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PAGE Jan. 21 Order Appointing a Valuation Com. & their

Report, . . . . . . . . 412
Feb. Petition of Some of the Inhabitants of

Sheepscot River in the Town of Pownal-
boro, . . . . . . . .

Feb. 4 Petition of Silas Barnes & Answer to same, 434
Feb. 7 Petition First Parish in Falmouth,. . . 419
A Bill for Naturalization, . . .

422 Feb. 15 Clerk Court of Com. Pleas Lincoln County, .. Feb. 19 Lieut Governors Message, . . . . .

418 Feb. 25 Extract of a Letter from the Hon Rufus

King to the President of Senate Taken by
Direction of the Senate-Re: Eastern

Boundary, . . . . . . . 432
Mar. 1 Petition of Sundry Soldiers of the Late Con-

tinental Army For Lands Near Otisfield, . 423 Mar. 2 Petition of Hector McNeil and Others re

Maps, . . . . . . . .
Mar. 5 Petition of the Officers of the Army, . . 426
Mar. 15 Petition of Lewiston Plantation & Answer

to Same,. . . . .
Petition of John Curtis, . . . . .

439 Order of Court, . . . . . . ..

441 Hodgkins vs. Curtis and Askins, ..

443 Deposition of Moses Hodgkins, ..

445 Deposition of Agreen Crabtree, . . 447 Deposition of John Hamor, . .

450 Deposition of John Hart,. . .

452 Permission Granted to Philip Hodgkins, 453 Sureties Furnished, . . . . .

454 Deposition of John Tilley, . . . Deposition of Willm Lithgow Junr, .

456 Deposition of John Augusta Dunn, . . . 457

Deposition of William Downe, . . . 459 Mar. 16 Order of Notice on Petition of John Curtis

of Falmouth, . . . . . . . 463 Nov. 18 Petition of Elizabeth Goldthwait, . . 435

A Bill Conferring the Rights of Citizenship

to the Marquis De La Fayette,. . . 248

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Petition of William Taylor.

To the Honble Senate & the honble House of Representatives

for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General

Court assembled | The Petition of William Taylor Esquire of Milton in the county of Suffolk (Humbly shews | That on the thirteenth day of November one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven, your Petitioner being indebted to Thomas Lane Esq' of London in the sum of one thousand nine hundred and twenty one pounds eleven Shillings, lawful money, he gave his bond for that sum upon interest, to said Lane, and as a collateral security for the payment thereof he gave his deed of mortgage of the following lotts of land, vizi a Lott of land called No. 18 lying in Pownalborough containing thirty two hundred acres, also two lotts of land call’d N° 11, & N° 68. both lying in Hallowell containing four hundred acres each, also one other lott of land marked N° 15 lying in Gardineston, containing five thousand acres —

That MLane sued out the said Bond and at the Sup' Court of Judicature held at Boston for the county of Suffolk in February 1772 recovered judgment thereon against your Petitioner for the sum of two thousand four hundred and fourteen pounds fifteen shillings lawful money. And Richard Lechmore esquire as agent & attorney to said Lane was very pressing upon your Petitioner for the money, but the times being then difficult it was out of his power to discharge the said Judgment, and he was oblidg’d in order to satisfy the said Lechmere, on the second day of June 1772, as a further security for sd debt to give his other mortgage to said Lane of three other tracts of land viz' a Lott of land marked A 1. lying in Winslow containing six thousand five hundred and eighty acres, Also of a Lott of land marked B E 1. containing seven thousand two hundred acres, and also of a lott of land marked C C 2. containing seven thousand two hundred acres, both lying higher up Kennebeck River (That the first mentioned thirty two hundred acre lott of land as your Petitioner then thought and still conceives was the full value of his said debt. Notwithstanding which your Petitioner to pacify Mr Lechmere & procure his further forbearance mortgaged all the other before mentioned tracts of land; But Mr. Lechemere not content therewith was so hard and cruel as to insist upon having some further security, whereupon to avoid an arrest the said Taylor made an additional mortgage to the said Lane of one twenty fourth part of all the undivided lands belonging to the proprietors of the Kenneck purchase being all his right therein.

The said William humbly begs leave to represent that a great part of the land above described is charg’d with the payment of taxes, and has in fact been sold at publick vendue by the collector for that purpose, the time of redemption is now almost expired, and unless some provision is made to recover the said estate a total loss thereof must ensue as well in regard to your petitioner as all others therein concern'd

He has no disposition to defraud his creditors and for three years past has been indefatigable in his endeavours to make such an adjustment as will give satisfaction to them and do justice to himself—the said lands could be sold for a sum far exceeding the debt, but in these circumstances it cannot be accomplished -— Wherefore he prays that this Honble Court would authorize some person or persons to discharge the said mortgages upon payment of the said debt, and dispose of the monies arising therefrom in such manner as may hereafter be decreed — he would observe that John Rowe Esq' had a general power of Attorney from Mes" Lane & Compy but he is informed by Counsel in the law that the same is insufficient to discharge the said incumbrance, which still urges the necessity of this application - Your Petitioner is ready to verify the facts alleged, and therefore flatters himself that your Honors will comply with his reasonable request or grant such other relief as Justice may require & if your Honors should not think proper to proceed so far in the matter as to grant the authority aforesaid, he prays that a further time may be allowed for the redemption of said land, as the estate of the purchaser within two months from this

as may be sufficient to discharge the taxes that already have been or may hereafter be assessed — And as in duty bound will ever pray

W" Taylor Boston April 20th 1782

Lands mortgaged
Lott containing 3200 acres in Pownalborough

Do 4001
Do 400 Do in Hallowell

5000 Do in Gardneston
6580 Do in Winslow

7200 S higher up the River
400 in Pownalborough


30380 — acres —

William Grow to Edward Grow.

York April 22d 1782 Brother Edwa Grow

Inclosed I beg leave to trouble you with Sundry Papers to present to the House of assembly Relative to Provisions the Committee of York Supply'd the Carteel Penobscot (Cap' Joseph Hilbert) with Last November — as you will Se by the accounts & Deposition; they have been presented to John Hopkins Esq" Commissary of Prisoners, on whom they were Drawn, but he refuses to pay them, and says there is a Resolve of Court that all Such Demands must be Laid before the House of assembly for payment — therefore we have Sent a pettion to Lay before the House for that Purpose and beg the favour you would present it and urge the Payment of it together with the Charge we have been at, which you will See on the back of the Last accounts, you may Inform the House that the Carteel Did not Sail from this Harbour till the 15th of November by Reason of Contrary winds — our famely & yours are well, this from your Brother —

William Grow

Committee of York to General Court.

To the Honble the Senate & house of Representatives of the

Commonwelth of Massachusetts now Setting, Your Petitioners Humbly Shews — That on the tenth of Novi last a carteel came into York harbours in distress haveing no provisions with upward of Forty men On board, as by the Depositions of the Masters and two Passengers on the Eleventh ult. put to sea after being Supplied with Necessaries, on the Fifteenth were drove back by contrary winds and Applid for further Supplies which was granted as may

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