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with him as are Officers in Colo Allan's Corps in the Eastern Department, in the same Manner, as Officers of his Rank in the Continental Army are settled with: [Resolved, That the Committee for settling with the Army be, and they are hereby directed to settle with the Officers of Co' John Allan's Corps, in the same manner as Officers in the Continental Army are settled with:- Provided, nevertheless, that the said officers shall receive Treasurers Notes for the whole amount of the Balance that shall be found due to them Sent up for concurrence

Nath Gorham Speaker In Senate July 2d 1782 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid Approv'd John Hancock.

John Allan to Governor.

Indian Eastern Department Machias July 1st 1782 Sir

My Last to your Excellency was of the 4th Ulto a Copy of which I have the Honour to Inclose — I am unacquainted with the Intention of the Honble Congress Respecting this Department. It appears by the manner of procuring supplys. It is not such an object of Importance; as when I was Honour'd with the Agency, I should be happy to know what is Intended — Four months have Elapsed Since I did myself the Honour of requesting your Excellency for some necessarys to Carry on the Indian business, at that time we had nothing to Subsist on but what was borrow'd — The request being only for two months since which we have lived by borrowing, Consequently will take the greatest part that may Come of the whole to repay - It is not for me to pry into the Secrets of Government, but Lett the Intent be what it will, the want of timely supplys, will cause the Indian as well as in War will be severly felt by it - The Enemy permited in further securing the river St Johns & Places Adjacent to their great Advantage - Masts Sparrs & other Lumb" Sufficiant to Load 12 sail of Heavy vessels on that river which might have been easily Demolished if the Least Publick Assistence had arrived — Inhabitants Daily moving to the Enemy – Young men several having gone from this place | going to St Johns for Employ where good Wages are given Either for Sea or Land bussiness — Correspondence & Trade become Open & free with the Enemy- Lowdar & Jere Preble of Penobscot Joined the Enemy, & the Indians of that river in Consequence Encouraged to Correspond & Trade, By which Including the whole Eastern Indians are not to be depended upon at present — I have frequently given Information of the Consequence of delaying matters — By this I may probably Appear to some Letegious — or from Lucretive Views or Idle Chimara's In drawing such Inferences, but Lett the Suggestions of mankind be as they will, or that however it may Effect reputation, I think it my Duty & shall pursue such Conduct in making known, as in Conscience I think may Effect the Savety or Honour of the State I am Employ'd in — Duty, Honour & Zeal for the cause I am Employ'd in has Compelled me hitherto to be passive in my private situation. But I must take the Liberty to say I Doubt Whether it woud be Credited By any Gentleman in America, or Even in the Universe that are not on the Spot, what it has been for near Two Years, perticular for some Months Past - Still all I want on request is to be Enabled to do my Duty for the Service of the Country — I have the Honour to be with Great Duty & respect yr Excellency's Most Obdo hble Syt


J. Allan

Capt OBrien will Inform yr Excellency of Perticulars ( His Excellency John Hancock Esq" In Senate Sept 24th 1782 —

Orderd, that this Letter with the Letter from Colo Lithgow be committed to John Pitts and Nath' Wells Esq" with such as the Honble House shall join to consider & report what may be proper to be done thereonSent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives Sept" 24th 1782

| Read & Concurred & M' Otis and Cap' Stearns are joined

Resolve on Petition of Fryeburg and Other Towns.

Common Wealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives July 24 1782 On the Memorial of the Committee of Fryburg Bridgton & Sudbury Canada praying for a Company of men to be stationed at Sudbury Canada for the Protection of the Frontier of the Countys of York & Cumberland — There fore Resolved that there be raised in the Countys of York & Cumberland Stationed on the Frontiers of said Countys a Company of men to consist of one Lieutenant & thirty men A and his Excellency the Governor is Requested to B Commission the officer accordingly C and it is further Resolved that there be allowed the same Wages & Rations as officers and soldiers receive in the Continental Army & that the Commissary General Supply the afors' men with Provisions or Money as he shall Agree for there Rations as afforesaid Sent up for concurrence

Nathaniel Gorham Speaker

In Senate July 5th 1782
Read & Concurred wth the Amendments at A B & C
Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid at A insert “to continue in service till the first day of De cember next, unless sooner discharged”

B. insert, "appoint and” I C. insert "and to give the necessary orders for carrying this Resolve into execution” — In the House of Representatives July 5, 1782 Read & concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker Approv'd John Hancock

Resolve Relating to Beef. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives July 34 1782 Resolved that the agent for receiving Beef in the County of Cumberland be and he hereby is directed to deliver to the Commissary General what beef he has in His Care in said County and that the Commissary General be & he here by is directed to dispose of so much of the same at public or private sale as he shall Judge Necessary — Sent up for concurrence

Nath Gorham Speaker In Senate July 4th 1782 Read & concurred

S Adams Presid Approv'd John Hancock.

Petition Nath' Bosworth.
To the Honble Senate & House of Representatives

Boston 4 July 1782 The petition of Nathaniel Bosworth humbly sheweth, that on the 27th of May last, your petitioner agreed with Richard Devens Esq" Commissary Gen' to carry a Quantity of Provisions & Military Stores to Kenebeck, & Received them on bord his Sloop for that purpose, & was to go under Convoy of the State Sloop Winthrop which was then ready to Sail — your petitioner expected to have proceeded Immediately — but has been detain'd at great expence ever since waiting for said Convoy, on acco' of his having the public property on Board — he has applied to the Commissary Gen' for Liberty to reland said Stores, but could not obtain it, he has also applied to him for allowance for his detention, which the Commiss' acknowledges he ought in Justice to have, but does not think himself authorized to make any without your honors directions. Your petitioner therefore relying on the Justice of your honors, humbly requests that you will authorize the Commissary Gen' to make him a Reasonable allowance for his being thus detained or otherwise relieve your Injured petitioner in such a Manner as to your honors shall scem Meet & Just and as in duty bound shall ever pray

Nat: Bosworth

Certificate and Resolve in Favor William MoGlathry.

This Certifies (That the sum of sixty four Pounds, eight shillings & four pence, for the Hire of Sloop Abigail, a Transport, on the Penobscot Expedition and Masters Wages & Nine Pounds, eighteen shillings & seven pence, for Interest thereon to the 1st Ins' amounting to the Sum of Seventy four Pounds six shillings & seven pence in Specie, is due to William MoGlathry, which when paid will be in full for the same — £74.6.11

Thomas Ivers Comtee for Audits the a/'cts

Peter Roe Daltons of the late Board of War His Excellency the Governor & the Honble the Council of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Boston July 6, 1782

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