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to a resolve of the General Court, of the 20 december 1780 — but it unfortunately happend that one of the men by the name of Daniel Gamage was afterwards Claimed by the Town of Cambrige and finally Credited to said Town— of Cambrige — your Memorialist finds an Execution against the Town of Fryeburg for the fines of two delinquent men, which must be a Mistake — Therefore your Memorialist Prays that your honors would be pleased to take the matter into Consideration and grant a short time of Indulgence for the purpose of percuring a man in lieu of Daniel Gamage- and your Memo further prays that the Treasurer of this Commonwealth may be directed to recall the Execution for the other Man in actual service. And in duty bound will ever Pray

Simon Frye

Petition of Sam' Sewall and Wife.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate June 18 1782 On the Petition of Samuel Sewall and Abigail his Wife praying for license to make Sale of sundry lots of land in their Petition mentioned for reasons therein set forth — Resolved That the Prayer of said Petition be so far granted as that the Petitioners be & hereby are impowered to sell One Lott of said land viz No 124 containing about One hundred Acres & lying on Presumsett River — And that a Deed of said Lotts executed in common form by said Samuel & Abigail shall be valid & effectual to pass the same the homage of said Abigail notwithstanding

Sent down for Concurrence S Adams Presid In the House of Representatives June 18 1782 Read & Concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker Approv'd John Hancock,

Petition Juniper Barthiaume. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

June 20th 1782 To the Honorable Senate and to the Honorable House of

Representatives in General Court Assembled The Petition of Juniper Barthiaume Recollect, Missionary to the Penobscot Tribe of Indians - | Humbly Sheweth

That Your Petitioner was Troubled with Some of the said tribe to Let Some of their Chiefs Come on A Visit to Boston, But Your petitioner being sensible of the Difficulties that would attend them & the Charges that would Arrise, he prevaild On them not to Come That Your Petitioner has Some Necessary Business to Transact here for the Said Tribe. He prays Your Honors he may have Some Convenient Place Provided for him for Support while he can perform his said Business. and your petitioner as in Duty bound Shall ever pray &c Also That Your Hon" Would Grant him his Wages and Rations for the time past, or that if it be agreeable to your Honors to grant him some Cloathing in Lieu of his Wages — And your Petitioner as in Duty &c

F Juniper Barthiaume Recollect

Resolve on Same.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the house of Representatives June 22, 1782 on the petition of Juniper Barthiaume Missionary to the penobscot Tribe of Indians | Resolve that his Excellency the governor and Council Be Requested To take the matter under their wise Consideration and make such allowance As they in their wisdom may think proper — And it is further Resolved that his Excellency the Governor with the advice of Council Be Empowered to Draw Such sum or sums of money out of the treasury for the above purpose as may be necessary Sent up for concurrence

sum or sum

Nath Gorham Speaker In Senate June 25th 1782 Read & Concurred as taken into a New Draft

Sent down for Concurrence S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives June 25th 1782 Read & concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker Approvd John Hancock

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives June 22, 1782 On the Petition of Juniper Barthiaume Recollect Missionary to the Penobscott Tribe of Indians — Resolved, that his Excellency the Governor be, and he is hereby requested, with the Advice of Council, to provide for and accommodate the said Juniper agreeably to his Petition in Such manner as Shall by his Excellency be judged most proper, (And it is further Resolved, that the Governor be impowered, with the Advice of Council, to draw such Sum of money out of the publick Treasury, as may be necessary for the purpose aforesaid: provided the sum thus drawn, do not amount to more than the value of the Wages and Rations which are already become due to the said Juniper, together with the additional sum of thirty Shillings to defray the Said Junipers expences during his present Stay in the Town of Boston.

Petition Selectmen of Warren. To the Hon ble Senate and house of Representatives for the

Common Wealth of Massachusetts

The Petition of the Selectmen of Warren in behalf of said Town In the County of Lincoln humbly Sheweth that

the Inhabitants are in a peculiar manner Impoverished and having no way to Convey our lumber to a Market which was the way that we Suported our famelies and paid our taxes and the Nevigation being Cut of and Daly Exposed to the revage of the Enemy and having no way to pay our taxes renders it very Distressing to this town and as thare is an Execution Essued from the treasurer of this State and is in the high Sharivis hand Against this town for our Quota for the Continental armey and as the Resolve of march the Second Cleared this County of their three years men we Perswad our Salves that their is Sum Mistake thus Circumstenced your petitioners bag your honores to take there De plorable Case into your wise Consideration and Grant Such Relief as the good of the Common wealth and thair Sircumstances require and your petetiners as in Duty bound Shal Ever pray

Hopestill Sumner

William Bogs Warren June 21, 1782

Patrick Pepbles

Resolve on Above. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives July 1782 On the petition of the Town of Warren in the County of Lincoln Resolved, That the Treasury of this Commonwealth be, & he is hereby directed to recal the Executions against the Town of Warren in the County of Lincoln, as the said Town being so contiguous to the Enemy at Penobscott make it exceeding difficult for them at this Time to pay the arrears due from them to Government. And that no Execution for past arrearages be issued, until the further order of the General Court. Any law or resolve to the Contrary notwithstanding

Certificate from J. Pettingell Maj".

Boston June 24th 1782 This Certifies that John Fhi was delivered to me as a soldier for the Town of Fryeburg and is now in actual service, if living, and not deserted, the other two men were delivered to Colo Crane and I veryly believe they are now in service

J Pettingell Maj'


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate June 26, 1782 Whereas it appears to this Court that John Vincent an Indian who is not a Subject of this Commonwealth & who lately came hither with the said Commonwealth the publick Affairs of the Nation to which he belongs is now confined in the Goal in Boston at the Suit of a private Person in Violation of the Law of Nations Resolved that the Sheriff of the County of Suffolk be & he hereby is directed & required forthwith to discharge the said John Vincent from his Confinement in the sa Goal Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives June 26, 1782 Read & concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker Approv'd John Hancock. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives June 26th 1782 Ordered that Mr Frye of Fryburg & M' Hill with such as the Hon ble Senate shall join be a Committee to consider of the proper measures to be taken respecting the Indians from

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