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Danes attack London 40-massacre of city ib. surrenders to the queen's

forces 315-condemned and executed
Dane-gelt levied 42

for high treason ib.
Dangerfield's plot discovered 449 Estates, immense, of the Spencers 103
Dearth in corn 253—through secret Etymology of London 5

exportation 288 — excessive 312 Evelyn's account of the great fire of
Disorders in the city 95

London 413
Dispute between the lord mayor and Exchange, Royal, foundation of, laid

the bishop of Ely 285-between the 277-opened 285
lord mayor and commonalty respect- Exchequer, king John removes the, 67
ing the election of sheriffs 357

-shut up 443
Ditch (the common) cleanser' 207— Excise duty first introduced 368
city, repaired 309

Expedition against the Scotch by
Dolphin taken near London-bridge a lord mayor 118-victory obtained

by him ib.
Dudley, lord G. beheaded 250

Explosion, dreadful, in Tower-street
Dutch enthusiasts appear in London 374

Extent of the great fire 412, 425

Extortions of Henry III. 82
Earl of March arrives in London 173

-is crowned as Edward IV. 174- Fair at Westminster established 79

flies to Holland 175-returns ib. Famine in the city 82
Earthquake in London 79, 316

Fete on the water 325
Ecclesiastics rendered amenable to Fever rages in London, 41, 253
civil law 200

Fines, enormous, imposed on the city
Edge-bill, battle of, 363

Edward I. knights his son 97

Fines and imprisonment, general 461
Edward II, distrains the goods of the Fires destroy great part of the city 52

mayor and aldermen 98—his oppres- 54, 68, 76
sions ib.

Fire in Leadenhall 190
seizes the city liberties 104 Fire, the great, in 1666 401-London
deposed 106

Gazette account of, ib. Lord Cla-
Edward III. death of, 117

rendon's narrative 403— Vincent's
Edward IV, calls a parliament 178 account 406–Evelyn's account 413
calls on the city for money 180

Pepys' account 417-a preconcert-
Edward V. brought to London 181 ed scheme 427— evidence taken by
Edward VI. accession of 232

commissioners 429—a conspirator
founds Christ's Hospital executed on his own confession 431
939-death of 240

Fires kept during the plague 886
Edward, prince, returns from Wales, Fish, new market for, opened 134

and breaks open the treasury of the Fisher, bishop of Rochester, executed
xnights templars 84

Edward the Black Prince enters Lon. Fitz-Stephen's account of London 58
don in great pomp 111

Fleet fitted out to oppose the Danes 41
Elizabeth proclaimed 254– sends let- Flood, great 252

ters to the city demanding men 300 Folkmote described 82
-returns thanks at St. Paul's for Fords across the Thames 6
the defeat of the Spanish armada Foreign merchants, privileges of 115

804_death of 316—burial ib. Foreigners ordered to leave England
Ely-house, splendid entertainment at, 73

214-account of provisions ib. Foreigners encroach on the rights of
Embassy sent to the pope

the citizens 252
Enthusiasts appear in the city 305- Fortifications round London 364-de-
leaders of executed 306

molished 371
Entrances to London closed 363

Foundation of London by Lud i
Environs of London fortified 364 Fraud by the vicar of arking 157
Essex, eart of returns from Ireland French invited over 70

812-assembles a band at Essex. Frost, great in 1269 89-in 1434 156
house 314-attempts to raise the


Gaming-houses, permission given by Henry VIII. crowned 198—death of
the king to licence 332

Gardiner, bp. of Winchester, preaches Heretics, statute against revived 252

before Edward VI. 233-imprisoned Histrio Mastix suppressed 341

Ilorse-shoes and hob-nails, origin of
Gloucester takes possession of the city the custom of counting 76

88-invests the Tower ib.-murder- Hospital, St. Thomas's, repaired by
ed 159 — addresses the mayor and the city 239
citizens on the death of Hastings Housekeeper's poor of the various
182 — appointed protector 182- wards 310
duchess of, charged rith necromancy Howard, Catherine, marries Henry
158_obliged to do pedance ib.

