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Jobos (E.O 9162, May 13. 1942),
*Mayaguez (T. D. 52975, Apr. 15, 1952; 17 F. R. 3580).
*Ponce (T. D. 52975, Apr. 15, 1952; 17 F. R. 3580) (including

territory described in T. D. 54017).
Rhode Island
The State of Rhode Island.


Rochester (E O. 6455. Oct 1, 1930) The counties of Oswego, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, *ROCHESTER.

Seneca, Wayne, Broome, Tompkins, Chenango, Madl *Oswego.
son, Cortland, Hamilton, Schuyler, Chemung, Herki. Sodus Point.
mer, Monroe, Ontario, Livingston, Yates, Steuben, Syracuse.
Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming, Allegany, and Tioga in the Utica.

State of New York
Sabine (E.O. 5392, July 9, 1930) That part of the State of Texas from Sabine Pass north *PORT_ARTHUR, TEX, (including territory described

along State line to north boundary line of Shelby in T. D. 54137).
County; west to Neches River; down western shore of *Beaumont, Tex. (E. O. 4502, Sept.

said river to north boundary of Jefferson County; wester-
ly along said boundary to east boundary of Liberty *Lake Charles, La. (E. 0. 5475, Nov. 3, 1930) (including
County; south to Gulf; also the parishes of Cameron territory described in T. D. 54137). ".
and Calcasieu in the State of Louisiana.

Orange, Tex. (E. 0. 7495, Nov. 14, 1936; 1 F. R. 1867) (in.

cluding territory described in T. D. 54137).

Sabine, Tex (including territory described in T. D. 54137).
San Diego (E. 0. 3779, Jan. 26, The counties of San Diego and Imperial in the State of *SAN DIEGO (T. D. 54741).
1923) (E. O 5350 May 22 1930) California.

Andrade (E. O 4780, Dec. 13, 1927).

Tecate (E. O. 4780, Dec 13, 1927)
San Francisco (E. O. 4543 Nov. That part of the State of California lying north of the *SAN FRANCISCO-OAKLAND, CALIF. (including

13, 1926) (E 0. 8324 Jan. 22, northern boundaries of the counties of San Luis Obispo, all points on San Francisco Bay, all points on San Pablo
1940; 5 F. R. 271) (T. D. 55895). Kern and San Bernardino, and the State of Utah and Bay, Carquinez Strait, and Suisun Bay, and all points
the State of Nevada, except Clark County.

on the San Joaquin River in Contra Costa County, State
of California as far as Antioch Bridge) and including ter-
triory described in T.D. 56020). (E. 0. 10042, Mar. 10,
1949; 14 F. R. 1155 and T. D. 53738).
*Eureka, Calif.

Note: Collector of customs located at San Francisco.
South Carolina.
The State of South Carolina.

*OHARLESTON (including territory described in T. D.


St Lawrence.

The counties of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, St. Lawrence, *OGDENSBURG.
Jefferson, and Lewis in the State of New York

Alexandria Bay (including the township of Alexandria,

County of Jefferson, and that portion of the township of
Orleans, County of Jefferson, lying north of 44°15',
north latitude) (E. O. 10042, Mar. 10. 1949: 14 F. R. 1155).
*Cape Vincent.
Fort Covington.
Massena (T.D. 54834).
*Rouses Point

Trout River (T.D.56074).

[blocks in formation]



*ST. LOUIS, MO. (including East St. Louis, Ill.). *Kansas City, Mo. (including Kansas City, Kans., and

North Kansas City, Mo.) (E. O 8528. Aug. 27. 1940)
St. Joseph, Mo.
*Chattanooga, Tenn.
*Nashville, Tenn.
ST. ALBANS, VT. (including township 01St. Albans and

Swanton) (E. O. 3925, Nov, 13, 1923) (E.O. 7632, June 15,
1937; 2 F. R. 1042).
Alburg, Vt.
Beecher Falls, Vt.
*Burlington, Vt. (including the town of South Burlington)

