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would be quick and that the Settlements already made would Considerably enhance the Price of all the Rest of the Land, to the Emolument of the Commonwealth, And your Petitioners Beg Leave also to suggest, that they are Ready, if re quired as a Condition of Holding their Possessions, to be at the Expence of Running the proposed Town Lines and laying out an equal Number of Lots with those they have Laid out and Settled, & to do as much more for the Encouragement and Benefit of the future Settlers in said Township, as Your Honors shall think Reasonable to exact.

And your Humble Petitioners as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray &c Thomas Flint, Jacob Sawyer, Thomas Paine, Jesse Flint, Paul Dodge, Samuel Baker, Benjamin Day Benjamin Flint, Benjamin Adams, John Day, Thomas Humphreys Samuel Fairfield, Thomas Hiscock, David Humphreys, Thomas Caldwell, John Hiscock Mickel Weathren, Francis Peusty, Benjamin Day jun" John Rollings, Samuel Rollings William Read, Joseph Rust, Briggs Furman Sandy River Jan' 15, 1783

Petition of Thomas Child.

To the Honble Senate & the Honble House of Representatives

of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court

Assembled, Tho: Child of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland humbly shews —

That so long ago as the 18th July 1778 he took out Letters of Agency on the Estate of Treas Waldo late of said Falmouth an Absentee — That at the same time Commissioners were appointed to receive & examine the Claims of the Creditors to said Estate according to Law — That the Commiss" duly attended that Service and made report to the Judge of Probate on the 13th October 1779: That your Petitioner having first settled his Account of Agency, soon after made Application to this Hon ble Court, for liberty to sell so much of the said Absentees Real Estate as wou'd be sufficient to pay the aforesaid Creditors & the Ballance of said Account, But he was informed that the application was improperly made & that he must apply to the Judicial Court for such Licence. He accordingly applied to the next Court that was then afterwards holden in this County, and was there told that the General Court had superceeded their Power in this respect by the appointment of a Special Committee to make sale of Absentees Estates — your Petitioner then applied to said Committee but they told him they cou'd do nothing for him as they considered it was not in their Commission to sell any such Estates until they were confiscated — your Petitioner thus disappointed in his endeavour to obtain the payment of said Demands and being under the disagreeable Necessity of supporting all this while in his own family and out of his own Pocket, an old helpless Negro belonging to said Estate who has such an offensive sore Leg, that he can get no body else to take him — was obliged to apply again to your Honors for relief His last Petition was presented to your Honors in June last — But this was in like manner unfortunately rejected; for this reason (as he was informed) that sufficient provision was already made in the Laws for the purpose mentioned, your Petitioner again applied to the before mentioned Committee, and as said Estate was confiscated at the last Court which was holden in said County he supposed the former difficulties were all remov'd. and he should obtain the justice he had so long ineffectually sought for but the Committee inform'd him they cou'd afford him no Relief, as they had received an Order from your Hon"

not to sell any of the Absentees Estates in this County until
the further Order of the General Court — Your Petitioner is
therefore constrained to renew his application to your Honors
& to pray that your Honors Order last mentioned may be so
far reconsider'd as that said Committee may be at liberty to
sell so much of said Estate as will be sufficient to reimburse
the sums he has been at and pay the Creditors of said Estate,
which in the whole amounts to the Sum of £254.17.8 or
that your Honors would take such other measures for his &
their Relief as in your Honors Wisdom shall be Judged
And as in Duty bound will pray

Tho: Child
Falmouth 220 Jan' 1783 —
Cumberland Ss Jan' 22 1783

These certify that the List of Claims upon the Estate of Francis Waldo Esq an Absentee, together with the Ballance of the Agents Account as allowed by the Hon ble William Gorham Esq" Judge of Probate for said County, amount to the Sum of Two hundred & fifty four Pounds seventeen shillings & eight pence as set forth in the foregoing Petition

Att Sam' Freeman Reg. Prob.

Memorial Selectmen Town of York.

To the Honble the Senate and House of Representatives in

General Court Assembled Humbly Shew The Subscribers Selectmen of the Town of York – That agreable to the Resolve of June 30th 1781 great Pains was taken by the Town to Comply therewith But the failure of the Paper Currency, and the great exertions the Town made to procure their Quota of the Continental Army for three Years renders them unable to comply with the Requisition


The Memorialist would observe that they have procured and now have in the Army their Quota that has been assigned, that they have done from Time to time every thing for the Support of the Warr, that they could, in procuring Clothing, Beef &c

That by the loss of all their Vessells by the Enemy at an early period of the War — they are much reduced in their circumstances That the Soil they Inbabit is poor and Barren --- and they really apprehend such a time of Scarcity before the Month of April next as they never Saw before, probably one half the Inhabitants without Bread — That under this Situation they humbly hope the General Court will not assess the Fine of £20 a man on the said Town for not raising the Three Months men in the said Resolution mentioned, for that in your memorialists opinion all the money in the Town will not be adequate to discharge one Quarter part of the Continental Taxes already ordered for 1782

Joseph Simpson Selectmen of
John Kingsburys the town

Nicholas Sewall of York.
York Jan' 24th 1783

Wm Lithgow to Governor.

Sir / May it Please Your Excelency

Cap' John Neptune the bearer hereof has Importun'd me to Inform you of the poverty of the Penobscot Indians as to their wants of the following articles.- Viz powder, balls, Shot, guns, flints, knives, Hatchets, kettles, Thread, Needles, Wormers to Draw guns, steels to strike fire, Tobacco, — the above articles to be placed with Colonal Pattee, for him to sell to the Indians up kennebeck River, in behalfe of the state,— the Indians he sayes are averse to Colonel Brewer, being Truck master aney longer by Reason as this Indian sayes Brewer Cheats the Indians. —

if I may be alowed to Speak my sentiments on the matter, I think it may do well to send the above articles in a Scanty manner to see if they Can purchis the whole or part of them by which the State Can Judge whether to send aney more or not, — the above Indian earnestly solicites that the general Court would please to bestow som necessaryes for him selfe his Father and famiely, in Consideration of his being a Stanch Friend to the Cause of the united States of America, — I hope your Excelency will excuse me for trubling you with this Letter as it is Wrote at the Ernest Request of yo IndianI Remain your Excelencyes humble Serve

William Lithgow Jan 25, 1783.

Petition Elizabeth Wildridge.

To the Honorable Senate and the Honorable House of Repre

sentatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled — The Petition of Elizabeth Wildridge of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland in said Commonwealth — Widow of James Wildridge late of said Falmouth mariner. Deceased. humbly shews

That at the last Court of Common Pleas for the County aforesaid which was begun & holden at Falmouth in said County on the last Tuesday of October last. A small Lot of Land about twenty square Rods with a Dwelling House there on, belonging to the said Deceased, was declared forfeited to the Use of the Commonwealth aforesaid — as your Petitioner has since been informed — She apprehends the confiscation

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