VIII. 226- beheaded 228
Godfrey, sir E. murdered 445-buried Hubert de Burgh disgraced 76

Hunting match in Waltham forest 181
Gold, collar of, bequeathed to the city Hurricane, tremendous, in 1090 52,318

for the lord mayor for the time
being 229

Imports in 1534 into the port of Lon-
Goodwin's rebellion 48

don 219
Government of the city conferred on Imorality suppressed by the city ma.
prince Edward 89

gistrates 291
Grafton's edition of the Bible, notice Ingenuity, extraordinary specimens of
of 227

Grants made by the city to Henry II. Ingot, silver, found 27

Inds of Court entertain Charles I, with
Grecian emperor arrives in London a splendid interlude 342

Insurrection under Jack Cade 161_
Grey, lady Jane, proclaimed queen 240 arrives at Blackheath ib.enters
executed 250

London 163 — slain 164-of Perkı
Grievances of the nation, schedule of Warbeck 1914by the fifth monarchy

men 378
Grounds near London enclosed, citi-
zens level them 201

James J. enters London 317-corona.

tion of ib.-knights all the alderiren
Habeas Corpus act passed 448

ib.-borrows money of the city 316
Hampden opposes the levying of ship -becomes a member of the cloth.
money 346

workers' company 324 - borrows
Hastings, lord, death of 182

money 325-protects archery 325—
Hawkers and pedlars restrained 316 proceeds to St. Paul's church in state
Hengist lands 38

332— death of 334
Henry III. enters London 72—tyrannic James II. crowned 462 - attacks the

conduct of 75, 79-interferes with bishops 464-quits Whitehall 467
the election of mayor 78—with his Janus marble found at St. Thomas a
queen enters London 77-takes pos- Watering 36
session of the Tower and calls a par- Jews in London oppressed 71—massa-
liament 83-agrees to the terms of cre of 1261 84-again in 1264 85—
the barons, retracts, and submits his · executed for clipping the coin 93
grievances to Louis of France 85- ..-synagogues destoyed 94—punish-
death of 90

ed for usury 95
Henry IV. crowned 148-death of 150 Joho grants the sheriffwicks of London
Henry V. returns from France 151- and Middlesex to the city 66
death 52

Just held at Westminster 286
Henry VI. proclaimed 152—crowned

at Paris 153— knights the aldermen Kent, the holy maid of, tried and exe-
for their gallant defence of the city culed 219
177-death of 177

Kings, four dine with the lord mayor
Henry VII. crowned 190—mar ib. 113

- borrows money of the citizens 191 Kitchens erected at Guildhall 196
--oppresses the citizens 192_death Knives, first making of, in London
of 197-immense wealth ib.


Lambeth palace attacked by the ap- Massacre, dreadful, by the Britons 11
prentices 347

- of the Jews at the coronation of
Lamb's foundations 292

Richard 1.61
Lancaster, duke of, assumes the crown Maud grants London, the Tower, &c.

to the earl of Essex 55
Laystalls, dirty state of the streets May-day evil 202, 298-games at
through, 140

Greenwich 206
Leadenhall plentifully stored with

Mayor, the term first used in 1199 66
grain 199

-appointed ambassador 93-com-
Leeds, origin of the noble house of manded to attend in the Tower, re-

fuses, is imprisoned 95-prosecuted
Lewis arrives in England 71--retires by the parliament 873-appoints the

-ib. the city lend him money ib.- sheritfs 453—proceedings thereupon
gives his award in favour of Henry ib
II. 86

Meal-tub plot, discovery of 449
Liberties of the city seized 81

Meat, price of, fixed by the parliament
Llewellen, king of Wales, death of 93 236
Loan of £15,000 to Elizabeth by the Members released by order of the
city 305—from the city 336

house of commons 350-the prose-
Lollards oppressed 149, 151

cuted, take refuge in the city 361-
London placed south of the Thames and arrive in state at the house of

by Ptolemy 3—deserted by the Ro- commons ib.
mans 11-captured by Hengist 38– Men at arms demanded by Elizabeth
recaptured by Ambrosius ib.--sub. from the city 311-marched to Do-
jected to the kingdom of Essex 39— ver 312-mustered before Elizabeth
appointed a royal residence ib.-in- 274-assembled on Blackheath 297
terdicted 67