(T. D. 54677)
Derby Line, Vt.
Highgate Springs, Vt. (including township of Highgate)

(E. 0.7632, June 15, 1937; 2 F. R. 1042).
Island Pond, Vt.
Newport, Vt.
North Troy, Vt.
Richford, Vt.
*NORFOLK and *NEWPORT NEWS (including the

waters and shores of Hampton Roads).
* Alexandria.
*Cape Charles City.
*Reed ville.
*SEATTLE (including territory described in T. D. 53576).
Anacortes (including territory described in T. D. 53861).
*Bellingham (including territory described in T. D. 53738).
Blaine (E. O 5835, Apr. 13. 1932).
Friday Harbor (E. 0. 9433. A pr. 6, 1944, 9 F. R. 3761).
Lynden (E. O. 7632, June 15, 1937; 2 F. R. 1042).
Metaline Falls (E. 6.7 632, June 15. 1937: 2 F. R. 1042).
Neah Bay (E. O. 10088, Dec. 3, 1949; 14 F. R. 7287).
Olympia (E. O. 4780, Dec. 13, 1927)
Orovisle (E. 0.5206, Oct. 11, 1929).
*Port Angeles.
*Port Townsend.
South Bend-Raymond (T. D. 53576).



The State o! Wisconsin lying south of 46° north latitude,

and the city of Menominee, Mich

Green Bay (including the townships of Ashwaubenon,

Allouez, Preble, and Howard, and the city of De Pere)
(T. D. 54597).
Marinette (including Menominee. Mich.).
Racine (including the city of Kenosha and the townships

of Mt. Pleasant and Somers). (T.D. 54884).

(Sec. 1, 37 Stat. 434, sec. 1, 38 Stat. 623, as amended, sec. 7, 70 Stat. 949; 19 U.S.C. 1, 2 and note)

$ 1.2 Customs stations; requirements for

transaction of customs business at

places other than ports of entry. (a) Places, other than ports of entry, at which customs officers or employees are stationed under the authority contained in article IX of the President's message referred to in § 1.1' to enter and clear vessels, accept entries of merchandise, collect duties, and enforce the various provisions of the customs and navigation laws shall be known as customs stations.

(b) A vessel shall not be entered or cleared at a customs station, or other place that is not a port of entry, unless entry or clearance is authorized by the collector of customs for the district in which such station or place is located pursuant to the provisions of section 447, Tariff Act of 1930.• Such authorization shall be granted by the collector or assistant collector only upon the condition that the vessel will be under such cus

toms supervision as he may deem to be necessary; that compliance will be had with all applicable customs and navigation laws and regulations; that the salary and expenses of the customs oficer for such time as is required to be devoted to entry and clearance work, together with any expense incurred by such officer in connection with the entry or delivery of merchandise, shall be reimbursed to the Government as provided in paragraph (c) of this section; and that the collector or assistant collector shall be notified in advance of the arrival of the vessel concerned.

(c) The salary and expenses of a customs officer or employee stationed at or sent to a customs station or other place which is not a port of entry for service in connection with the entry or clearance of a vessel shall be reimbursed to the Government by the owner, master. or agent of the vessel. Except as otherwise provided for in this part, the expenses, including any per diem allowed in lieu of subsistence, but not the salary, of such customs officer or employee for service in connection with the entry or delivery of merchandise shall be reimbursed to the Government by the interested persons.

(d) The customs stations, and the ports of entry having supervision thereof, are listed below:

[blocks in formation]

6 "Merchandise shall not be entered or delivered from customs custody elsewhere than at one of the ports of entry hereinbefore designated except at the expense of the parties in interest, upon express authority from the Secretary of the Treasury and under conditions to be prescribed by him. When it shall be made to appear to the Secretary of the Treasury that the interests of commerce cr the protection of the revenue so require, he may cause to be stationed at places in the various collection districts, though not named as ports of entry, officers or employees of the customs with authority to enter and clear vessels, to accept entries of merchandise, to collect duties, and to enforce the various provisions of the customs and navigation laws." (Art. IX, President's message of March 3, 1913; T. D. 33249)

