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Enemy & Countenenced By Every Ranque thro the Country

- I have the Honour to be with respect Your Excellencys most ob' Hb' Sve

J Allan His Excellency John Hancock Esq" In Senate June 13th 1782 Read & sent down

S Adams Presid

Resolve on Petition of John Lane.

Common Wealth Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives June 8 1782 On the Petition of John Lane in behalf of the Amascogin Indians praying to be Suplied With a Number of articles — Resolved — that the Commis' Gen' be & he is hereby directed to procure the following Articles (and Send them to Some Suitable Person who Resides Near where Said Indians Live to be disposed of to Said Indians at a Reasonable Price & Receive the pay therefor in Skins or Furrs which the Commiss' is Directed to Receive on Account of this Commonwealth) Viz, Two Doz fish hooks 5 Guns Twenty Six pounds gun powder one hundred pounds Buck Shott & Musket Ball — Thirty Three Blankets one hundred Sewing Needles Thirteen Indian Knives: Cloth Sufecent for Thirteen pair Indian Stockins Ten Doz Flints, Fourteen yards Stufs for Indian Peticoats, Twenty pounds Tobaco — Two pounds Vermilion, Thirty Three Shirts & Shifts or Cloth Suficent to make them and the Commissary Afforeso is directed to deliver such of the foregoing Articles as he Shall Judge Necessary to the Two Indians who are now in Boston — and, it is also, Re

solved that Such of the afforesd articles as the Commissary Gen' has not on hand — the Agent for this Common Wealth is directed to Suply provided he has them on hand — Sent up for concurrence

Nath Gorham Speaker

In Senate June 10th 1782
Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid
Approv'd John Hancock

Resolve on Petition of Elizabeth Hall, et al.

Common Wealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives June 10th 1782 On the Petition of Elizabeth Hall and John Freeland praying for Licence to make Sale mentioned for reasons therein set forth (Resolved that the prayor of the Petition be Granted and that the Petitioners be & they are hereby fully Impowered to make Sale of said Land & Building in their petition mentioned for the most the same will Fetch and make & Execute a good & Lawfull Deed or Deeds thereof to the purchasor or purchasors they observing the Rules & Directions of the Law for the Sale of Real Estates by Executors & Adm" first giving security to the Judge of Probate for the County of Middlesex that the proceeds of said Sale Shall be applied in maner following viz the whole be put on Interest for the Benefitt of the widow & heirs of the Deceasa and the Interest of One third part thereof paid annually to the Deceasa Widow as Dower the other two third both principal & Interest to be paid to the several heirs in Legal proportion as they respectively arive at Lawfull age and the principal of that part the Interest of which is assigned to said widow as Dower at her Decease to be in Like maner & in Like proportion to said heirs

Sent up for concurrence

Nath Gorham Speaker In Senate June 18th 1782 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid

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To the Honorable Senate, and house of Representatives for

the Common Wealth of Massachusetts in General Court

Assembled | The Petition of Elizabeth Hall Relict, & Administrix on the Estate of Nathan Hall of Winthrop in the County Lincoln in said State, House right Deceasd, Intestate; and John Freeland of Hopkinton in the County of Middlesex, Guardian of all the Children of Said Deceased — Humbly Sheweth (That the Real Estate of the said Nathan Containing One Hundred and Seventy acres of Land being Lott N° Eleven in said Town, with Poor Small Buildings, much out of Repair; and there being Debts not Paid; the Personal Estate having been Applied to that Purpose Proves greatly Insufficient, the Discharge of which, will Require the Sale of a Considerable part of said Estate, and what will Remain, will be Dayly falling into Decay, in addition to the Decay which hath already Taken Place which is Very great, the Farm Being New, a great part of the Improvements Newly Cleara and the Bushes not Subdued, a great part thereof is growing up, that in a Short Time the greatest Part of Said Improve

ments will be Esteemed as unimproved Land, there being no fence but wooden which is greatly fallen into Decay already, that unless better managements take Place than is in our Power to Procure, Before the first male heir arives of age (which is Fourteen years) the whole of said Farm must ly unimproved: your Petitioners who have the Care of Said Farm Reside Two Hundred miles Distant therefrom, which Renders it Difficult and Expensive to Look after it; they Humbly Conceive that said Estate cannot be Improv'd any way so advantageous to the heirs as the Value thereof in money at Interest might be; Debts Dayly Increasing by Interest, the Charges of Administration and Application to this Court, being Considerable in the whole, it is therefore Necessary that Sale Should be made as soon as may be — Thero fore your Petitioners Humbly Pray that they may be Impowered to sell the whole of said Estate (the said Elizabeth Retaining to herself the Priviledge of Dower in the Proceeds of Sale) under such Directions and Limitations as this Court Shall Judge Necessary & Expedient, and your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray &c

John Freeland Guardian for the Children
Elizabeth Hall Administra—

rs as

Hopkinton April 10th 1782

The Subscribers (according to their best Knowledge & Information) are of the Opinion that it is Expedient the Prayer of the above Petition be granted — Henry Mellen

Selectmen of
Walter MoFarland
John Freeland


Whereas Elizabeth Hall & John Freeland in their Capacities have Petitioned the General Court for the Sale of Land being the Estate of Nathan Hall Late of Winthrop in the County Lincoln Deceas’d, — the Subscribers upon Considering all the Pressing Circumstances attending the Widow & Children, is of the Opinion that it is Expedient, the Prayer of Said Petition Should be granted.

Grandfather to the
Thomas Freeland

✓ Children of said Deceas'd
Hopkinstown April 9th 1782
To the Comtee for sale of Lands

Memorial and Petition of Simon Frye.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts To the Hon. the Senate and

House of Representatives In General Court Assembled, the Memorial and Petition of Simon Frye in behalf of the Town of Fryeburg Humbly Sheweth that the Town of Fryeburg was not called upon to make a Return of their Ratable Property when the Valuation of 1778 was Settled for which Reason the ga Town of Fryeburg was doomed double to what it ought to have stood at, as appears by the Settlement of the present Valuation. Your Memorialist begs leave further to observe that the General Court did on or about the 16th of February 1781 Pass a Resolve directing the Treasurer to Stay Executions from the Town of Fryeburg till the further order of the General Court Provided the sd Town of Frye burg Should Pay (in Sutable Season) the one half of all the Taxes Sett to sa Town Since the Setteling of the then Valuation which was Directly Complyed with in the Paper money taxes but Through the great Scarsety of hard money (and not through aney unwillingness to bear their Proportion of the Publick taxes) they Could not Pay in the one half of the hard money tax (as it is commonly called) Untill the Treasurer Sent his Execution for all tax which Execution was for the whole Sum of the hard Money Tax Set to go

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