Merchant-Taylors and Goldsmiths,
London Stone 33—opinions of various quarrel between 89 — purchase a
antiquaries thereon 34

charter of the king 196
Longchamp, bishop of Ely, tyrannic Middlesex, forest of, disafforested 72
proceedings of 63

Militia, city, appointed to guard the
Lottery, first ever drawn 277

house of commons 362
Luxembourg, Ann of, arrives in Eng- Monasteries dissolved 221
land 133

Money advanced by the city to Charles
Luxury of the times 72—of the citizens I. 338, 350—by the city to the par-

liament 369,374
Lydgate's account of the pageants on Monk enters the city 376
the arrival of Henry VI. from Monteagle, lord, receives a letter re-
France 154

specting the Powder-plot 320

Moorfields riot in 370-encreases ib.
Maces, grant to the mayor and sheriffs

is quelled by Fairfax 371
to have them borne before them 111 More, sir T. executed 220
Magistrate, the principal one of Lon- Mortality among the cattle 228

don acts as chief butler at the coro- Mummery at Kennington, 1377 115—

nation 62-extravagant living of 251 explanation of the term 116
Marshalls, city appoint iwo 280

Murder committed in Bow church 94
Marshall provost appointed 310

-committed by the citizens 156--
Marriage proposed between Mary and infamous, by a priest 200—of sir T.

Philip of Spain 244-confirmed by Overbury 327
parliament 250

Muster of the militia, by order of
Marriage between Frederick and the James I. 331

princess Elizabeth 326
Martial law established 309

Naseby, battle of 369
Mary, queen of Scotland entertained

Newbury, battle of 867
in the city 235

New River formed 327
Mary, queen, proclaimed 241-corona- Newspapers origin of, 280

Lion 242-repairs Guildhall and Nicholas, the pope's legale, arrives to
addresses the citizens 245-death of receive the submission of John 68

Nobility, costly housekeeping of 90


Noblemen beheaded on Tower-bill Plan for rebuilding the city by sir C.

Wren 438
Numbers destroyed by the plague 390, Plays, religious, at Clerkenwell 149–

suppressed 289—not to be acted dur

ing the plague 392
Oates, Titus, plots 445-sentence on Plot, Gunpowder, discovered 319–

new, agitated 448
Orders by the lord mayor and alder- Police of the metropolis, great imper-
men respecting the plague 282

fections in 1175 57
Outrages frequent in the city 102-en- Poll-tax levied 119
quired into ib.

Poultry, price of 286
Oxford, slalules of, framed by the ba- Prayer, common, first used in St. Paul's
rons 82

church 239

Preacher at St. Paul's cross attacked
Pageant in the city on the victory of

Edward over the Scotch 26-on the Present of money made by the city to
water 1533 216-on queen Mary's the king 1207 67
going to her coronation 242-exhi- Presents made by the city to the prin-
bited on queen Elizabeth going cess Elizabeth on her marriage 326
through the city to her coronation Printing, introduction of 178

Procession, mock, through the city
Pope's nuncio arrives in England 193 449
Parliament summoned by king John Profligate conduct of Charles II. 443

67--of the white-bands 103-grants Property consumed in the great fire 412,
aid to Henry VII 193—dissolved 426
by Charles I. 340— borrow money

Prosecution of sir W. Capel by Emp-
of the city 356—both houses of, en- son and Dudley 197
tertained by the city 368-a new one
called by Charles I. 347-meet at Protector Somerset and the council
Oxford 451

quarrel 234
Paving of Holborn commenced 219 Protestation of the commons 340
Pave, act of parliament to, various Provisions, price of, in the year 1000
streets 228

42-in 1152 56, 91-scarcity of 101
Peace proclaimed 274

in 1335 108
Penny of gold coined 84

Prynne prosecuted for his Histrio
Pepys'account of the fire of London 417 Mastix 341
Perjury, laws enacted against, 192 Public offices removed after the great
Perkin Warbeck defeated by Henry fire 431

VII. 192-taken and conducted to
the Tower ib.

Queen Isabella received into London
Pestilence ravages London 110, 180 145
Petition of Right agreed to by Charles

I. 338—shewing the grievances of Rain, great shower of 289
the city and counlry 849—signed by Raleigh, sir Walter, executed 331
15,000 citizens, presented to the Rapacious ministers of Henry VII.
house of commons 361-contents of tried and executed 198

Rebellion in Kent 244-Londouers
Philip of Spain enters London 258 march to attack Wyatt ib.- go over
Phillippa, queen, arrives in London to him ib.