6. "It shall be unlawful to make entry of any vessel or to unlade the cargo or any part thereof of any vessel elsewhere than at a port of entry: Provided, That upon good cause therefor being shown, the Secretary of the Treasury may permit entry of any vessel to be made at a place other than a port of entry designated by him, under such conditions as he shall prescribe: And provided further, That any vessel laden with merchandise in bulk may proceed after entry of such vessel to any place designated by the Secretary of the Treasury for the purpose of unloading such cargo, under the supervision of customs officers if the collector shall consider the same necessary, and in such case the compensation and expenses of such officers shall be reimbursed to the Government by the party in interest.” (Sec. 447, 46 Stat. 714, as amended; 19 U. S. C. 1447)

Bucksport, Maine.
Coburn Gore, Maine.
Hamlin, Maine.
Alburg Springs, Vt.
Beebe Plaine, Vt..
Canaan, Vt...
East Richford, Vt.
Morses Line, Vt-
Norton, Vt.
Pittsburg, N.H.
West Berkshire, Vt.
Provincetown, Mass.
Cannons Corners, N. Y
Churubusco, N. Y.

Van Buren.
Derby Line.
Beecher Falls.

Island Pond.
Beecher Falls.

4 7

of Customs stations designated for a temporary period only and designations made to provide customs facilities where a need exists because of certain large-scale activities, such as lumbering operations, are not listed. These designations change from time to time. Current information as to such stations in any of the collection districts may be obtained from the collector of customs for such district.

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7 Hogansburg, N. Y.

Jamieson's Line, N. Y Malone.
Trout River, N. Y

11 Atlantic City, N.J.

Lewes, Del.:
Port Norris, N.J.

Tuckerton, N. J.
13 Salisbury, Md.

15 Washington, N.C.

19 | Biloxi, Miss.

20 Gramercy, La..

New Orleans.
Houma, La..

Morgan City.
23 Falcon Dam, Tex.

Los Ebanos, Tex.

Progreso, Tex.

San Ygnacio, Tex.

24 Marathon, Tex..

El Paso.
25 Campo, Calif.

26 Lochiel, Ariz. (Mail: Nogales.

Tuscon, Ariz.

27 Port Hueneme, Calif. Los Angeles.
28 Monterey, Calif..

San Francisco.
30 Point Roberts, Wash.. Blaine.
31 Annette Island, Alaska Ketchikan.
Eagle, Alaska.

Haines, Alaska.

Hyder, Alaska

Tok, Alaska.

33 Havre, Mont..

Great Falls.
34 Grand Forks, N. Dak. Pembina.
Lancaster, Minn.

36 Crane Lake, Minn.

Ely, Minn,

Oak Island, Minn.

38 | Algonac, Mich.

Port Huron.
Alpena, Mich.

Detour, Mich.

Sault Ste. Marie.
Escanaba, Mich.

Grand Haven, Mich. Muskegon.
Houghton, Mich.

Sault Ste. Marie.
Mackinac Island.

Marine City, Mich.

Port Huron.
Marquette, Mich..

Sault Ste. Marie,
Roberts Landing, Mich. Port Huron.

(Mail: Route 1, Algonac,

Rogers City.

Saginaw-Bay City.
St. Clair, Mich.

Port Huron.
41 Fairport, Ohio.

Huron, Ohio.

Lorain, Ohio

Marblehead-Lakeside, Ohio. Sandusky.
Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

50 Antelope Wells, N. Mex. Columbus.

(Mail: Hachitá, N. Mex.).

[blocks in formation]

(President's Message of March 3, 1913; T. D. 33249.)
§ 1.3 Customs offices in foreign

There are listed below the places in
foreign countries where United States
customs officers are stationed, the cus-
toms districts under which they function,
and the comptrollers of customs having
jurisdiction over such district:

§ 1.5 Customs Agency Service regions.

The Customs Agency Service regions
and their respective headquarters are as

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