, whatever countervailing regulations the The following Message was received from the United States may oppose to the regulations of which PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:

they complain. The wisdom of the Legislature will Fellow-citizens of the Senate

decide on the course which, under these circumstances, and of the House of Representatives :

is prescribed by a joint regard to the amicable relaIn reviewing the present state of our country, our tions between the two nations and to the just interests attention cannot be withheld from the effect produced of the United States.

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