Rebuild the city, proclamation made
Piper, anecdote respecting one during to 432
the plague 398

Reformation, advances of 215, 233
Pipes, leaden, first invented 226

Regency appointed 90
Plague in London 39, 132-ravages Regicides executed 878

the kingdom 194, 229, 275, 289, 306, Regiments (two) sent by the city to the
317-numbers that died 318, 335– parliamentary army 368
of 1665, breaks out 380—Defoe's Rents of houses in 1549 235
narrative of ib. at its height 385, Representatives, three returned to par-
393-decreases 394

liament 102

[ocr errors]

up 363

Requests, court of, first established 319 Scales, lord, enters the city 170
Revenge of the Danes for the massacre Schools, petition for sounding four in
of their countrymen 43

different churches 160-set up in
Richard I. expedition to Palestine of London 167

62--appoints a regency63—crowned Sepulchral statue discovered 1669 21
a second time 64-returns to Eng- Seymour, Ann, marries Henry Vill.
land-magnificent reception of, by 221
the citizens ib.

Shaw, Dr. preaches in favour of Glou-
Richard II. crowned 117-demands mo. cester's right to the throne 184

ney of the city which they refuse 140 Sheriffs of London commanded to pro-
the mayor and sheriffs deposed by vide measures, weights, &c 66_em-
ib.--the citizens reinstated in their powered to empanel juries 200—
power 142-tyrannizes over his sub- drinking, &c. custom of 295
jects, who rebel 146—deposed 147 Ships, sixteen manned and equipped to
murdered ib.

go against the Spaniards 304
Richard III. crowned 189—death 190 Ship-money writs issued for levying
Riot in 1196 64—at Oxford 77—the 344-city oppose it ih.

heads of the different colleges oblig- Shooting-match, splendid, in Moor-
ed to repair to London ib. in the fields 296
city 105, 107,150—in Cheapside 106, Shops in London, order for shutting
150-in Fleet-street between the ci-
tizens and the law students 170-on Sickness sweating rages 190, 207, 214
May-day 203—between the appren-

tices and the Tower warders 309 Site of the battle between the Britong
in the city, 1628 336—at Guildhall and Romans A. D. 61, 13–of Cee-

sar's passage across the Thames,
Roman remains discovered in St. conjectures on 5

George's Fields 4-discoveries at Slander on the duke of York 457
Coway stakes 7-camp at Islington Smithfield paved 330
15-discoveries made there 164 Solliers fitted out to go to the assistance
roads 16-stations in Middlesex 16 of the Dutch 297
-discoveries made of Roman Lon- Soldiers raised by the city 313
don and ils environs northward of Somerset appointed protector 232-
the Thames 19-remains, extensive, duke of, tried 238-beheaded ib.--
discovered 1785 27 - specula at ea:1 of proceedings against, for the
Cripplegate 33—remains discovered murder of Overbury 828
south of the river Thames 35-pave- Southwark granted to the city 237
ment found behind Winchester- Spanish ambassador's house attacked
house 35 remains found near Kent- 354– privateers molest English
street 36 — remains discovered in vessels 357
Saint George's-fields 36, 37-re- Spencers (the) executed 106
mains discovered in various parts Spital sermon inciting the citizens to
of Southwark 87-utensil found near rise 202
Vauxhall 37 — remains found at Splendour of the city is
Clapham 37-remaios discovered in Sports practised by citi s ns 59
Leadenhall-street 292

Stalls in the streets, act of common
Roundhead, origin of the term 360 council against 340
• Row thy boat, Norman,' origin of Star-chamber, tyranni roceedings of

Royal Society instituted 380

State, officers of, puniswed 95
Russel, lord, executed 460

Stationers' company, loss sustained by
Russia, emperor of, arrives in England in 1666 415

Stephen usurps the crown 54
Ruyter de, enters the Thames 442 Stews on Bankside abolished

Strafford, earl of, executed 337_lord,
Salisbury, the countess of, beheaded executed 451

St. Martin's-le-grand, privileges of 157
Sanctuary, ill effects of 156

Strangers, number of, taken 806

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