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took s' Linikin in a Coasting Vessell where they had got themselves fortifd Boarded & Took him and killd one of his men ; since that time a Party of the Melitia headed by Cap' Nehe miah Curtis Took one Hammond on an Island and Retook one of his Prizes; and a Party of the Melitia headed by Cap Jotham Doyle have Taken y ga Hammond again near the same Place Since and kill' one man whose name was Caltron; Now if such an Expos! People with such Resolution annimated with a Spirit of Liberty ant Deserving of Pity we know of None that is Therefore we Pray Your Honours to Take into Consideration those Two men beforementioned and Relinquish our fines; and we in Duty Bound shall ever Pray.

Benja Duning?
John Rodick

Selectmen Harpswell Februa ye 5th 1783

Petition Sarah Nason, and Action Thereon.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the house of Representatives Febry 5th 1783 on the Petition of Sarah Nason praying to be impowered to Exchange about twenty five acres of land of the Estate of her late Husband Shubal Nason late of York in the County of York Dec", intestate, for about thirty acres of land in the same town owned by Joshua Bridges & Jasper grant, and it appearing to this Court that to make such Exchange may be beneficial to said Deca Estate -

Resolved that the said Sarah Nason be and she hereby is fully impowered to make such Exchange and to make and Execute good and lawfull Deed or Deeds, of the aforesaid twenty five acres of land to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, Provided She Procure a good and lawfull Deed well Executed of the afore said thirty acres of land to run to the Heirs


at law of the said Deed in such Proportion as they would have been intitled to had not the same been Exchanged Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate March 12th 1783 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid Approv'd John Hancock

Petition Joseph M°Lellan.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

To the Honble the Senate

monwealth in General Court assembled The Petition of Joseph McLellan of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland —— humbly sheweth —

That your Petitioner was appointed to a Lieutenancy, & served in that capacity under Brigadier General Wadsworth at the eastward in 1780: that during the General's command there, Charles Cushing Esq" Brigadier of the County of Lincoln was taken out of his bed, from the tender partner of his bosom, in the Silent hour of the Night, by a party of Refugees & carried prisoner to Bagwaduce, where he remained several Weeks, & at the same time many others who discovered a friendly attachment to the cause of their Country, were threatned by the Tories with a similar fate — this alarmed the fears & apprehensions of the virtuous & well disposed Inhabitants, & every one became anxious for the security of himself his family & property — in this situation of danger and distress, the General received well attested information that Francis Rittal, Thomas Town & others, inhabitants of Kennebec River, had been guilty of treasonable & inimical Practices against the United States, & Town was strongly suspected of being privy to & connected in the Capture of Brigadier Cushing; in consequence of this Information the General, from an apprehension that the limits prescribed for the opperation of the Martial Law, then established in part of the County of Lincoln, included the residence of said Persons, issued an Order dated the 25th of September 1780 for the apprehending said Rittal, Town & others, & directed the same to your Petitioner, by virtue of which he took said Rittal & Town who were soon after committed to Falmouth Goal by the General's particular order— here they continued some time & were then liberated on their giving security for their future good behaviour; & thus matters rested untill the 26th of August last, when the said Rittal, too sensible of a growing disaffection among many of the Inhabitants of said County, occasioned by an uninterupted intercourse with the British Garrison at Bagwaduce, & hoping to avail himself of that circumstance in order to wreak his vengeance against your Petitioner by a tryal at Law, brought his action of assault, battery & false imprisonment against him, at the Court of Common Pleas held within & for said County of Lincoln last September, which action is now depending & stands continued to next June Term — your Petitioner is therefore compelled though reluctantly to address the Justice & benevolence of this Honourable Court to prevent the ruinous consequences that must result to himself & family by a prosecution of said Action, & others which will shortly be commenced against him, & for which, he is well assured Rittal's action is intended to pave the way, & he is the rather incouraged to hope for the favourable interposition of the Honourable Court in this instance, as his conduct throughout the whole transaction was influenced by the purest principles of duty to his Country & obedience to the Command of his General, & as he can at once produce the most ample attestations of the inimical principles & practice of said Persons & of the extensive beneficial consequences that evidently resulted to the public from their apprehension & committment & your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray

Joseph Mclellan Feb' 6th 1783

Resolve to Tax County of Cumberland.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives Feb7th 1783 on the Representation of the Justices of the Court of General Sessions of the Peace for the County of Cumberland that the sum of three Hundred and Sixty. pounds will be necessary for Defraying the Charges of said County for one year next Ensuing

Resolved that there be and hereby is granted a tax of three hundred and Sixty pounds to be apportioned and assessed on the Rateable Polls and Estates in said County and the Same be Colected and paid into the treasury thereof and applied for the use of said County agreeable to the Laws of this Commonwealth Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate Feb 7th 1783 — Read & Concurred with Amendment at A Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid at A insert, "by the Clerk of the peace for the County of Cumberland upon the several Towns within the same." In the House of Representatives February 7th 1783 Read and concurred

Tristram Dalton Speaker. Approv'd John Hancock.

At a Court of General Sessions of the Peace for the County of Cumberland begun and holden at Falmouth in said County on the last Tuesday of October A. D. 1782

Ordered that the Clerk transmit to the General Court the following

Estimate of the Sums necessary to be raised to defrey the Charges of said County the year ensuing — viz

For paying the Charges that may attend the holding said Court the present Term £80. Ditto next May Term £130. Ditto next October Term £80 Ditto for the Supream Judicial Court next June £30 For repairing the Goal £20 For laying out Roads £20 amounting in the whole to £360 —

Att Sam Freeman Cler.

Allowance to Collectors of Excise.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate Feby 6th 1783 Ordered that Aaron Wood & Caleb Davis Esq" with such as the Honble House may be a Committee to take into consideration and report the proper Allowance to be made to the Collectors of Excise in this Commonwealth Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives Feb 7th 1783

Read and concurred and Cap' Wales M' Frazier & D' Hall are joined

Tristram Dalton Spk"

Message of Governor. Gentlemen of the Senate & Gentlemen of the House of

Representatives I have this moment receiv'd a Letter from Colo Lithgow by two Indians of the Penobscot Tribe, these Indians are

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