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Point out such Steps as you in your Wisdom may think Proper, & your Memorialist as in Duty Bounds, &c

George Stillman Boston June 15th 1782

Petition of Inhabts of Sterlingtown.

June 1782 To the Honble Senate, and House of Representatives of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Petition of the Subscribers Inhabitants of a Plantation called Sterlingtown in the County of Lincoln Humbly Sheweth That this Plantation is very new, began in the year 1776 by one Family; in the year 1777 two more were added; and has since increased so that the whole number of Families and Settlers (including several single men) are now Fourteen the whole number of male Inhabitants above the age of sixteen doth not exceed twenty (That we are scituate in the Wilderness at a great Distance from any other Settlements, tho' bordering on incorporated Towns, through which we have not as yet been able to obtain any Roads so as to get any of our Lumber or other Effects to market but with the greatest Difficulty — (That in De cember 1778 a large barn belonging to Philip Robbins was consumed by Fire with almost all the grain raised that year by all the Settlers in the Place, together with a large Quantity of Hay, which flung the Inhabitants into great Distress, and occasioned the loss of ten Head of Cattle in the Winter That in the Year 1779 several of our Settlers turned out at the Siege of Majorbagaduce as Volunteers without any Pay; and in the Summer following by Advice of Gen' Wadsworth we kept a Watch & Scouting Party at our own Expence

That several Persons formerly Settlers here have left their Habitations on account of the Difficulties in the Eastward, and several of those now here, have been drove from their Farms on the Island, and other places by the Eenemy. That in the year 1779 We were assessed by the Town of Warren as adjacent Inhabitants, & their Constable took by Distress some of our most necessary farming Tools. That in the Year 1780 We petitioned the Hon ble the General Court setting forth some of our Distresses and praying to be exempted from paying Taxes; in Consequence whereof the Honble Court in 1781 ordered that we should be exempted; and that the articles taken by Warren should be returned ; which Order has never been comply'd with, though often sought for and Requested, the same Reasons still Remain for our being excused from paying Taxes, which were set forth in that Petition, only that the Town of Waldoborough has granted us a Road to be laid out to their Settlement, but is not yet laid out nor opened

Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray your Excellency and Honors, that we may be excused from paying Taxes until we are in Circumstances of Ability equal with our Brethren in the Commonwealth, and then we will most readily pay our Proportion And your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c Phinehas Butler Joel Adams Jesse Robbins Philip Robbins Richard Comings David Robbins Moses Hawes John Butler Ezra Bowen Jason Ware Ebenezer Robbins Matthias Hawes Elisha Partridge

Petition of Inhabt. Fryeburg and Other Towns.

To The General Court of Massachusetts

The Memorial and Petition of the Committees of Fryeburg, Bridgton and Sudbury, Cannada, in the County's of York and Cumberland. Humbly Sheweth. that whereas the Indians Did on the third and fourth days of august last make an assault on the Inhabitants of Sudbury cannada. and Places adjoining on and near Androscoggin River. and Did Kill Sculp Carry Captive and Plunder some of the Inhabitants. The Season is now come, that the Fronteers of the County of York and Cumberland are Exposed to the Depredations of those Saveges. The Large Lakes and Rivers that lay between Sudbury, Cannada and Qebeck, admits the Indians to have an Easy access to that Place, and that being almost the only avenue by which they can have access on the back Settlements of the County of York and Cumberland. and if Sudbury, Cannada is left by its Inhabitants to the Fronteer from Fryeburg to Brunswick will be Exposed and Sudbury, Cannada become a Lurking Place for the Savages. to the great Distress of these back Settlements being thus Exposed and momently Expecting those merciless Savages. to fall on us or our neighbour. Our humble Petition and Request. to the honorable Court. is that a Compeny of men might be imeadeatly raised and stationed at Sudbury, cannada to gaurd and Scout on the fronteers of the Countys aforesaid — We as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray Moses Ames

Committee Nath' Merrill

Stephen Purington Fryeburg Fryeburg June 15th 1782

Enoch Perley } Agent for Bridgton Jonathan Clark Committee of Sudberie Eleaz' Twitchell



Resolves on Petition of David Strout et als. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

House of Representatives June 17th 1782 On the Petition of David Strout and others, Matrosses at Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth under the Command of Brigadier General Wadsworth, praying that they may be allowed the same Wages as were allowed to other soldiers under his Command — | Resolved that the prayer of the Petitioners be granted and that there be allowed and paid out of the Treasury of this Commonwealth to the said petitioners the same Wages as other Soldiers under General Wadsworth's Command receive: and the Committee on pay Rolls be and hereby are directed to allow the s' petitioners to be made up in the pay Rolls accordingly; which Sums are to be charged to the account of the United States — Sent up for concurrence

Nath Gorham Speaker
In Senate June 17th 1782
Read & Nonconcurred

S Adams Presid
In Senate June 25th 1782
Reconsidered & concurred as taken into a New Draft
Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid In the House of Representatives June 27th 1782

Read & Concurred Nath Gorham Speaker
Approvd John Hancock.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives June 17, 1782 On the Petition of David Strout & others, Matrosses of Cape Elizabeth & Falmouth, under the Command of Brigadier General Wadsworth, praying that they may be allowed the Same wages as were allowed to the Soldiers under his Command Resolved that the prayer of the Petitioners be granted, and that the Committee on pay Rolls be and they hereby are directed to make addition to the pay Rolls Al ready made out by said Petitioners, so as to make the same Equal to the Continental Establishment for Men that did duty in the Eastern parts of this Commonwealth under the command of said General, Agreeable to a resolve of the General Court of June 20th 1780 The same to be Charged to the Account of the United States —

Boston 21 June 1782 This may Certify that the party of Matrosses under Sergť Strout & Brazier did Duty at Falmouth in 1780 in the same Manner as the other Troops under my Command at that Place

Peleg Wadsworth To all whom it Concerns.

Petition David Strout et als Attached. Commonwealth of Massachusetts To the. Honorable Senate

and Honorable House of Representatives, in General

Court Assembled, May — 1782. Your Petitioners Humbly Sheweth, that they was inlisted as Matrosses at the Fort in Cape Elizabeth by a Resolve of the Honble General Court, in the year 1780 — and was put under the Command of Brig" General Wadsworth, who had the Command in the Eastern Department, We did equal Duty with the other Soldiers under his Command — We your Petitioners Humbly pray that your Honors will allow us as much Wages p' Month as was paid the other Soldiers under His Command —

David Strout / Serjent in behalf of the Guard

Memorial Simon Frye. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Boston June 17th 1782 — Memorial — To the honorable the Senate the Honble the

house of Representatives Assembled | Your Memorialist begs leave to lay before your honors the following facts — | The Town of Fryeburg did Inlist and muster four able body'd and Effective men and deliverd them to the Superintendent for the County of York, agreable

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