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Fryeburg, and whereas it appears by the Settlement of the Present Valuation that the Town of Fryeburg did stand in the former tax Book double to what it ought to have stood. Your Petitioner Humbly Prays that this Court would take the matter into their wise Consideration and Grant Such Relief to the Town of Fryeburg as in Your Wisdom shall Appear Just and reasonable, and your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray.

Simon Frye Boston June 13th 1782

Certificate of Auditing Comtee Late Board of War.

This Certifies (That the sum of Three hundred & sixty five pounds nine shillings & five pence, for the loss & hire of the Sloop Brittania & appur. a Transport on the Penobscot Expedition and Mas. Wages, also fifty four pounds, sixteen shillings & three pence, for Interest thereon, amounting to Four hundred & twenty pounds five shillings & eight pence Specie is due to Robert Johnson; which when paid to his Attorney John Southworth, will be in full for the same £420.5.8

Thomas Ivers Comtee for Auditing the a/cts of the

Peter Roe Dalton | Late Board of War Boston June 13, 1782


His Excell' the Governor & the Honble the Council of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts In Council June 20 1782

Rd & Advised That a Wt be drawn on the Treas' for £420..5.. 8 in full of this Certificate agreeable to Resolve of 28th January 1782

John Avery Sec .

Certificate in favor of Daniel Mitchell.

This Certifies (That the sum of three hundred & eighty three Pounds, ten shillings, for the loss & hire of the Sloop Defiance & appur. a Transport on the Penobscot Expedition, and Masters Wages. also fifty seven pounds ten shillings & five pence for Interest due thereon, amounting to Four hundred & forty one pounds & five pence Specie is due to Daniel Mitchell, which when paid to his Attorney John Southworth, will be in full for the same —£441.0.5 Thomas Ivers

Comtee for Auditing the a/cts
Peter Roe Daltons of the late Board of War
His Excellency the Governor & the Honle the Council of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts —
Boston June 13, 1782
In Council June 20th 1782

Ro & Advised that a Wt be drawn on the Treas' in full of the above Certificate agreeable to Resolve of 28th Jan'1782

Jno Avery Sec

Resolve in Favor John Stone and William Grow. Common Wealth of Massachusetts

In House of Representatives June 14th 1782 On the Petition of John Stone & William Grow of York in the County of York praying to be paid for sundry Necessaries delivered a Cartel going from Boston to Penobscot

Resolvd That there be paid out of the Treasury of this comon Wealth to John Hopkins Esq" Deputy Comissary general for the use of the sd John Stone and William Grow the Sum of Eight Pounds Seventeen Shillings and four pence for sundry necessaries deliverd a Cartel Bound from Boston to Penobscot as aforesa A

Sent up for concurrence Nath Gorham Speaker

In Senate June 21, 1782

Read & Concurred wth Amendment at A at A insert the said Hopkins to be accountable for ye same . Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid*
In the House of Representatives June 24th 1782
Read & concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker
Approv'd John Hancock
W'drawn 25th June 1782

an O

Receipt of and Order in Favor of George Rendall.

York, November the 15th 1781 Recyd of Cap' George Rendall one Barrell of Beef & 2 Bushell of Meel for the use of the Prisoners on Board the Penopscot Carteel

by me Joseph Hibbert Please to pay to Cape George Rendall the Sum of four Pound four Shillings Lawfull Money for the undermentioned artickells

£ 8. d To 1 Barrell of Beef of 220wt

3 12 0 To 2 Bushell of Meel

0 120

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Order to Pay John Stone and Wm Grow.

York Novi 10th 1781


Please to pay Cap' John Stone & Cap' W" Grow two of the Committy of York the Sum of three pounds thirteen Shillings & Six pence Lawf' Mony it being for Vallue Reca in the following articles for the use of the Prisoners on board the Carteel Penobscot — Viz 1 barrel Irish Beef

£3: 0.0 2 bushell Meal

0.12.0 12 foot wood


You'l oblige St your Hum' Serve

Joseph Hibbert Master of the Carteal

John Hopkins Esq" Dept Commissary of Prisoners at Boston


Deposition of Joseph Hibbert.

The Deposition of Joseph Hibbert master of the Schooner Penobscot a Carteal bound from Boston to Penobscot with forty odd British Prisoners on Board and Edward Prince and Robert Perry Sailers on board saild from Boston the 28th of Oc last and the Wind heading them were Oblig'd to put in to Cape Ann the 29th where they by occasion of the Contrary Winds lay till the gth of Nov' instant and then came to Sale with the Wind at about West North West but the Wind shifting the same Day were Oblig'd to put in to York Harb" the same day at about 4 o'Clock afternoon where by Contrary Winds they have been Obliged to lay ever since and being out of Provisions applied to Cap' John Stone one of the Comtee of Correspondence there, who accordingly supplied us. York Nov? 10th 1781

Joseph Hibbert

Robert Perry Lieut of the
Edwa Prince Master of the Packet Comet

York in New England Nov 10th 1781 Then the above named Joseph Hibbert Robert Perry & Edwa Prince who sign the above Deposition personally appearing and after due caution made oath to the truth of the truth-before me

Dan' Moulton

Jus Peace

Memorial of George Stillman. To The Hon ble Senate & Honble House of Representatives

May it Please your Honors The Memorial of George Stillman, in behalf of himself and several others Humbly Sheweth, that your memorialist has on Board a Quantity of Publick Stores for the Garison at Machias, which is at this time Intirely distitute of any kind of Supplys, and having had the Promise of being Conveyed by the States Sloop Commanded by Captain Little In consequence of which your memorialist has been waiting some Considerable time for said Sloop, the like has been the Case with the Vessell bound with Publick Stores to Kenebunk we likewise are Inform’d the Said Sloop has been Some time Ready for Sea, & By the best account from the eastward we are able to obtain the Coast is Clear at the eastward except from Small Cruisers, a number of other Vessell are now waiting to take the Benefit of her Convoy. Your Memorialist humbly Prays your Honors to take the matter under your Consideration &

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