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monwealth of Massachusetts we renew our petitions Humbly Shewing for that whereas your petitioners have Bin much Distressed by the Injoyns coming to the Town last Summer & killing & robing & leading off our Nabors — which we have Never heard of them sence We are much distressed In our minds fearing least we Should faull a pray Into the hands of those Saviges Whose mercys is cruelty We most humbly Presume on your goodness being assured by sundry Examples of your Compassions that you will Think of and pity the Distressed therefore as an object Truly Deserving Compassion we most humbly Implore And petition this honored assembly To Consider many Difficulties we Labor under and grant us a garde of about Forty men To Scout up and down Androscoging river And Elsewhere: whare It shall be thought most Necessary. If we cannot have redress. We must Leave our Land on which we begin to raise our bread corn And our families must suffer for Lack of bread: It is an Excellent track of Land we are Loth to Leave it and That


honored assemblys Compliance will greatly oblige your
humble servants and they as in duty bound will Ever pray
Eleaz" Twitchell Josiah Bean Isaac Ilsley York
Eli Twitchel Daniel Bean Benjamin Russell
David Marshall John York James Swan
Sam" Ingulls Jonathan Clark Jesse Duston
Jonathan BeanJun” Jonathan Bean
Sudbere Canada May ye 29 A. D. 1782.

Memorial of Lewis Fredk Delesdernier. Honoble Sir

Being appointed Agent to Colon' Allen, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the Eastern Department, who has Instructed me to Come and Receive what Government may be

pleased to Grant him in Consiquence of his Memorails & Representations for which purpose I have already waited five Weeks.

The Several papers Respecting the said Department were Immediately on my Arrival, Laid before his Excellency, who judged it most Expedient to Lay them before the Honoble General Assembly, the time of their meeting being at hand, I was directed to wait —

Since the Recommittment of Colo Allans papers the Report haveing been Returned & during several day past Coud not be taken up, and, fearing that thro' the Multiplicity of the Important Business now before the Honoble Hous, the Session woud End before it coud be Call up, Impressed with this Apprehension, as allso Colo' Allan Deplorable setuation, not only for want of necessary Assistance for Carrying on his Superintending business, but even destitute of subsistance his Store being Exhausted & himself as well as others in the Employ is Starving, Also Alarmd at the withdrawing of the Indians to St Johns, where (Father Henley) an Irish Priest is now Exerting himself to Retain them in the British Interest, an Insinuating Genius as he is may Probably make advantage of the Coolness of the Indians for the Americans Viewing them selves neglected

These Several Considerations have Induced me to take the Liberty in the manner of Informing Your Hono" of the Anxiety I am in to know the ditermination of Government on this Subject which Urges me earnestly to Intreat with all Submission that Colo Allans Papers may be Acted upon, that a speedy & definitive Dicission may be obtained, as soon as possible | Having heard first the Report Red & finding some Meterial Matters not Attended to I further take the Liberty to Solicite those perticulars might be Reconsidered, that is Leave of Absence for Colo Allan to Come westward to settle his accounts, several Applications have been but no

on as

Answer coud yet be obtained Also Leave to Remove Artilary & Ordnance Store to Passamaquody. Likewise the

adiquate for the purpose of Retaining the Indians in our Interest at this Juncture - [My Solicitude to Answer the Intentions of Colo Allan in procuring Aid to Enable him to pursue his Instructions from Congress I hope will not be deemed Amiss by Your Honour, I am a Stranger & rather unacquainted, in this Business, but seeing no Other prospect of perfering it to the Honobi House to which it is referd thro You encouraged me to this presumption of troubling Your Honour-sI am with all Respect Your Honours Most Obd Hum' Servant

Lewis Fred* Delesdernier Agent & Secretary to Colo Allan.

Certificate in Favor Aaron Babcock.

Boston June 4 1782 This Certifies

That the sum of Four hundred & sixty five pounds nine shillings 9 pence became due from the late Board of War for this Commonwealth the ninth day of July one thousand seven hundred & seventy nine, to Aaron Babcock, Esq" for the loss of one sixteenth part of the Ship General Putnam on the Expedition to Penobscot, which when paid to him will be in full for said sixteenth part and appurtenances.

Thom Ivers Com for settling the

Pet. Roe Dalton a/c of the late Board of War His Excellency the Governor & The Hon' Council of the Com

monwealth Massts

In Council June 5th 1782

Rd & Advised that a W' be drawn on the Treas' in full of the above Certificate agreeable to Resolve of 28th Jan' 1782

John Avery Secy. Certificates in favor of Aaron Babcock Esq' of his demand on board of War June 5th 1782

Colonel Allan to the Governor. Indian Eastern Department Machias June 4th 1782 Sir

My Last which I had the Honour of writing your Excellency was of the 26th March, wherein I mentioned my Intention of removing from hence, among the Indians — On preparing for my departure some difficultys Arising in this place, which had a Tendency of giving advantage to the Enemy in their pursuits for this Country, and not being able to procure Common necessarys for Subsistence, I posponed going untill I received Intelligence and supplys from the Westward; and Dispatched away my Two Eldest sons among the Indians as a pledge between us for the present — 7 A few days ago Arrived an Express from the Indians on se Johns River, with Strings of Wampum, to know what is Intended by the Americans & French with them, and to Agree upon a Generll Conference somewhere between this place, & St Johns — By this received Intelligence that about 200 Men with Ten pieces of Heavy Cannon, and Two Mortars with large Supplys, were arriv'd at Fort How on S' Johns, & there landed, allso Two Ships of War and Four other Armed Vessells. By the Information I have had previous to this, with a further Confirmation of the News, I amagine the Enemy Intends Fortifying different places on St Johns River to keep an Open Communication to Canada that way, and allso to Extend to some of the Rivers on Passamaquody for other purposes - Twelve days ago an Express Arrived from Quebec, Brings Intelligence they were Fortifying the several posts on St Lawrence daily, Gen' Haldiman was gone from Quebec to Mountreal — Five Weeks since, Arrived here from Halifax, One M' Lecour a Young Gentleman of the Netherlands Subject of the Emperour of Germany, It appears he has been Traveling on Speculation Came from England to Canada, by the papers I have in possession he has the greatest Recommendation — Has been as farr as Detroit on Lake Erie was Employ'd in some matters military under the patronage of Gen' Haldiman. But upon His geting Acquanted with American affairs, and Detesting the Horrid proceedings of the Britains in Massacreing the Inhabitants in the Back Country, with some other very Substantial reasons, he left Quebec Last fall and by Various Methodes Gote thro by St Johns to Nova Scotia; from thence brot here by some Accadians of Cape Sables — He Possesses Every External Qualification of the Military and Gentleman, and appears otherways Qualify'd as a man of Superior Sence - Is well acquanted with Every Transaction in Canada during His Residence — He wants much to go Westward but · afraid of Capture. As no suitable Opp' Offers, and not Inclining to Lett him proceed without some person going who will see him safe to Boston - I shall detain him here for the present-II shall not Trouble further respecting our situation here, your Excellency must fully know it - Only as my Duty; would Acquant you, that for want of Necessarys & Supplys, It is not in my Power to secure the Interest of the Indians — Nor to Prevent the Enemy from taking possession of this place and other parts of the Country shoud they attempt it with very small force — That an Open & free Communication & Correspondence is daily Increasing with the

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