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specially in Livings that are able to support a Resident Curate : And where that cannot be done, that they do, at least, refide fo near to the Place, that they may conveniently perform all their Duries both in the Church and Parish.

These, my Lord, were the Orders and Resosutions to which we all agreed ; and which i do hereby transmit to you, desiring you to communicate them to the Clergy of your Diocese, with an Aljurance that you are resolv'd, by the Grace of God, to direct your Pra&tice in these Particulars agreeably thereunto. And so commending you to the Blessing of God, in these, and all your other Pious Endeavours for the Service of his Church, I am with great Truth,

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A Form of a TESTIMONIUM for

one that de fires to be Ordained, Admitted to a Curacy, Inftituted, &c.

Mnibus Chrifti Fidelibus, ad quos

Præsentes Literæ pervenerint, falutem & debitam reverentiam.

Cum pium & officiofum fit Teftimonium veritati perhibere, cumq; A. B.

Literas noftras Testimoniales de Vitâ sua laudabili, Morumq; probitate concedi fibi perierit ; Nos tam Honelta ejus Petitioni volentes obsecundare, testamur pradi£tum A. B.

per (a) Tres annos PROXIME elapsos nobis PERSONALITER cognitum, pie, fobrie, & honefte vitam suam instituiffe, Studiis suis sedulò operam navasse, nec quicquam (quantum fcimus) unquam tenuislé, fcripliffe, vel docuisse, nisi quod Ecclefia Anglicana approbet & tueatur, eumq; inluper censemus dignum qui ad (fi Paternitati veftræ ita videbitur) promoveatur. In cujus Rei Testimonium Manus & Sigilla nostra præsentibus apposuimus

(a) If the Person to be Admitted bas not resided Three Years in one place, then he is required to make up the Complement of Three Years, by Testimmials from sucb ather Place or Places where he h.14 refided,


The Form of a TITLE for ORDERS.

To the Right Reverend Father in God,

Lord Bishop of


HESE are to Certify your Lordship, That
I A. B. Rector (or Vicar ]


in the County of

and your Lordship's Diocese of

do hereby nominate and appoint C. D. to perform the Office of a Curate in my Church of

aforesaid and do promise to allow him the yearly Sum of

for his Maintenance in the fame, and to continue him to officiate in my faid Church, until he shall be otherwise provided of some Ecclefiaftical Preferment, unless by any Fault by him committed he shall be lawfully removed from the same. And I hereby folemnly declare, Thar I do not fraudulently give this Certificate to entitle the said C. D. to receive Holy Orders, but with a real Intention to employ him in my faid Church, according to what is before exprefled. Witness my Hand, this in the Year of our Lord,

Day of



DIRECTIONS concerning the pro

per Instruments to be brought to the Bishop, for obtaining Orders, Inftitutions, and Licences, &c.


A :

according to the Ist Article of the Archbishop's Directions.

Certificate of having made Publication in the Church, of his Design to enter into Holy Orders; according to the IIId Article of the Archbishop's Direčtions.

Letters Testimonial of his good Life and Behaviour, according to the Tenor of the 34th Canon, and the IVth and Vth Articles of the Archbishop's Directions.

Certificate of his Age from the Register-Book, under the Hands of the Ministers and Church-wardens of the Parish where he was Born.

Title upon which he is to be Ordained ; according to the Tenor of the 33d. Canon, and in the Form directed in this Appendix.

Note, That by the. Ist and Ild Articles of

the Archbishop's Directions, all the forementioned Instruments are to be transmitted to the Bishop, at least twenty Days before the

1 ime of Ordination, In case he come for Priest's Orders, he is to exhibit to the Bishop his Legters of Orders for Deacon.


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HE Presentation to be tenderd to the Bishop,

and left with Him to be consider'd.
The Orders of Deacon and Priest, to be exhibited
to the Bishop; according to the 39th Canon.
Testimonials of his former good Life and Behaviour

acording to the 39th Canon: and if he come out
of another Diocese, then a Testimonial from the
Bishop or Ordinary of the Diocese or Place from
whence he comes.

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Nomination from the Incumbent ; in which is

to be express’d the Salary proposed to be
allow'd for serving the Cure.

To exhibit to the Bishop his Letters of Orders.

To bring Letters Testimonial from his College : or if he come not immediately from a College, then to bring them from the neighbouring Clergy, where he has dwelt for fome time before, if in the Bishop's own Diocese.

In case he come from another Diocese, then to bring Letters Testimonial from the Bishop or Ordinary

of the Diocese or Place from whence he comes, according to the 48th Canon, and the VIIIth Article of the Archbishop's Directions.


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