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Col. Hunter to Governor.

Broad Bayse Augst 20th 1782 Sir

I wrot your Honor by Cap' Little Commander of the State Sloop; that Supplies were wanting for my Department as soon as may be; and Desired by said Gentlemen, you would send the Stores by Cap' Little or some other vessel as soon as possible, by reason my provisions are almost expended; therefore I Desire you to send an asortment by CapUlmer without fail in order that I may act Bennifishal to the public Good and satisfactory, to the spirit inhabitance of this place Cap' Ulmer will Give your Honor the perticulars of what I want for this Command, from your Honors Very Humbl Servant

James Hunter Colo Comd"

Memorial of Soldiers to Col. Allan.

Machias August 22nd 1782 Sir

Your long Residence in this Department as an officer, has given you such a thourough knowledge of our Circumstances, that we looked upon you, to be the most sutiable person we coud apply to, to represent our Situation to proper Authourity for Redress of our grievances, and for that Purpose have invested you with our full power You are fully Sencible that we have Served many years in the Department, and the Commanding officer has repeatedly from year to year, on the renewal of our engagements, promised us on behalf of Government that we should be Supplyed with a Suit of Cloth each year, at the expence of Government. In May 1781 we engaged during the war & were assured of Receiving the same Clothing, pay & Rations, the Established troops Received, but we are again disappointed, for of Clothing we Received but part of the last year, hatts, shirts stockens, &c. we received none; and for the present year have Received no kind of Clothing on Governments acc', a great part of the time we have been kept upon half allowances & some part of the time have not had any, there is so few of us that our Duty has been Excessive hard, our Sufferings the last Winter & Spring was so great that it is not in the power of words to express it, both on acc' of provision and Clothing. We have (after suffering every thing but Death) for a few weeks past had some bread & meat Delivered to us by the Commanding officer, but that we are again Deprived of the meat being all gone, & only a scanty pittance of bread remains for us, and that we expect soon to be deprived of. We are ready and willing to do our duty as good soldiers, if we can only obtain what is stipulated to us on behalf of Government. winter is fast approaching and excepting we can be furnished with our proper clothing and Rations, we must perish. we therefore Desire you to aply to Government on our behalf for what we are justly intitled to from them, and that it may be put into such hands that we can be sure of haveing them, we expect that you will pay your self for your trouble out of what you may receive on our accompts, either money or other articles

We are Sir, Your most Respectfull Humble Servants
Samuel Russell Sarg John X Briant
Doctor X Edwards

Jonathan X Engserll
Jonathan Niles

Sam Davis Bryant
Luther x Holmes
Vest W" Albee. Lieut of the said Company

Col. Allan to Richard Devens Esg.

Indian Eastern Department, Machias August 22nd 1782. Sir

Agreeable to the Note of the General Court, I find there is One Hha Mollases, One do Rum. One do of Tobacco &

One Cask of wine, Deficiant. These Articles are of the Greatest Consequence in the Indian business. The Indian allways depending upon such matters when Assembled in Conferences, and its of the greatest damage in pursuing the business, the want of it, as well as the Appearance of Indignity upon the United States of which there is to much talk of, this way—I must pray the favour Sir that you will be kind enough to forward them, or what you Can by the first Opp" Consigning them to me. I must again Earnestly repeat the favour. As allso the Back allowence of rum &c which will do better in provision kind— CapOBrien who Carry's this, will have a Vessell at Newbury ready to return in Four Weeks probably in a shorter time, Coud it be possible to have them procured at Newbury to Come with him, it woud be Esteemed the greatest favour - I am more solicitous to have them now sent, on Account of the very Great business I have to go thro with the Indians, before I go Westward, which I expect will be by the Last of Next Month — With respect I am Sir Your Most Hb Svt

J. Allan Richo Devens Esq"

Col. Hunter to Governor.

Head Quarters Waldoborough Augst 22 1782 Sir

I wrote your Excellency, by Cap Little the 30th of July, where I menchened the inducements of my leaveing Coxes Head, and the Great necessity, of haveing supplies sent as soon as may be; I have takeing post at this place in order to obstruct the Designs of our Enemy, but if I am Cut short of said suplies it will Deprieve me of executing any plan I form for the public Good; the inhabbitance of these parts are dailey tradeing to the enemy, I shall use every method to obstruct them and shall put my men in the position of Scouting partyes for that purpose; but being Deprievd of part of the whale boats ordered by the General Court; put it out of my power to prevent their trade and Commerce; as I would wish to do; the majority of the inhabitance of this are enemies to the Cause of our Country, and have made attempts at several different times to take of the Guards, and I Dailey expect they will attempt to head a party of the enemy in order to attack me! therefore as the public Good in some measure depends on your Excellency's; Compliance with my proposal, I should be Glad to have the remainder of the whail boats together with the supplies sutible to make any excurtions that may appear Bennefishal to the public Good Consistent with my Command, your Excellency, orders to the Commisary General for suplies no Doubt, will be answerd ameadetly, I shall in a few days proseed to Georges and appoint a place of randovoze, and should think my self happy to have your Excellencys oppinion on this matter, and should you think of any place preferable to Georges; I should be glad you will write me as soon as possible in order that I may act satisfactory to your Excellency and for the Public Good From your Excellencys Verry Humble Servaht

James Hunter Colo N. B. this will be handed to your Excellency, by Cape Ulmer which Gentleman will give you further perticulars

J. H

Col. Allan to Governor.

Machias Aug 22d 1782 Sir

I do myself the Honour of Informing Your Excellency that in consequence of my ditermination & Agreement with the Indians, as soon as Supplys Arrived I proceeded Eastward to pursue the Business of my Agency, I had a Conference with the Passamaquody & some of the St John Tribe Near the River Si Croix — In Answer to the Speach I made them / perticularly the St John / they signifyd much surprise at the Difficulty which Arise in supporting the Department. After they had Continued so long for the De fence of the Country — It Appears they have from time to time, been fully Informd of the Obstacles and obstructions in procuring necessarys for the Subsistance of the persons in the Imploy, & Indeed the Report has Extended thro Nova Scotia & every transaction is as well known in Halifax as Boston — to Conclud with them, from the Indigent State of Matters this way, the Horrid & Villainous conduct of Traders towards them. The whole of the St Johns Tribe have come to a ditermination to Remove Imidatly to that River; some of the Passamaquodys: have gone to Canady & the rest Gone on the Lakes, as I coud give them no other Encouragement I was ditermind to continue myself as Near them as my safety woud permit, to Advise & Consult during my stay in the Service — On the 18th Arrived at my Quarters, Michel Augustine, Chief of the Villiage of Erecherbucts a Princapel Sachem of the Micmac Tribe also a Chief of Cape Briton, with other young men, the former well known in Nova Scotia for his sagacity as a Politition & Ability as a Warrior, the bussiness they are Upon is to Know the certainty of News & the State of matters between America & France — As also to make Complaint Against the Small Boats for Plundering, the Traiders that Live Amoung them “They say they woud Reather Chuse to Trade with the Americans then the English, if Any Came Amoung them woud defend them against the English to the Last, but necessity Compels them to trade with Some Body, and before their Eyes, have seen property, themselves had a Right to, taken Away, but from a Principle of Friendship to America has made no Opposition;=the Conduct of this Chief, and the Villages Under his Immediate Care is well known to many besides my self, during the wars,

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