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Endens hath Been that of an honest mans in Regard to the Endens. and that I Never heard nor Dow I Beleve that he Ever mad aney Deference Betwen the Inhabitents and the Endens. But Sarten I am that the Endens has Been las trublsom to the Satlement Sance his Rasadence among tham than Before

Ezekiel Pattee Town Clark Winslow August 10th 1782.

Certificate of Jeremiah Colburn.

These may certify whom it may concern that I formerly resided on Penobscot River & about seven months ago my House was burned by Accident or the Negligence of the person who lived in it & not by the Indians or the instigation of the french Instructor —

Jereah Colburn Winslow Aug 14th 1782

William Lithgow to the Governor, and Certificates.

Georgetown, Kennebec Aug 13th 1782. Sir

As I have had the honor of but a very slight acquaintance with your Excellency, I should not have ventured to address you on the present occasion, was it not at the earnest & repeated solicitations of the Indians, who, from the circumstance of my having formerly resided among them at Fort Halifax in quality of Truckmaster, think they may repose some confidence in me, & that I am persuaded the public are deeply interested in a proper attention to their views & inclinations at the present critical moment -- It is needless to inform your Excellency, who, I imagine was early acquainted with the Measures as well as the Motives which led to it, that soon after the establishment of the british Garrison at Bagwaduce Supplies were voted by Government for the eastern Indians, & ordered to be lodged at Fort Halifax, a Truckmaster & Interpretter were appointed & a french Instructor engaged, & sent down to reside among them, in order I presume to conciliate the affections of the Indians towards the Inhabitants of this Commonwealth.

However well adapted this measure was in itself, to the attainment of the important end proposed, yet it is extremely obvious that without a judicious appointment of both Instructor & Truckmaster no valuable consequences can be expected to result from it to the public | That the Government were fortunate in their Choice of Instructor I am fully persuaded, both by the Indians themselves over whom he has gained a peculiar ascendency & who discover an inviolable attachment to his person, & also by the information of some of the first Characters in this County, who give it as their opinion, that ever since his residence among the Indians he has made it his invariable & earnest endeavour to direct that ascendency so as but to answer the end of his appointment, by cultivating a friendly intercourse between the Inhabitants & Indians, & persuading the latter to think favourably of our Government, in which he has hitherto been Successful. From this attachment to the person & Character of their Father (as they call him) it is owing, that the Indians at this moment consider his late dismission by the General Court, as a peculiar grievance & a certain indication of an increasing unfavourable disposition in our Government towards their Nation, which they imagine must have arisen from the partial & injurious representations of some interested or designing person in this part of the Country, & have therefore sent one of their Chiefs who is the bearer of this, to make enquiry into the matter. I Whether it would be true policy in the General Assembly to discharge him finally I am not to determine, but I think it is a fact that cannot admit of a doubt, that the retaining or reinstating him in his former Office among the Indians, will be the most effectual & perhaps the only means of preventing that disaffection in their minds, which the artful & inimical, in various parts of the Country will sedulously endeavour to improve to the worst purposes. As to the present Truckmaster at Fort Halifax I have little or personal knowledge of him, but whatever may be his real Character it is very certain that the Indians are greatly dissatisfied with his conduct, & directly accuse him with various species of fraud in the course of his trade with them, & with applying the public Stores intended for the Indians to his own private purposes — whether those charges be true or false I am utterly ignorant, but it appears to me to be a matter of very considerable importance to the public, that the Truck master should not only be an honest man, but one who is capable of conforming himself to the particular humours of the Indians, without which, it will be impossible to give them satisfaction; but perhaps it may be a question with the Legislature whether, all circumstances considered, it will be eligible to continue the Indian Trade at Fort Halifax; for my own part I believe, (& I am very far from being singular in my opinion) that the continuance of that trade can answer no very beneficial purpose to the public, as very few of the indians now visit that place for that or any other purpose; at the same time that the Commonwealth is put to a considerable annual expense in transporting provisions & Supporting two persons with pay & rations; but if it should be the opinion of Government that the discontinuance of the indian Trade at Fort Halifax would be disadvantageous to the public, I beg leave to recommend to your Excellency's notice a Major Pattee who lives near the spot. This Gentleman is a person of integrity & responsibility & will probably give good satisfaction to the Indians, & is willing to undertake the business for no other consideration than the occupation of the Fort & the improvement of ten Acres of land adjoining the same, which must be a considerable saving to the public —

If any thing contained in the foregoing representation can be improved to public advantage I have obtained my end, if not I have the consolation of having done my duty With sentiments of the most perfect respect, | Your Excellency's Obedient Serv!

William Lithgow To whom it may concern ( These may certify that we have had some acquaintance with Juniper Barthiume Recollect, since his residence among the eastern Indians — As to his private Character, we believe it to be that of an honest Man, & are firmly persuaded of his friendly Attachments to the American States & fully convinced that he has rendered essential service to the public by his constant earnest, & hitherto effectual endeavours, to cultivate & maintain a friendly intercourse between the Indians & the Inhabitants in this part of the Country We therefore give it as our Opinion that his further continuance among the Indians, in quality of an Instructor, will probably be attended, with happy & important consequences to the public.

James Howard Esq"

William Howard L Col
Hallowell Aug 13th 1782 Joseph North Colo
Sam' M°Cobbs Colo

Fort Hallifax June 7 1782 This may Certifie that I saw a paper signed by Four of the Penobscot Indians Certifies that Juniper Berthiaume Recolect Did not advise the Indians to kill the Cow which thay Did Kill belonging to the Inhabitants on penobscot River.

p' Josiah Brewer Justice Peace.

Certificate of Auditors in Favor Andrew Reed et al.

This Certifies That the sum of Five hundred & four pounds one shilling & three pence for the loss & hire of the Sloop Townsend taken into the Service at Townsend July 22, 1779 as a Transport on the Expedition to Penobscot, by order of General Lovell also the Sum of Eighty two pounds, one shilling & five pence, for Interest thereon to the first Instant, amounting to the sum of Five hundred & eighty six pounds two shillings & eight pence in Specie, is due to Andrew Reed & Jno Sevey which when paid to Henry Hodge their attorney, will be in full for the same — £586.2.8

Thomas Ivers / Comtee for Audits the Accots

Peter Roe Daltons of the late Board of War. His Excell' the Governor & the Honble the Council of the Commonwth of Massachusts

Boston August 14, 1782 — In Council Aug 16th 1782.

Rd & Advised that a W be drawn on the Treas' for £586.2.8 in full of the within Certificate agreeable to Re solve of 28th January 1782.

John Avery Sec?

Report of Sam' Carr, Muster Master.

Wells Augt 20th 1782 Mustered and Received of Capt" John Low, for the Town of Coxhall, A Certain Asa Lapell, John Foster & Ebenezar Stimson Cousens; Recruits inlisted for the Term of three Years,— for the Quota Order'd to be Rais’d By a Resolve of the General Court, December 2d 1780)

Sam' Carr Muster-Master

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