Udânavarga: a collection of texts from the Buddhist canon. Compiled by Dharmatrâta. Being the northern Buddhist version of Dhammapada. Tr. from the Bkah-hagyur, with notes and extracts from the comm. of Pradjnâvarman, by W.W. Rockhill

Trübner, 1883 - 224 Seiten
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Seite iv - THE LIFE OR LEGEND OF GAUDAMA, the Buddha of the Burmese. With Annotations, the Ways to Neibban, and Notice on the Phongyies, or Burmese Monks.
Seite ix - HINDU PHILOSOPHY. THE SANKHYA KARIKA OF IS'WARA KRISHNA. An Exposition of the System of Kapila, with an Appendix on the Nyaya and Vais'eshika Systems. BY JOHN DAVIES, MA (Cantab.), MRAS The system of Kapila contains nearly all that India has produced in the department of pure philosophy.
Seite viii - Indian Song of Songs," from the Sanscrit of the "Gita Govinda" of Jayadeva; Two Books from "The Iliad of India" (Mahabharata), " Proverbial Wisdom " from the Shlokas of the Hitopadesa, and other Oriental Poems.
Seite x - Post 8vo, pp. x. — 130, cloth, price 6s. A MANUAL OF HINDU PANTHEISM. VEDANTASARA. Translated, with copious Annotations, by MAJOR GA JACOB, Bombay Staff Corps ; Inspector of Army Schools. The design of this little work is to provide for missionaries, and for others who, like them, have little leisure for original research, an accurate summary of the doctrines of the Ved&nta.
Seite iv - CHINESE BUDDHISM. A Volume of Sketches, Historical and Critical. By J. Edkins, DD, Author of " China's Place in Philology," " Religion in China,
Seite vii - THE HISTORY OF ESARHADDON (Son of Sennacherib), KING OF ASSYRIA, BC 681-668. Translated from the Cuneiform Inscriptions upon Cylinders and Tablets in the British Museum Collection ; together with...
Seite vii - Post 8vo, pp. xvi. — 280, cloth, price 6s. EASTERN PROVERBS AND EMBLEMS ILLUSTRATING OLD TRUTHS. BY REV. J. LONG, Member of the Bengal Asiatic Society, FRGS " We regard the book as valuable, and wish for it a wide circulation and attentive reading." — Jiecord. " Altogether. it is quite a feast of good things."— (Hooe.
Seite xii - REVIEW OF THE DIFFERENT SYSTEMS OF HINDU PHILOSOPHY. BY MADHAVA ACHARYA. Translated by EB COWELL, MA, Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Cambridge, and AE GOUGH, MA, Professor of Philosophy in the Presidency College, Calcutta.

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