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In Council July 31 1782 Ro & Advised that a Wt be drawn on the Treas' for £74.6-11 in full of the Certificate agreeable to Resolve of 21st Jan' 1782

John Avery Secy

Proclamation of George Third.

George Rex.

George the 3d by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswic & Lunenburg, Arch-Treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire, Elector, &c. To all and singular to whom these presents shall come — Greeting — The flames of war having already, too long waged in the various parts of the world, we would most earnestly endeavour rightly to settle and adjust all disputes and controversies, and restore and establish the general peace & tranquility - For which purpose we have thought fit to send to our good and most Christian Brother, a man equal to that important Trust – Know ye therefore that We reposing full Confidence in the integrity, industry, knowledge, ability and experience of our trusty and well beloved Alliene Fitzherbert Esq" have named, made and constituted, and by the presents, be it known, We do name, make and constitute him our true, certain and undoubled Commissioner, agent, and Plenipotentiary, giving and granting to him all and every power, right, and authority; and also our General as well as special commission, (Provided however that the General shall not abridge the special, nor the special the general,) in the Court of our aforesaid good Brother, the most Christian King, For us and in our name, with the Delegates, Commissioners, Deputies & Plenipotentiaries, as well of their High Mightiness the States General of the United Provinces, as of every other government whom it may concern, furnished with sufficient authority, as well singularly and separately as collectively and conjunctively, of meeting and conferring, and with them of treating, consulting, agreeing and concluding to restore, in every respect, a firm and lasting peace, harmony and sincere friendship, and for us and in our name, on the settlement of affairs, of signing everything, that shall be so agreed and concluded on, of making and executing any treaty or treaties or other necessary instruments of whatsoever number or quality they may be, and of receiving any other, which may happily tend to the concluding of the aforesaid work, in as ample manner and form, force and effect, as we ourselves could have done were we personally present; engaging and promissing, on the word of a King, that we will, in the best manner, approve, accept, and confirm and singular the things, which may be transacted & concluded by our said Plenipotentiary; nor ever suffer the same, in whole, or in part to be violated or perverted— And for the greater assurance & confirmation thereof we have caused our great seal of Great Britain to be affixed to these presents, signed by our royal hand — which are given at St James, this twenty fourth day of July in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighty two & in the twenty second year of our Reign

Joseph North to Governor.

May it Pleas your Excellency (I have appointed Cape Samuel Brown of Boothbay a Deputie Collector of Excise und me, & Request your Excellency to approve of my Choice.

I am with Great Respect your Excellency most obedient Hum' Servant

Joseph North Hallowell Aug. 6 1782 To his Excell: John Hancock Esq"

Sentence of Robi Douglass. Cumberland Ss. Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

At the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts begun & held at Falmouth in the County of Cumberland and for the Counties of Cumberland & Lincoln on Thursday the Fourth day of July A D 1782, by adjournment to that time from the Tuesday next following the fourth Tuesday of June (being the second day of said July) A. D. 1782 by two of the Justices of the same Court by writs & Proclamations according to Law — The Jurors for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts upon their oath Presented that Robert Douglass of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland Yeoman on the seventh day of February last past at Pownalborough in the County of Lincoln with force and Arms one Silver Watch of the Value of four Pounds of the Goods and Chattels of one Ebenezer Whittier then and there being found feloniously did take Steal and Carry away to the damage of the said Ebenezer Whittier in Evil Example to others to offend in like Case against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth aforesaid and their Laws in such Case made & provided; and now in this present Term before the Court here cometh the said Robert Douglass & is set to the Bar & has this Indictment read to him he says that thereof he is not guilty & for Trial puts &c; a Jury is immediately impannelled viz Daniel Dole, Benjamin Parker, John Haize, Joseph Sawyer, Ephraim Hunt, Samuel Whitmore, Jonathan Osgood, James Cargill, James Johnson, John Tukey, Abraham Tyler Jun" and Peter Libby who being Sworn to Try the issue who after hearing all Matters and things concerning the same, return their Verdict & upon their oath do say that the said Robert Douglass is guilty — And thereupon It is Considered by the Court that the said Robert Douglass pay Ebenezer Whittier the person Injured Eight Pounds which with the goods Restored amount to three Times the Value of the Goods Stolen — that he be Whipped on his Naked back at the Public Whipping Post Twenty Stripes Pay Costs and Stand Committed till this sentence be performed - Cost Taxed at Twelve Pounds fifteen Shillings & two pence. A True Copy as on Record Attest

Cha' Cushing Clerk

Remittance of Sentence of Robe Douglass.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts I To all the Sheriffs of

the several Counties within this Commonwealth afore said and all other Officers and faithful Subjects to Whom these presents shall come Greeting —

Whereas Robert Douglass of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland Yeoman was at the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth aforesaid begun and held at Falmouth in the County of Cumberland and for the Counties of Cumberland & Lincoln on Thursday the fourth day of July A. D. 1782 by adjournment to that time from the Tuesday next following the fourth Tuesday of June (being the second day of said July) A. D. 1782 by two of the justices of the same Court by Writs and proclamations according to Law, was convicted of theft, Whereupon the said Court Ordered that the said Rob' Douglass be adjudged to pay EbWhittier the person injured Eight pounds which with the Goods restored Amount to three times the value of the Goods stolen; that he be Whipped on his naked back at the public Whipping post twenty Stripes, pay Costs and stand Committed 'till this sentence be Performed — And Whereas the said Robert Douglass has humbly supplicated the Grace & favor of this Commonwealth for the remittance of the said Sentence so far as it relates to the said Corporal punishment.


I do therefore by and with the Advice of Council remit to the said Rob' Douglass that part of the said sentence above mentioned

In testimony whereof I have caused the public Seal of this Commonwealth of Massits to be hereunto Affixed — Witness this Eighth day of Aug' A D 1782, & in the 7 Year of the indepence of the United States of America | By his Excellency's Cons! With the Advice & Consent of Council

Certificate and Award in Favor Joseph Reed.

This Certifies | That the sum of Five hundred & seventy two pounds ten shillings & three pence, for the loss & hire of the Sloop Sally John Reed Master, a Transport on the Penobscott Expedition taken into the service there by order of General Lovell, & the sum of Ninety three pounds, four shillings & four pence for Interest thereon to the first Instant, amounting to Six hundred & sixty five pounds, fourteen shillings & seven pence, in specie is due to Joseph Reed, which when paid will be in full for the same — £665 – 14.7

Thomas Ivers 1
Peter Roe Dalton /

a/c of the late Board of War Comtee for Audits the

His Excello the Governor & the Honle the Council of the

Commonth of Massachusetts Boston August 7, 1782 —

In Council Aug 15th 1782

R' & Advised That a We be drawn on the Treasury for £665.14.7 in full of the within Certificate agreeable to Re solve of 28th Jan' 1782.

John Avery Sec

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