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Molegate elect from of the late Green House of

The House of Delegates was called to order at 12 o'clock M. by Speaker ALLEN. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Moses D. IIoge, of the Presbyterian church.

Johs J. WILKINSON, delegate elect from the county of Pittsylvania, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of the late Green T. Pace, baving filed his certificate of election with the clerk of the House of ·Delegates, was sworn in by the clerk of the House in his office.

The roll was called, and the following members answered to their names:

Verats. Speaker, John S. Adams, William T. Akers, Joseph R. Anderson, A. C. Attkisson, James Barbour, George S. Bernard, R. E. Bland, Thomas S. Bock, William A. Brown, W. E. Burnham, John R. Carter, Peter J. Carter, John P. Chase, Robert A. Coghill, John L. Coleman, Richard H. Cox, R. G. Crank, George K. Crutchfield, Willis J. Dance, John A. Davidson, H. Davis, Amos Dickerson, William J. Dickenson, Benjamin F. Dyer, John Echols, Henry EdDands, W. D. Evans, Richard R. Farr, James B. Ficklin, I. C. Fowler, James A. Frazier, Lee S. Fulkerson, s. M. Fulton, H. M. L. Goode, William F. Graves, B. C. Gray, Joseph J, Hall, Marshall Hanger, William G. Hardesty, II. II. Harrison, Reuben . Harrison, L. E. Harvie, Robert Healy, David S. Henkel, W. W. Henry, Samuel P. Henson, Jarmon Hiner, James D. Johnston, II. M. Keyser, William Krk, B. W. Lacy, John B. Lady, A. G. Lee, John T. Lovell, Nathan C. Luck, Charles P, McCabe, P. H. McCaull, A. B. McConnell, John A. McCraw, John Barker McDaniel, F. M. McMullan, T. L. Michie, Granville L. Moorman, George 4. Musbbach, Edwin Nelson, Robert Norton, Humphrey J. Parrish, Charles Pitts, T.G. Popham, Samuel II. Pulliam, John P. Ragland, Edmund C. Robinson, C. J. Shannon, William J. Shelburne, Samuel S. Shriver, W. B. G. Shumate, E. H.

Sukh, J. Howard Smith, J. W. Southward, George S. Stevens, Warner T. TaliaSkra, Andrew J. Taylor, William Taylor, II. S. Tront, D. X. VanLear, Jos pi

Walker, Thomas P. Wallace, Charles M. Walsh, I. II. Watson, Nimrod Whiteach, Smith J. R. White, Thomas M. Wbite, J. J. Wilkinson, Joseph A. Wingfield, J.

Witten, Charles Wright, George W. Young.

Ninety-eight members present. Ordered, That Mr. GRAVES inform the Senate that the House of Delegates is organized and ready to proceed to business.

A message was received from the Senate by Mr. BLAND, who informed the House of Delegates that the Senate is organized and ready to proceed to business.

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