The Bankers' Magazine, Band 35

BPC (Bankers' Magazine) Limited, 1875

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Seite 219 - ... any body politic or corporate whatsoever created or to be created, or for any other persons whatsoever united or to be united in covenants or partnership exceeding the number of six persons in that part of Great Britain called England, to borrow, owe, or take up any sum or sums of money on their bills or notes payable on demand or at any less time than six months from the borrowing thereof...
Seite 400 - ... and for the payment of such sums as may be required for the adjustment of the rights of the contributories...
Seite 401 - That no action shall be maintained 'whereby to charge any person upon any promise made after full age to pay any debt contracted during infancy, or upon any ratification after full age of any promise or simple contract made during infancy, unless such promise or ratification shall be made by some writing signed by the party to be charged therewith.
Seite 401 - No action shall be brought whereby to charge any person upon any promise made after full age to pay any debt contracted during infancy, or upon any ratification made after full age of any promise or contract made during infancy, whether there shall or shall not be any new consideration for such promise or ratification after full age.
Seite 472 - An Act to regulate the Issue of Bank Notes, and for giving to the Governor and Company of the Bank of England certain Privileges for a limited Period.
Seite 437 - ... and be liable to be kept in penal servitude for a term not exceeding seven years, or to be imprisoned with or without hard labour for any term not exceeding two years.
Seite 817 - I cannot adequately express, the letter which you did me the honour to address to me on the 22nd instant.
Seite 891 - ... in 1872. The government of the republic ceased payment, both of interest and sinking fund, upon the first loan in 1872, and as regards the second loan, the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Loans reported in 1875 that ' except the sums retained in England out of the proceeds, the bondholders never received anything whatever in respect of the principal or interest of the debt.
Seite 563 - All such property as may belong to or be vested in the bankrupt at the commencement of the bankruptc_y, or may be acquired by or devolve on him during its continuance...
Seite 842 - It is neither more nor less than the usages of merchants and traders in the different departments of trade, ratified by the decisions of Courts of law, which, upon such usages being proved before them, have adopted them as settled law...

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