The Mechanic's Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette, Band 36

Robertson, 1842

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Seite 508 - ... mines ; or it may perhaps extend also to a new process, to be carried on by known implements or elements, acting upon known substances, and ultimately producing some other known substance ; but producing it in a cheaper or more expeditious manner, or of a better and more useful kind. But no merely philosophical, or abstract principle, can answer to the word
Seite 15 - American forests, which evidently far exceeded that size, and which my situation, as a passenger in a public conveyance, prevented me from measuring. M. Michaux, who has written on the forest trees of America, in speaking of their great size, states, that on a small island in the Ohio, fifteen miles above the river Muskingum, there was a button-wood tree, which, at five feet from the ground, measured 40 feet 4 inches in circumference. He mentions having met with a tree of the same species on the...
Seite 405 - Ib. of the former to 2 gallons of the latter, the clear solution is then poured off into the reservoir where water is added till it is diluted to the proper point, which may be ascertained by a hydrometer ; a more perfect test is the action of the solution upon silver, which it turns brown at the requisite degree of saturation. The operations of exhaustion and pressure employ eight men for five hours, the whole process occupying about seven hours, during which time from 17 to 20 loads are kyanized...
Seite 412 - The water when admitted to the reservoir rises to a certain level, exercising a hydrostatic pressure proportional to the height of the column, and on the sluice being raised it escapes with a corresponding velocity in the direction of the tangent to the last element of the guide curves, which is a tangent to the first element of the curved buckets; the water pressing without shock upon the buckets at every point of the inner periphery, causes the wheel to revolve, then passes along the buckets, and...
Seite 270 - Finsbury, engineer, for certain improvements in machinery or apparatus for splitting and shaping wood into splints for the manufacture of matches, and other similar forms.
Seite 509 - Daniel's patent was taken out for improvements in dressing woollen cloth, where the invention consisted in immersing a roll of cloth, manufactured in the usual manner, into hot water.
Seite 368 - So awful is the spectacle of a storm at sea, that it is generally viewed through a medium which biases the judgment; and, lofty as waves really are, imagination makes them loftier still.
Seite 271 - Lancaster, Consulting Chemist, for certain improvements in dressing, stiffening, and finishing cotton and other fibrous substances, and textile and other fabrics, part or parts of which improvements are applicable to the manufacture of paper, and also to some of the processes or operations connected with printing calicoes and other goods.
Seite 509 - I will show you how the judges have heretofore allowed of monopoly patents, which is, that where any man by his own charge and industry or by his own wit or invention doth bring any new trade into the realm, or any engine tending to the furtherance of a trade that never was used before — and that for the good of the realm...
Seite 298 - The Ulster Canal, which is described in this communication, was designed for the purpose of facilitating the intercourse between the west and the north of Ireland. It commences at the southern extremity of Lough Erne, in the county of Fermanagh, whence it extends for a length of 46 miles, and enters the river Blackwater, near the village of Charlemont, in the county of Armagh, from which there is an outlet through Lough Neagh to the ports of Newry and Belfast. The total cost of this work will amount...

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